Thursday May 23, 2019
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The annual poppy season madness is upon us, the lunatic left in full cry

572 days ago

A few years ago I wrote about how I felt a sense of resentment at the moral pressure to wear a poppy at this time of year. The Paddington stares of disapproval if you did not wear one were just becoming a little too sanctimonious. There seemed a race by broadcasters, politicians and other virtue signallers to be the first to display a dash of red on their lapel. Why wait for November 11 when you can start wearing a poppy in early October? In fact why not buy one in September?

However, I generally did wear one. Partly that was to annoy Guardian reading friends of my Mrs who used words like nationalism and imperialism when they saw the flower appear. And partly because I have real respect for the ordinary men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. However pointless the conflict, and World War One was the ultimate in pointless wars, those who fell were brave and believed they were doing the right thing in serving their country, whichever country that was. They have my respect.

How things have changed in just a few years. The left is resurgent. And so we see the Rev Steve Bailey of Oadby banning Onward Christian Soldiers from his Remembrance day service lest it offend folks of other faiths. The only non Christian who regularly attends Bailey's Armistice Day service is a Hindu veteran who things the vicar is a loon. Of course he is.

Over in the little read and patronising rag that is  the dreary Independent last year, perennial loon Robert Fisk argued that the poppy was racist since it was largely worn by we Brexit lovers who want to throw our wartime allies (the Poles etc) out of Britain. Of course we do not and have never said we would and outside the media bubble millions of ordinary folks wear poppies as a quiet sign of respect for men of all races and all colours who died fighting for their country. They have nothing to do with Brexit or racism or anything bad.

There may be a few racists who wear poppies but that does not mean they own the flower. This is the sort of logic that for many years saw metropolitan elitists like Fisk shun the National Flag since it had "become the symbol of the extreme right". Of course it had not and eventually that idiotic thinking was abandoned.

In the face of more pressure from folks who are wrong on every great issue of our time to wear no poppy or a white poppy, my mind is made up. It is a red poppy for me with money going to a good cause, my respects for the dead paid and my contempt for an increasing number of the living demonstrated..

Tom Winnifrith



FIFA bans poppies in England Scotland match - why?

932 days ago

Long term readers will know that I have mixed feelings about wearing poppies, I still resent the idea that one is castigated for not wearing one but on the other hand I do respect those who have given their lives for this country and don't respect those who abuse poppies or who lambast those who do wear one. As a libertarian I'd like to be able to either wear a poppy or not without anyone passing judgement.

And thus it seems perfectly acceptable for the Football Associations of England and Scotland to ask that on November 11, when the two sides meet, that the players wear a poppy on their shirts. Yet FIFA has said this cannot happen as it is a commercial endorsement.

FIFA is an organisation which has been shown to be corrupt to the core and which is run by an elite bunch of rich men who are totally removed from the lives of the normal chaps whose enthusiasm for soccer has turned it into such a global money-machine. This is a silly ruling which just shows just how out of touch FIFA is with those whose interests it is meant to be looking after. It also shows FIFA to be lacking in a basic humanity.

These rows have broken out in the past and perhaps now is the time to end them forever.
The two FA's should just tell FIFA where to stick it. Will FIFA really fine both FA's points for defying such a pointless and unpleasant edict? Let us hope that British sporting officials show and spine and stick to their guns.

Tom Winnifrith



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