Photo article: Day 5 of the 2019 Greek Hovel Olive Harvest, batch 1 readied - Sunday

5 days ago

Nightmare at the Greek Hovel – car won’t start bus to catch

10 days ago

Back in Kambos – an ouzo in what used to be Miranda’s

17 days ago

Dragged to the Greek Hovel, Nicho the Communist gives his verdict on my olives….

419 days ago

Photo article from the Greek Hovel - my olives are looking good, despite everything

422 days ago

Photo article: It is all familiar faces back in Kambos and up at the Greek Hovel

486 days ago

Photo Article - my 20 a day complete I ponder how many olive trees does the Greek Hovel actually have?

567 days ago

A tale of two restaurants The Katelanos and Miranda's in Kambos

741 days ago

Photo Article: olive harvest at the Greek Hovel day 3: Nicho the Communist says I am mad

749 days ago

Photo Article: So I picked up a young woman and was shamed

906 days ago

Photo Article from the Greek Hovel – the Frigana battle, I need to start chopping

916 days ago

Photo Article: Doing what makes me happiest - a 2 hour workout at the Greek Hovel killing frigana

926 days ago

Photo Article from the Greek Hovel: At the snake house - pruning THAT tree at last

939 days ago

Photo Article from the Greek Hovel: dealing with rats as I discuss kidnapping some cats

943 days ago

Photo Article: A Present for Nicho the Communist as I examine his poisoning work at the Greek Hovel

952 days ago

Frigana poisoning at the Greek Hovel... avrio arrives as I slip past Didcot

955 days ago

Frigana Poisoning at the Greek Hovel Delayed again - this time it is not God

958 days ago

Frigana Poisoning at the Greek Hovel - bottles of whiskey cause postponement, or maybe it was God?

958 days ago

Photo Article: Frigana Poisoning at the Greek Hovel - Part 2

959 days ago

Photo Article Part 1 - Poisoning at the Greek Hovel with Nicho the Communist

959 days ago

Poisoning at the Greek Hovel - what about the poor sheep and goats?

959 days ago

Delayed poisoning in the snakefields at the Greek Hovel...but not for that long

960 days ago

Diary of a diabetic day 25 - lifting poison in Kambos

961 days ago

Photo Article: Nicho The Communist, the Goats and a lesson in olives

964 days ago

Olive inspecting with Nicho the Communist postponed (again) - St George's day drinking in Kambos

965 days ago

Photo article: Diary of a diabetic day 18 - a tale of two soups

967 days ago

Back at the kourounis taverna in Kambos - it's like I have never left

972 days ago

Photo Article - Learning to be a pyromaniac at the Greek Hovel with George the Albanian

1022 days ago

Naming Mark Slater Hill at the Greek Hovel

1029 days ago

Olive harvest at the Greek Hovel - day 7: They think it's all is now!

1100 days ago

So I told Nicho the communist about my snake encounter

1296 days ago

52 Euro, I thought it was 120 Euro but would gladly have paid 300 Euro - this is snake business

1311 days ago

Wildlife diversity report from the Greek Hovel - day 5

1312 days ago

My first ouzo for the road as Geriatrix stares at my screen in the Kourounis taverna

1671 days ago

In praise of Nicho, Papou in Kambos

1807 days ago