Sunday May 19, 2019
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Britain’s most loathed businessman Sir Philip Green accused of #Metoo Sexual harassment, racism, bullying & gagging victims and the press

206 days ago

Tom Winnifrith



Serena Williams can be a ghastly role model for all young female athletes and has “form”

251 days ago

A few years ago Serena threatened to stuff a tennis ball down the throat of a female line judge who had made a call she disagreed with. Yesterday she smashed her racket and abused the umpire with words that were defamatory and in the end got fined a piffling amount. She then said #Metoo – that is to say this was all sexism as male athletes could get away with worse. This ensured that her match will not be remembered for a glorious victory for underdog Naomi Osaka as she became the first ever Japanese to win a Major – but for Williams and her revolting tantrum.

The only shock is that she did not accuse the poor umpire, who earns a fraction of what she earns and is hugely respected for his professionalism, of racism as well as sexism.

The fact is that Williams behaved disgracefully and this is not the first time. In many ways she can be a great role model for young female athletes but she has a bad side – her temper. Her behaviour yesterday was that of a spoiled brat and she was no role model for anyone. For this multi millionaires to try to play the sexism card as she ruined the win of Ms Osaka is offensive to females across the world who suffer real privation and discrimination.

Williams disqualifies herself as a role model by her actions. Had my daughter behaved as she did on and off court yesterday I would be thoroughly ashamed of her. The tragedy is that the more Serena protests the more a truly great sportswoman will be diminished in the eyes of many.

Tom Winnifrith



Blacks for Trump – one reason the Democrats may face electoral oblivion in 2020

285 days ago

As I am sure you can remember, the liberal media, spearheaded in the UK by the BBC’s repellent Jon Sopel and Beltway Kylie Morris and Matt Frei of Channel 4 Fake News, demonstrated, to their satisfaction, if not that of anyone else, that Donald Trump was a racist back during the Presidential campaign of 2016. The Democrats and Hillary paid a few visits to the ghettos and sung Kumbaya and all was well.

Trump secured just 8% of the black vote which Kylie et al saw as some sort of vindication of the claim that Trump was a racist. Of course, as I pointed out at the time, it was not. That low score was not because Trump is or is not a racist but because, since the 1960s and civil rights blacks have just always voted Democrat however useless was the candidate, crooked Hillary Clinton being a case in point.

Nixon got 35% of the non-white vote in 1960. That was at a point when in the South it was the "Dixiecrats" - Southern Dems -  that were resisting Civil Rights and thus blacks there voted for the party that had brought them their freedom from slavery, the party of Lincoln, the GOP. But since then the Republican candidate has - according to Gallup - polled among non white voters:

6% Goldwater 1964

12% Nixon 1968

13% Nixon 1972

15% Ford 1976

10% Reagan 1980

13% Reagan 1984

18% Bush 1988

11% Bush 1992

12% Dole 1996

At this point Gallup seperates hispanics and blacks and other non whites and it is clear that the GOP does a lot worse among black voters than among other non whites (for instance in 2004 polling 7% among blacks and 22% among other non whites to give an overall non-white 17% ) and that implies that the actual black vote since 1960 - other than in 1988 - has been consistently at 10% or below even when the GOP has won the battle for the White House. And so we go on..

3% Bush JNR 2000

7% Bush JNR 2004

1% McCain 2008

5% Romney 2012

In other words, in 2016 Trump did better (despite being a racist bigot according to the MSM) than any GOP candidate this century and almost certainly better than any GOP candidate, other than Bush senior in 1988 and possibly Ford in ’76,  since Nixon 58 years ago.

However since the old racist, that is to say Trump,  got into the White House the economy has boomed and that has seen more blacks lifted out pf poverty than at any time in memory. Dems may spend billions on Government programmes which employ lots of middle class folks to help the folks in the ghetto but they just don’t work, blacks stay poor. Freeing up the economy does work. Black wages are surging and thus in a poll a few days ago by Rasmussen Trump’s approval rating among black voters was an absolutely astonishing 29%. Now maybe approval ratings do not translate exactly into pulling levers in polling booths but if that poll is anywhere close to accurate this is an earthquake which makes #Trump2020 a slam dunk certainty.

Assuming The Donald has coat-tails it should also make the mid-terms in November very interesting indeed. If the personal popularity of POTUS among blacks translates into an unprecedented enthusiasm for the GOP then the Democrats are in massive trouble.

So how do the Dem’s respond? By threatening a black women having breakfast in a restaurant. I kid you not. This is not 1950s Alabama this is Philadelphia 2018. The black woman Candace Owens is a conservative commentator but video of ANTIFA, nearly all white folks who all support the Dems, driving this photogenic and charming young lady from a diner has shocked America.

As black America considers the idea that, whatever they were told about the bogeyman, racist Trump, they really have never had it so good, now they see the same white folks who called Trump a racist chasing a black woman out of a restaurant and haranguing her, which way do you expect Trump’s ratings to go?

Natch the liberal media and the Democratic party will respond by upping the volume on the chants of racism. But, it seems that black America is just not listening any more.

Tom Winnifrith



Fake news! Roseanne reruns Pulled and replaced with Cosby - what does that say about our values?

352 days ago

Hands up I fell for fake news. That will teach me to believe every tweet and retweet from Donald Trump! What i wrote was:

The show Roseanne has been scrapped following some explicitly racist tweets by its star Roseanne Barr. ABC did the right thing. It has also pulled any re-runs of old shows. Perhaps that is a bit tough on other cast members who will lose royalties but there is a very strong case for it.

What is inexplicable as that instead ABC is showing re runs of the Cosby show starring a man just convicted of three counts of aggraved asaault, that is to say he is a sex offender. Only the statute of limitations saved him from more.
We can all accept that racism is unacceptable but when did rape become acceptable?

Maybe it is just that famous Democrats called Bill get a free pass on that in America today?


In fact Cosby is also off air although it has taken a long time. The networks were a lot more forgiving of the old rapist.  It goes to show that the best fake news is plausible. This was believable. It aslo begs the question of which shows of old will still be aired in a few years time. The day of 24 hours of Ellen re-runs is not far off.

Tom Winnifrith



Whatever the BBC thinks, I am not discriminatory in not wanting to date a woman who used to have a penis

491 days ago

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And beauty is not skin deep - or should not be. I fancy the Mrs not only because she is physically attractive but for a range of reasons including her brains, sense of humour and her past experiences which I can understand. But now apparently that is not acceptable. If a woman's past experiences include being a man and going through surgery and hormone treatment that may be something that one may not find so attractive. In fact it is something that would deter me from trying it on.

But apparently that is, according to the BBC, arguably bigoted. That it runs a story where high profile trans India Willoughby asks the question as to whether refusing to date a trans is "discriminatory" shows how out of touch the state funded broadcaster is.

Who we date is because we discriminate on a range of grounds. Put another way we all have different tastes in who we date.

And whatever India or the BBC think "women" who used to have penises and be men are not quite like other women in ternms of their poast experiences, their ability to lift weights, and other matters. Such woman may be your squeeze of choice but they are not mine. Just as I am happy being married to a Guardian reading lefty while you may not be. It is down to taste.

What next? Perhaps if we are discussing what is a matter of taste you need to think about your CD collection.
No Motown in there? Hell's teeth you don't listen to soul or gospel either. Well I guess that makes you a racist as you are "discriminating" against black music. The logic is the same. Or rather complete lack of logic. This is sheer more complete insanity. And of course it is your taxes that funds the BBC which engages so enthusiastiacly in this insanity.




This is a first: I agree with Hillary Clinton - Nikki Haley for 2024!

511 days ago

Sadly, since the passing of the 22nd Amendment in 1951, the US Constitution limits a President to two terms. It would be wonderful to think of Donald Trump causing all those, who right thinking folk despise, in Hollywood, the NFL, the liberal media and the special interest groups howling with anger in perpetuity as he talks common sense and stands up for American values. But sadly the party will come to an end after his second term, in 2024. And that brings me to crooked Hillary. You know, as I approach my 50th birthday for the first time ever, I find myself agreeing with the enabler of a rapist.

The question is who should take over from Trump. VP Mike Pence does a fairly good job of taking on the nauseating libs. His walk out in protest at the NFL prima donnas who decided to "take a knee" during the National Anthem was a stand out effort. How the liberal media baited him for that. I have not seen the BBC, the Guardian or C4 giving any coverage to how NFL attendances have plunged this year, stadia are full of empty seats and TV ratings have dived. Pence and Trump spoke for mainstream USA who are now boycotting the millionaire players with their hissy fits. The liberal media again backed the small liberal elite who think its okay to disrespect the flag and the anthem. So remind us Matt Frei, Kylie Morris et al who is it, you say is out of touch?

So Pence must be deemed a front runner. But call me disloyal but I agree with the crooked one: it is time to break the glass ceiling. I am ready now to start donating to Nikki Haley for 2024. The UN ambassador put in a cracking effort this week on cutting off aid to crooked third world Yankee bashers and Jew haters and is an all round top banana. She supports the right to bear arms, is opposed to murdering unborn kids, has no time at all for transgender folks in the military and wants Government to be smaller.

A devout Christian, born of Indian immigrants she is the American dream typified. Work hard and you can achieve anything, in the land of the free. She has been compared to Margaret Thatcher given her views on the desirability of a smaller state. A Haley candidacy would see tough words on immigration and no compromise on matters such as abortion. Watching the liberal media smear try to portray her as a racist and a sexist, as they do as a matter of course to white male GOP candidates with the same views, will be fun.

Haley is a Southerner who is not ashamed of the Confederate Flag (cue NY Times Op Ed on racism in the GOP), her husband did a tour of duty in Afghanistan - a great contrast to all those Dems who go round urging the US to invade everywhere but whose families never serve in the line of duty.

Haley has the lot. I road tested the idea on my godless 16 year old daughter Olaf who has requested a copy of the crooked one's book "why everyone else is to blame for me losing" for Christmas. She looked up Haley on google and described her as awful and unacceptable. If that is how you are viewed by an Islington elitist you have got to be doing almost everything right.

Haley for 2024

Tom Winnifrith



The annual poppy season madness is upon us, the lunatic left in full cry

568 days ago

A few years ago I wrote about how I felt a sense of resentment at the moral pressure to wear a poppy at this time of year. The Paddington stares of disapproval if you did not wear one were just becoming a little too sanctimonious. There seemed a race by broadcasters, politicians and other virtue signallers to be the first to display a dash of red on their lapel. Why wait for November 11 when you can start wearing a poppy in early October? In fact why not buy one in September?

However, I generally did wear one. Partly that was to annoy Guardian reading friends of my Mrs who used words like nationalism and imperialism when they saw the flower appear. And partly because I have real respect for the ordinary men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. However pointless the conflict, and World War One was the ultimate in pointless wars, those who fell were brave and believed they were doing the right thing in serving their country, whichever country that was. They have my respect.

How things have changed in just a few years. The left is resurgent. And so we see the Rev Steve Bailey of Oadby banning Onward Christian Soldiers from his Remembrance day service lest it offend folks of other faiths. The only non Christian who regularly attends Bailey's Armistice Day service is a Hindu veteran who things the vicar is a loon. Of course he is.

Over in the little read and patronising rag that is  the dreary Independent last year, perennial loon Robert Fisk argued that the poppy was racist since it was largely worn by we Brexit lovers who want to throw our wartime allies (the Poles etc) out of Britain. Of course we do not and have never said we would and outside the media bubble millions of ordinary folks wear poppies as a quiet sign of respect for men of all races and all colours who died fighting for their country. They have nothing to do with Brexit or racism or anything bad.

There may be a few racists who wear poppies but that does not mean they own the flower. This is the sort of logic that for many years saw metropolitan elitists like Fisk shun the National Flag since it had "become the symbol of the extreme right". Of course it had not and eventually that idiotic thinking was abandoned.

In the face of more pressure from folks who are wrong on every great issue of our time to wear no poppy or a white poppy, my mind is made up. It is a red poppy for me with money going to a good cause, my respects for the dead paid and my contempt for an increasing number of the living demonstrated..

Tom Winnifrith



The "Brexit driven" Murder of Arkadiusz Jozwik exposes the loathsome fake news BBC & its sister paper The Guardian as true liars

610 days ago

You may not remember the name but surely you remember the wall to wall coverage in late August 2016 when a Polish man was "murdered" in Harlow, Essex. On the state Broadcaster Pravda Daniel Sandford led the main news bulletins claiming this was a ‘frenzied’ race-hate murder by feral youths, triggered by Brexit. Ramming home this core message we had comments supporting that agenda from the local MP and a Polish diplomat. There was no question of "waiting for the facts" as we are all urged to to after each terror attack - though we all know that it was not Colonel Mustard wth the bucket bomb in the library. The liberal media had an agenda and Mr Jozwik's corpse would support that agenda.

The BBC's sister paper the Guardian was worse. Its lead opinion piece on September 5 was headlined "The killing of a Polish man exposes the reality of post-referendum racism". It continued "Arkadiusz Jóźwik died after an attack in Harlow. The government must not allow xenophobes to set  the tone since the Brexit vote"

Again the Guardian was not urging folks not to jump to conclusions. Brexit = racism. Shimples. As with Yasmin Sewied in New York who the BBC, The Guardian, CNN, Channel 4 and the rest of the liberal media fake news pack were quick to hail as a martyr abused by racist Trump supporters without verifying her (fake) story the truth has now emerged but have you seen little Daniel Sandford and the BBC issue a full correction? No.

Over on the BBC's flagship fake news programme John Sweeney carried an interview in which a friend of the dead man suggested that Nigel Farage ‘now has blood on his hands’. There was no challenge to that then as the rest of Sweeney's piece followed the same theme.

The liberal press reported gushingly on protest marches against Brexit racism spurred on by the dead pole.
Mr Jozwik's killer has now been tried and convicted of manslaughter. Here is what actually happened. There was no feral gang of racist youths in Harlow last August 31. One 15 year old lad, said to be a ‘shrimp’ little more than five feet tall was convicted of manslaughter. He floored Jozwik with one ‘superman’ punch from behind but it was not the punch that killed but Jozwik hitting the street. The CPS admitted that the punch was not intended to kill but was a reaction.

To what you ask? It seems that Mr Joswik (a large man) and a pal had been out drinking and Mr Joswik was - according to numerous witness statements - hammered. He was not quite the sober, gentle quiet giant we had been told he was by the liberal media last year.

It gets better. The Poles made a stream of racist remarks to "the shrimp" and his pals inviting the smaller Brits to have a go. So it was drunk Poles who made racist remarks and incited violence. What followed was bad and sad but the whole truth exposes the complete tissue of reported lies and agenda driven fake news of the Guardian, the BBC and the rest of the liberal MSM as sheer fantasy. Again. And again, when caught with their pants down there is no apology or retraction let alone an enquiry into how such shoddy journalism could have been allowed.

Tom Winnifrith



The fact that the Guardian and Labour MP Chi Unwurha even have to ask if racism is worse than raping 13 year olds shows the moral bankruptcy of the left

617 days ago

"The grooming of girls in Newcastle is not an issue of race – it’s about misogyny" says Labour MP Chi Onwurha in today's Guardian. She continues "What’s worse, rape or racism? I found myself posing that question after the Operation Sanctuary investigation was finally made public, revealing horrific abuse of girls and vulnerable young women in Newcastle." What follows defies belief.

As you may remember the rapists in Newcastle were nearly all Muslims and all either Asian and Middle East in origin. The victims were all white working class girls. The "racism" to which the Labour MP and the Guardian refers is that of those they deem to be far right because they have stated that there is a problem with mainly Muslim Asian gangs raping young, nearly all, white girls on an industrial scale in Cities across, mainly Northern, England.

But facts are facts. To deny the ethnicity of the victims and also the perpetrators is not going to make what is clearly a problem go away. Indeed it is clear that in Rotherham and elsewhere Police failed to tackle this issue early on precisely because of the ethnicity of those doing the raping, because they feared being branded racists by folks such as Chi Unwurha and thue Guardian.

Yet statements made by some of those convicted suggest that there was a racist element to the crime. One member of the Newcastle gang, Badrul Hussain, had claimed “white women are only good for one thing." And thus his gang raped or assaulted 700 girls nearly all of whom were white. Lord MacDonald a Lib Dem peer and former Director of Public Prosecutions has stated the actions of the Newcastle gang were a "profoundly racist” crime. He added that there was “a major problem in particular communities” of men viewing young white girls as “trash regarded as available for sex”.

Folks like Lord Macdonald and the Labour MP for Rotherham Sarah Champion are hardly neo Nazis seeking to make political capital. They are just decent folks who accept that there is a real problem and want to see the most vulnerable in society, the "white trash" of our inner cities gain basic protection. But for Chi and the Guardian such words are racism which is worse than rape.

That is the moral bankruptcy of the left in Britain today, the abandonment of the traditional working class by a metropolitan elite who actually despise those they are meant to represent. Nothing could be worse than the rape of teenage girls on an industrial scale. Nothing at all and certainly not faux racism. 

Chi says that the Newcastle gang was driven by misogyny. So we are meant to think that the real issue here is with the attitude of men towards women. But is that all me Chi or just some men? If it is all men then your point is just ridiculous since 99.9% of we men are not involved in industrial rape gangs. But if it is just some men involved in such gangs what tends to be the common thread? Or do you not dare to spell it out?

Tom Winnifrith



#TheResistance is laughable #TrumpResign trends on twitter for a few hours - back in the real world look at coal exports

636 days ago

My twitter feed is set to a New York location. In many ways it is where my heart is though my body is rarely there. And overnight #TrumpResign was trending. How pathetic it was.

The millennials, the metropolitan elitists who'd rather eat their own toes than visit a flyover state, the Hollywood luvvies were all there. For once the actor who played Mr Sulu moved off his favourite topic "Do you know I'm gay" to his second fave Trump bashing. Why should POTUS resign: racism, Russian spies, nasty to LGBTQIABCDEFGs, all the usual reasons. All the folks who promised to emigrate to Canada if The Donald won last November, seem to have gone off the idea of moving to a socialist, soon to be, economic basket case and are tweeting to each other as #TheResistance.

Natch they disagree with Trump ( and 70% of Americans) and want to rip down all Confederate memorials to poor brave dead soldiers. Natch they - who would NEVER fight for their country - disagree with POTUS and most Americans and want Transgender folks on the front line. Natch they disagree with Trump about energy policy too. They hark back to the days when the White House handed out billions of dollars from the money tree to subsidise solar companies, not all of which were frauds and which created millionaires on Wall Street but sod all jobs. They look back with pride on how Obama's legislation helped to almost close down the US coial industry.

back in the real world we learned that since Trump became POTUS US coal exports have surged by 58% and jobs are being created in all those nasty flyover places that George Takei and his liberal elitists from the coastal states would really rather not visit. After all, the bastards in places like West Virginia and Ohio abandoned the Dems despite crooked Hillary's commitent to saving the polar bears and to LGBQTIMLNOPRST rights, just because they wanted a chance to work again in awful places like coal mines. The bastards voted for Trump - how goddamn selfish of them. And now trump is, at zero cost to the taxpayer but simply by rolling back daft laws,  creating jobs for them. But what do George and the millennials sipping a fair trade semi skimmed Colombian latte in a hipster joint in Brooklyn care about that? That is not a really important issue is it?

Just keep tweeting fellows. Real America is just not listening to your pathetic butt-hurt whining. 




End St Patrick's Day to combat white racism

792 days ago

I may be of distant Irish descent but I would scrap St Patrick's Day because it is an excuse for a bunch of idiots across the world with zero Irish links to get smashed and make complete fools of themselves. But it seems that I am missing the point. As the new twitter campaign shows we should end St Pat's Day because it encourages white racism.

Of course St Pat was himself an immigrant ( from Wales). What we celebrate is a Saints Day it is just that this Saint happens to be the Patron Saint of a country, Ireland..

And maybe whichever dipstick millennial dreamt up this nonsense has not noticed but you don't have to be white to be Irish. Black people have lived in Ireland since the 1500s. In modern times think Simon Zebo playing for Ireland today, Chris Hughton the soccer player or Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzie.

Pizza Hard Man Darren Atwater says this is obviously a fake campaign. It may be or it may not be. we live in a world where there are so many daft folks it is hard to tell what is satire and what is just plain stupidity these days.




Fake news maestro Matt Frei of C4 gets to nail that black Trump supporting vicar for backing racism again

838 days ago

One of the highlights of the US presidential campaign for those of us who really dig fake news from the established liberal media was Matt Frei of C4 News lecturing Trump supporting pastor Mark Burns for supporting Donald Trump. White Frei patronised the poor pastor as only a Guardian reader could do as he explained to him, assisted by a stack of made up alternative facts why he was backing racism.

Pastor Burns countered with facts but over at Channel 4 Fake News they live in a post fact era and Burns was backing racism and that was it. Frei put the darkie in his place by ignoring facts and just repeating the mantra that Trump is a racist. That showed him did it not? Boy the whole C4 team must have creamed themselves with that interview.

The good pastor is obviously a glutton for punishment as he has come over to Britain for a holiday and found himself face to face with little Frei again.

Joining Frei and Burns was Mhari Black the rather stupid SNP loudmouth MP. Poor Burns tried to talk facts, pointing out this was not a Muslim ban, noting that the vast majority of Muslims are not banned he was just targeting seven nations infested with terrorists. He also pointed out that Carter and Obama had imposed similar bans to no liberal howls of protest.

The gobshite money tree worshipping MP and little Frei interrupted repeatedly insisting that Trump was a racist, islamophobe, etc etc. Burns said he was a black man from Southern USA and new full well what racism was. Mhairi said that he was just being naive. Too right, dem der Niggers just don't know what racism is, they should listen to the white scottish lady and learn the facts of life.

When the MP interrupted Burns, Frei allowed her to shout over him. When the pastor tried to respond to smears that is to say vile opinions presented as facts, Frei told the darkie to let Mhari finish. Know your place boy!

Over on the Channel 4 News website the text on this interview is misleading. It states in bold at the start:

One of the MPs taking part in tonight’s demonstration, Mhari Black from the SNP, and Mark Burns, a evangelical pastor who has been vocal in his support of Trump in the past.

That makes it appear that Burns may be thinking again after what the Donald has done. But he is not. He backs POTUS all the way. Burns is STILL vocal in his support.

Frei reminded the Pastor that 1.5 million folks had signed a petition saying the Donald should not have a state visit here. Okay most of them are bots or not British but this is Chanell 4 Fake News. It lives in a post fact era. And don't let any upstart darkie from the cotton fields tell it otherwise.

Tom Winnifrith



It is Holocaust Memorial day - my thoughts as a candle burns in this house

842 days ago

I once dated a woman who, it turned out, was a holocaust denier. That is to say she started to argue that the numbers had been greatly exaggerated. I ended that relationship on the spot. The problem is that you cannot argue with a denier.

What is a fact? It is something that has happened. I hope that we would all agree that 11 million folks including 6 million Jews were exterminated by the Nazis. can we prove it? That, of course, is the subject of the new film "Denial" which I will be watching next week. One can demonstrate that there were gas chambers at places such as Auschwitz or Treblinka. One can show the testimony of survivors or even of camp guards - there was a fascinating interview on TV with one such man which I watched the other day. There are archived record with exact numbers of those who were exterminated, where they came from and when they died. Say what you like about the Nazis but they kept great records.

For me that is enough and I am pretty sure that 99.9% of those reading this would agree. But there are some folks who are prepared to ignore all the evidence as just some great big Jewish plot. Can I prove to such folks that the holocaust took place? I cannot. Such folks live in a world of alternative facts.

If one lives in the world of real facts then the idea of "never again" is in ones DNA. Never again does not only mean never again must the Jews face such a wipeout, it means never again can man act in such a way. Yet I fear man's capacity to do just that.

Part of the problem is the willingness of certain sections to brand almost any act which they disapprove of as genocide or even a holocaust. Oddly it is the state of Israel which appears most often to find itself accused of genocide, albeit by people whose views are ugly and distorted. Israel does not always act on the side of the Angels but it has clearly not committed genocide although many of those from whom it must defend itself do wish to commit genocide. But the word genocide has become trivialised by over-use as will as mis-use.

The level of anti-semitism in Europe is at a level not seen since the 1930s. We see this in physical attacks, desecration of synagogues and in the way that people are allowed to get away with some quite appalling remarks as if this form of racism is acceptable. The quotes of former MPs David Ward, Ken Livingstone and the ghastly suicide bomber endorsing Jenny Tonge, are just appalling yet they act as if this form of racism does not matter. It does.

But there are other minorities under attack. Christians in the parts of Syria controlled either by ISIS or by the islamofascists supported by Britain and America face a daily threat of death. In Europe Moslems face varying degrees of harassment en masse because of the actions of a few of their number. In many ways they are the new Jews.

I reflected on that theme and on the holocaust in a video I recorded in Berlin a couple of years ago which you can watch HERE.

On this day I think of people such as my daughter's god parents Joe Levy and Iska Alter. The former escaped from Corfu in his mother's stomach as I remembered here. The latter's mother and father left Poland in the 1930s for America. Dozens of uncles, aunts and cousins stayed behind and were all murdered. I reflect on the author Janos Nieri - father of my father's godson Daniel - who survided life in the Budapest ghetto and who then fought the Soviets in 1956 before finding sanctury in the West. Janos was a wonderful man who really understood what liberty actually means. 

Maybe 2017 will be the year when Isks and her brother finally pluck up courage to go to Auschwitz and I pluck up courage to join them or perhaps go alone. We shall see.

Pro tem, on Holocaust Memorial Day, a candle burns in our house all day. Never again.




Bristol Against Trump is having a demo today - who'll tell the lefties that things changed in 1776?

849 days ago

My wife draws my attention to the Facebook page of Bristol Against Trump which one of her mad left wing public sector working pals supports. BAT is holding a demo against the democratically elected leader of the USA at 5 PM today. Who is going to tell these fucktards that as of 1776 they stopped having any say in how the USA was governed and by whom?

Of course that does not matter. When Mr Trump opines that Brexit is good news for Britain, these same people post on facebook that it is none of his business. But apparently we are all obliged to assemble at 5 PM because who runs the US really is our business.

That is not because the BATty ones are especially worried about US foreign policy. The facebook page makes it clear the four main reasons that Donald Trump is a bad man are in order. "No to racism, no to sexism, no to LGBT hate and no to war."

So what if the outgoing President is the only man to serve two terms with US troops in action for every single day of his office? So what if Trump wants to pull US troops out of foreign lands while as Secretary of State Clinton was the big interventionist. UK lefties do not understand that isolationism means less war for America. Somehow they think that a President who wishes to get along with Russia threatens world peace. Whatever...

And can those demonstrating please explain what in Trump's past as a New York liberal or his platform equates to LGBT hate? No they can not. Or why replacing a President who has seen a record widening of the earnings gap between black and white with one who by bringing jobs back to America will narrow it, is such a disaster? No they can not.

This is a post facts demonstration by folks who simply regard their value set as innately superior to one that might be described as populist. The BATties are almost certainly also Remoaners. Ultimately they just cant' handle democracy, the idea that folks outside the comfortable middle classes might dare to disagree with them.

Anyhow, things have moved on since 1776 and come 5 PM I shall be sitting in front of the TV, wearing my Hillary for Prison T-shirt, and celebrating the choice that America made without taking orders from folks here in the Old World.

Tom Winnifrith



Another academic who views the "Little people" with contempt and disgust - Scott Bellows

958 days ago

The Colombian referendum really has got the liberal elite out in force showing their contempt for the "little people" when they vote the wrong way. In the comfortable groves of academia, a haven for lazy and overpaid folks who engage in an intolerant form of group think, the sparks were flying. We have already met Dr Caroline from Sheffied University who thinks we "should never have referendums on things that really matter" now meet Scott Bellows from Durham. Scott, the Prof, tweeted:

So Scott uses the BBC as his primary news source. Why does that not surprise me. 

In Scott's view the great unwashed just don't know what is good for them. Of course they don't Scott. Their hard work without 15 weeks leave per annum and with no gold plated pension, pays your bloody salary but that does not mean that plebs driving white vans should have a say in public policy.

Only those folks in the top 10% of wage earners (like senior lecturers once you add in the pension benefit), folks who read the Guardian and who do not need to be told about eating five a day know what is best for society. The working classes are just fucking stupid. They just let emotions like racism, or not wanting to forgive mass murderers, or resentment of widespread de-industrialisation get in the way of making the "right choice". Right on Scott, pass the Focaccia and lets sneer at common people again.

Here is another patronising bastard from academia telling 17 million Britons that they did not understand what they needed to do to make a rational choice on June 23 and so allowed silly thoughts to get in the way. Why didn't the great unwashed read Polly Toynbee and Owen Jones in the Guardian and so vote the right way?

How Scott views the Republican primaries is even more telling. You will note that he makes no judgement about how Democrats voted in their primaries but it is only Trump (who secured 60% of the GOP vote) who is where he is as the result of emotion not logic. Most folks in the West think that selecting candidates via primaries ( that is among all supporters of a party in a given area) is a good thing. Party activists tend to be more extreme (left wing for Labour & the Dems, right wing for the Tories and the GOP) than party voters. So a primary rather than a caucus gets more mainstream candidates. The third alternative, party leaders picking a crony candidate in a smoke filled room is surely the least desirable selection method on offer.

Yet such is Scott's contempt for the ordinary voter now that he or she is voting the "wrong way", that he or she is prepared to tell the establishment where to stick it, that our comrade from Durham views a primary as a plebiscite and wants to move away from such a system. Scott wants to take power from the many ( who he despises) and give it to the few, to folks like him.

I am afraid that Donald and Caroline hold views that are far from isolated in academia today. My wife is an academic in a social studies discipline and when I listen to her friends I hear the same views. "How can the Tories have won the election, I don't know anyone who votes for them" said one in 2015. My wife, a woman of colour, has not dared say how she voted on June 23rd given the slew of facebook posts from her friends branding all Brexit supporters as racist or stupid or both. It does not cross their closed minds for a second that my wife might have voted for Brexit, as indeed she did.

Academia has no tolerance for those outside a narrow Group Think. Worse still, there is now no pretence that it does not openly despise those of us who dare to think differently. We must, by definition, be stupid to disagree with a consensus which is enforced with Stalinist brutality.





The bloated state and the pampered rich in bankrupt Britain - the whites who say BlackLivesmatter

973 days ago

Lardbucket welfare slut Emma Lawlor, who was featured earlier HERE, is a despicable parasite demonstrating that the welfare state is failing. But, at least, she can say that she was born into an area where life on benefits is deemed normal. There can be no such excuse for the parasites born into privilege. I refer as a case in point to the nine "activists" arrested last week campaigning for BlackLivesMatter and against the racism of climate change by disrupting London City Airport. Judge, Elizabeth Roscoe, noted how they were all white. I note something else.

The ringleader Natalie Geraldine Twistleton-Wykeham-Fiennes ( no kidding) lives with mummy and daddy in a £2 million town-house in posh Clapham. She studied a worthless joint discipline at the LSE ( English Lit and Sociology) and does a bit of babysitting. In that she does a bit of work in the private sector that makes her unusual.

The only two others in that camp are Esme Waldron ( posh girls school, University of Sussex liberal arts) who is an expert on lesbians and makes films and William Pettifer who works on an organic farm and says that he is "plotting the downfall of white supremacist capitalist patriarchy". William has a very rich daddy who is a businessman, so I guess knows a bit about capitalist patriarchy.

The other six all appear to have money behind them and all appear to have enjoyed doling pointless liberal arts degrees at University. Since none of them are earning anything one can take it that they will not be paying back their student loans. Nor, I guess, will Natalie Geraldine Twistleton-Wykeham Fiennes or Pettifer Junior since they won't be earning enough. I am not sure how much Esme Waldron  earns for making documentaries about lesbians.

These folks thus enjoyed a privileged start in life, suck resources from the state and now, no doubt supported by various payments from the welfare state, engage in a life designed to disrupt those of us forced to engage in actual work to pay taxes. I suspect that the "BLM white nine" despise me and all other wicked folks who are self employed and capitalists. They probably have a particular, Emmily Thornberry, I'm very rich, type, disdain for those who drive white vans to earn an honest living.

I despise Emma Lawlor and her ilk but for the white, upper middle class liberal brats of the latest BLM outburst thee can be nothing but outright contempt. They should know better. And with a Government still running a deficit of £60 billion a year, can there be any excuse at all if a cent of taxpayers cash goes to support these folks? There can be none. But is it happening? You bet it is...

Tom Winnifrith



Emily Thornberry - the default mechanism of a cornered lefty: scream "xxxism!"

979 days ago

Emily Thornberry is a rich fat slug living in a multi million pound Islington townhouse who sneers at folks living in chavtastically decorated former council houses and who work hard in the productive part of the economy driving white vans. Ms Thornberry is a state funded parasite whose vast wages are paid by white van man, by you and I. She is entitled to her snobbish views although it might seem a tad ungrateful to those who pay her wages. It is also rank hypocrisy since Emily is a front bench spokesperson for the party that claims to support the working man, the Labour Party. That gaffe was last year's foot in mouth.

Her new brush with the headlines results from an interview on Sky News in which she failed to name the French Foreign Minister. She them demanded that she be asked about Korea instead and then failed to name the new PM in South Korea. To be honest I know that the leader of the South Koreans is a woman but that is about it and as for the froggie I have not got a scooby. I suspect that less than 1% of us could name either the frog or the dog eater.

But then again Ms Thornberry is meant to be Labour's foreign affairs spokesperson. So I'd hope she knows a bit about this sort of thing than you and I. But I - and most folks - would have laughed it off if she admitted that she could not remember. It would have been an incident forgotten in days. In fact sooner. Within hours we would again have been focussing on the big issues for Labour: the seating plan for Owen Smith's tea party with ISIS, celebrating all the triumphs of Jeremy Corbyn's year in charge or awaiting the next Keith Vaz rent boy scandal.

Instead Ms Thornberry reacted as all liberal left folks do when cornered. Don't know the answer? Losing the argument? Lock down in default mode and accuse your opponent or interviewer of being a racist/sexist/ homophobe - delete as applicable. It has been working for years. So terrified are we all of being branded a bigot, even by a silly woman like Emily, that we all back down at once, begging forgiveness for having asked too tough a question or having dared challenge something such as the need to kill first born sons in order to promote an equality agenda.

Unfortunately for Emily she is just so silly and has got such appalling form for being an all round arse that for once the default attack/defence mode has not worked and, rightly, she is being widely ridiculed.

Now can we get back to the loathsome toad Vaz as, after years of pious sanctimony oozing from every pore, he gets his comeuppance. Laughing at Thornberry is just not so entertaining.

Tom Winnifrith



The pious sanctimony of the loathsome Keith Vaz as the taxpayer takes it up the arse again

984 days ago

I do not care a jot that Keith Vaz offers to buy coke for young men who he pays to have unprotected anal sex with. Nor do I care that reports are emerging showing that his pattern of behavior is not a one off. I feel sorry for Mrs Vaz who must be feeling very confused right now, not knowing which way to turn. But Vaz himself has no shame.

The oily old windbag has a history of sinning normally in the cash for favours department and in any normal job would have been fired years ago. But Vaz is an MP. And so yesterday he stood down from the Commons Home Affairs committee which he chaired. Naturally he said that he was doing so "for the sake of the committee"" not for himself you understand, Vaz makes this noble sacrifice for others because he cares. What a saint.

And naturally his fellow MPs on the committee lined up to praise the sacrifice of this respected figure and towering statesman. What planet are they on? Outside the Westminster bubble we see Vaz for what he is: a chancer, a rogue and a sleazy hypocrite who wants drugs (poppers and coke) and prostitution to be illegal while enjoying those secret pleasures himself. One might wonder if his fellow MPs have anything to hide? Once again the political class unites across party lines to look after one of their own and show themselves to be out of touch.

As for Vaz, he has no shame. He remains an MP and sits on Labour's NEC. He is not standing down from the NEC or as an MP. No doubt he expects that after serving a short period of penance he will, as before, bounce back. Meanwhile he will carry on earning a vast salary as an MP which you and I as taxpayers provide, engaging in curious property trading as a sideline while denouncing as many people as possible for being racists in his unofficial role as the witch-finder general of the racism industry.

Oddly, Vaz and his fellow MPs wonder why 99% of the population view everyone inside the Westminster political and media bubble with complete contempt? This is the Vaz who despite living 37 minutes from Parliament in a multi million pound family home claimed expenses for a flat in Westminster. Now we have some idea why he needed that second address.

It is the taxpayer who has supported the lavish lifestyle of Vaz for many years and who will quite clearly continue to do so. What is the only difference between the British taxpayer and Mr Vaz's rent boy friends? They get paid by Vaz to take it up the arse. We have to pay for the privilege.

Tom Winnifrith



The Guardian & other liberal media smear Clint Eastwood as an apologist for racism because he backs Trump

1018 days ago

Clint Eastwood is today smeared by the Guardian and the rest of the liberal press as an apologist for racism. His real crime in the eyes of the metropolitan elite is, of course, that not only is he a Republican but that he says he will vote for Donald Trump over crooked Hillary Clinton in November. If you are guilty of such a crime, being an evil conservative, all else flows naturally including, in the liberal mind, a good chance that you are a racist.

The Guardian leads with the headline "Clint Eastwood defends Trump's 'racist' remarks: 'Just get over it' Note where the 'quote' marks are.

On the subject of Clint's racism it quotes from a passage in an interview Clint gave this week in Esquire Magazine. The tax dodging Guardian states:

“He’s said a lot of dumb things,” the actor and director said of the man who has pilloried Mexicans, Muslims, immigrants, women, and the list goes on and on. “So have all of them. Both sides. But everybody – the press and everybody’s going, ‘Oh, well, that’s racist’, and they’re making a big hoodoo out of it”. Eastwood’s advice to America: “Just fucking get over it. It’s a sad time in history”

Now let's read what Clint actually said, in the interview, in its full context. The way the Guardian quotes selectively at the top of the story does not read that well for Clint. But the actual section in Esquire runs:

ESQ: What do you think Trump is onto?
CE: What Trump is onto is he's just saying what's on his mind. And sometimes it's not so good. And sometimes it's … I mean, I can understand where he's coming from, but I don't always agree with it.
ESQ: So you're not endorsing him?
CE: I haven't endorsed anybody. I haven't talked to Trump. I haven't talked to anybody. You know, he's a racist now because he's talked about this judge. And yeah, it's a dumb thing to say. I mean, to predicate your opinion on the fact that the guy was born to Mexican parents or something. He's said a lot of dumb things. So have all of them. Both sides. But everybody—the press and everybody's going, "Oh, well, that's racist," and they're making a big hoodoo out of it. Just fucking get over it. It's a sad time in history.

That is a bit different is it not. The now closed Trump University faced a fraud charge. The Judge was Mexican. Trump stated that he felt that given his comments on Mexican immigratiomn the judge might not be impartial. Clint thinks that was dumb (he's correct) but racist? It is not racist, it is not viewing Mexican Americans as inferior or differently it is just a dumb comment about judicial impartiality. One might note that when liberals make similar comments - notably in applauding the way OJ Simpson wanted his murder trial in an area where most jurors would be black - that is NOT racist or dumb at all.

The Guardian headline would have you believe that everyone (including Clint) acccepts that Trump's remarks are racist. Clint is not discussing all the controversial remarks Trump has made - the Guardian injects that into the narrative but does it so smoothly that it suggests Clint brings it in. And Clint is not, as the Guardian headline implies, either accepting that the one remark he discusses on race matters in the interview was racist and he is not, in fact, defending it at all.

As such the Guardian headline and editorial on this matter is grossly misleading and unfair on poor old Clint. As to why Clint backs Trump the quotes are clear:
Eastwood told Esquire that if he had to pick between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump,

“I’d have to go for Trump."
“You know, 'cause she's declared that she's gonna follow in Obama's footsteps. There's been just too much funny business on both sides of the aisle. She's made a lot of dough out of being a politician."
“He's just saying what's on his mind,” Eastwood told Esquire. "And sometimes it's not so good. And sometimes it's … I mean, I can understand where he's coming from, but I don't always agree with it."
“Secretly everybody's getting tired of political correctness, kissing up. That's the kiss-ass generation we're in right now. Everybody’s walking on eggshells. We see people accusing people of being racist and all kinds of stuff. When I grew up, those things weren't called racist."

Leaving the grotesque slander on Clint and the deceptive way the Guardian filters its own words into Clint's quotes which really is appallingly unprofessional, who do you think most ordinary Americans will agree with?

That is if they see the full interview, rather than the slanted smears of the liberal press, will they back Clint or some ivy league educated privileged rich coast living liberal journalist?

Tom Winnifrith



St Etienne: Nearly all Moslems are NOT evil terrorists BUT...the BBC still wont admit the truth

1027 days ago

Today's European Islamist atrocity is in France sees two Moslem attackers storm a church in St Etienne shout the usual words about Allah, cut off the head of an 86 year old priest who was performing mass and then take some nuns and worshippers hostage. After four attacks in Germany and now two in France in just 12 days, just about everyone in a now terrified Europe now accepts that there is a problem. Everyone except our State broadcasters and political elite that is.

On the BBC news last night after four horrific attacks in German in a week the BBC's halfwitted reporter noted "and Germany asks is there is a connection?" Well how about all the attackers were all Moslems? It might just be a remarakable coincidence but that will do me for starters as an initial line of enquiry.

He went on to note that many Germans are questioning the standards of mental health provision in their country. Really? Does he really expect us to believe that this is the main thing that ordinary krauts are concerned about? They are not perhaps now wondering whether letting in hundreds of thousands of young men from hotbeds of Islamofascism without any papers was the smartest move?

The BBC reporter is living in a dream world. But he is not alone. On the BBC world news this morning we were told "After machete attack, are Syrian refugees getting the mental-health care they need?" The more the BBC portrays the moslem community as the victims of this wave of terror the more the anger and resentment of ordinary folks across Europe will increase.

Once again I wonder when will the BBC accept that the statement below is not pure racism just a statement of fact?

"Nearly all Moslems are strongly opposed to acts of violent terror in Europe today. However nearly all acts of violent terror in Europe today are committed by Moslems."

Tom Winnifrith



Coventry city councillors united against racism and hate crimes...and this changed what exactly?

1031 days ago

Some free speech denying moron has decided to shut me down by signing me up to receive, by email, every press release issued by dozens of local councils and quangos across the UK. Oddly I am grateful. It is actually rather illuminating to see just how local authorities deprived of cash by the evil Tories find so many ways to spunk their budget on utter piffle. And so on July 13th I discovered that Coventry City Council was united against racism. Well I never. A Labour run Council opposes Xenophobia. Wow.

Before we go the year ended April 2015, the 46 members of Coverntry City Council cost the greateful folks of slum City £928,852.04 in allowances and expenses. But they are clearly working hard in way that really improves the City. So the release - crafted by an expensive PR officer states:

Coventry city councillors have united in the Council Chamber in a vow to work with partners to fight racism and xenophobia in the city. There was unanimous support for a strongly worded statement debated by councillors at yesterday’s Full Council meeting condemning racism, xenophobia and hate crimes in Coventry.

Coventry City Council Leader, Cllr George Duggins, said: “The Council spoke as one on this issue and the debate was one of the most powerful and important many of us have ever experienced in the Council Chamber.

Hmmm. What is a debate? In Coventry it appears to be person after person standing up to agree with each other as they are "united". Debates at Coventry City Council must be like debates at the North Korean Peoples Assembly. Not exactly confrontational.

I am delighted that no Councillor in Coventry stood up to speak in favour of racism, xenophobia and hate crimes but not exactly surprised It would be really hard to find anyone in Britain in favour of such a motion unless, of course, one was polling Labour activists and the hate crimes in question were against the wicked Jews.

Natch, the debate was prompted by those nasty racists who voted for Brexit. Council leader Comrade Duggins opined

"Like many other people I have been alarmed by the reports of an increase in hate crimes across the country since the referendum...I believe it’s really important that as politicians we stand as one and tell the world that Coventry does not tolerate racism, hate crime or xenophobia.
Hmmmm. Reports eh? So no hard empirical evidence just what Comrade councillor read in the Guardian that morning, more anecdotal evidence.

And is it "really important" that half-witted expenses grubbing councillors in Coventry waste taxpayers money on a debate where they all agree with each other and then publicise the fact? Does that make Coventry less racist? Does it improve life in Coventry at all? Why do the political class think we care what they think or think that what they deem important is what we deem important?

Surely the real message of Brexit is that more and more of us hate the lot of them. By them I mean politicians not immigrants.

Tom Winnifrith



The Best of the Baroness Warsi twitter ridicule as this repellent liar craves publicity again on Brexit

1063 days ago

Baroness Warsi is an unelected Tory politician with a track record of dodgy business dealings who says the most appalling things to gain publicity. Today she has announced that she is leaving the "Leave" campaign on Brexit and joining "Remain" because of all the racism, xenophobia and bigotry of folks like Priti patel and Gisela Stuart. The BBC laps it up as a major blow for Brexit. The only problem is that the silly cow Warsi never actually joined the Leave campaign.

Please don't let that stop Project Fear treating this as news but it is all bogus. On twitter the derision is palpable. Among the best tweets are:

BREXIT 23.06.2016 ‏@OffencePolice 2h2 hours ago
Baroness Warsi has also announced she has asked Claudio Ranieri for a transfer from Leicester City, where she was last year's star striker

Julia Hartley-Brewer ‏@JuliaHB1 2h2 hours ago

BREAKING: Baroness Warsi has announced that she will no longer be headlining at Glastonbury.

Raheem Kassam ‏@RaheemKassam 2h2 hours ago

BREAKING: Baroness Warsi is set to give a lecture on what it was like to be the first man on the moon

Julia Hartley-Brewer ‏@JuliaHB1 2h2 hours ago

BREAKING: Baroness Warsi announces that she will no longer be competing for Team GB in the 100metre sprint at the Rio Olympics

Marcher Lord ‏@MarcherLord1 32m32 minutes ago

Using Baroness Warsi's logic, I have just emailed Warren Gatland to let him know that I've now officially retired from international rugby

Ken Sampson ‏@sampson_ken 5m5 minutes ago

@StrongerIn Breaking news - Baroness Warsi has just announced she is leaving the Labour Party and becoming a Tory.

But watch the BBC, the Guardian, lyin' David Cameron et all treat this is major news. The narrative of the last few days from Project Fear will be Brexit, racist, don't talk about immigration, Jo Cox dedicated campaigner for the EU, the politics of hate, right wing murderers, etc.

They lost the argument but I fear they are winning the smears.

Tom Winnifrith



Today's lecture is: Is Islamaphobia accelerating global warming? - Western liberal academia not fit for purpose

1098 days ago

I kid you not, this is a lecture from the highly respected US college, the Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT). The lecturer was from the University of Melbourne and, before you laugh, your kids in the UK will be taught this sort of crap by their Guardian reading liberal left lecturers too. The full gory details:

The Ecology and Justice Forum In Global Studies And Languages Presents Ghassan Hage is Future Generation Professor in the School of Philosophy, Anthropology and Social Inquiry, University of Melbourne. Introduced By Bettina Stoetzer, Global Studies And Languages

This talk examines the relation between Islamophobia as the dominant form of racism today and the ecological crisis. It looks at the three common ways in which the two phenomena are seen to be linked: as an entanglement of two crises, metaphorically related with one being a source of imagery for the other and both originating in colonial forms of capitalist accumulation. The talk proposes a fourth way of linking the two: an argument that they are both emanating from a similar mode of being, or enmeshment, in the world, what is referred to as ‘generalised domestication.’

Ghassan Hage has held many visting positions across the world including in Harvard, University of Copenhagen, Ecoles des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales and American University of Beirut. He works in the comparative anthropology of nationalism, multiculturalism, diaspora and racism and on the relation between anthropology, philosophy and social and political theory. His most well-known work is White Nation: Fantasies of white supremacy in a multicultural society (Routledge 2000). His is also the author of Alter-Politics: Critical Anthropology and the Radical Imaginary (Melbourne University Press 2015). He is currently working on a book titled Is Islamophobia Accelerating Global Warming? and has most recently published a piece in American Ethnologist, titled: “Etat de Siege. A Dying Domesticating Colonialism?” (2016) that engages with the contemporary “refugee crisis” in Europe and beyond.


No further comment is needed on the decline of the West

Tom Winnifrith



How to confuse the liberal white media - black Trump supporter beats up white liberal in KKK outfit

1155 days ago

Gosh the lefty media just does not know to play this one. A white college educated liberal attended a Donald Trump rally dressed in a Klu Klux Klan hood yesterday and endeavoured to disrupt the event, making it clear that he thinks The Donald is a racist. A black supporter of Donald Trump then beat him up before the cops pulled both men away in cuffs.

The liberal media is confused because it has been telling us for ages that all blacks hate Trump for being a racist. It also tells us that white folks who dress up in KKK hoods are bad news. And that it supports free speech.

So how does it spin this particular event? We conservatives hae no need to spin. we have said for ages that plenty of blacks and hispanics have lived the American dream and thus vote for the GOP and will vote for Trump. It is only liberals who assume in their patronising way that being well off or having drive is the preserve of the whites. And of course it is the left that thinks free speech is only for those they agree with. We on the right know free speech is for all. So we have no need to spin.

But for the left, just how do you spin this event?

Meanwhile I hope that the Trump supporter rightly observes that folks dressing up in Klan outfits is offensive to him as an African American and that in kicking the shit out of the idiot he was merely making amends for 200 years of oppression and racism. How was he to know that the chap underneath the outfit was not a racist?

Tom Winnifrith



Clinton, Obama, Beltway Bernie and the GOP Country Clubbers play the racism card but it wont stop Trump

1162 days ago

Things are getting desperate for the political establishment. The polls suggest that after the Florida and Ohio primaries on Tuesday, The Donald will be a slam dunk cert to get the GOP nomination. Then - with the Democrat contest rigged by establishment super-delegates, proof once again that the left doesn't trust the little people to handle democracy by themselves - we are all set for Trump vs Clinton in the General Election.

Right now polls show Clinton winning but it is within the margin or error. And with all sorts of skeletons in Clinton's closet, some of which might just lead to an impeachment, it is still far from a slam dunk that the insurgents will be defeated by the establishment this time around. Sure, the Beltway classes, big businesses like Monsanto and the military-industrial complex, Wall Street and the Mainstream media are lining up for Hillary. But America has never been angrier with the establishment and Trump is a lightening rod for that anger.

The establishment is desperate to stop Trump and thus showing this is a last resort it has played the racism card this weekend. We were spectators at a show of unity involving career politicians from the left , led by Mrs Clinton, Obama and Beltway Bernie and from the right, lead by Cruz, Rubio and the twins of defeat McCain and Romney. Has Trump said anything more racist than before in recent days? No. Perhaps that is why in the GOP primaries he is winning not just among white voters but also among blacks and hispanics.

There have, of course, been protests at his rallies as liberals tried to shut him down. As I noted earlier this will only make him more popular. Most of the protestors are white middle class young folks. A liberal arts graduate student at a good college might feel good about screaming about how Trump supports "white privilege". But the thousands of white manual workers laid off across the rust belt or white farm workers now without jobs or hope across middle America are not really feeling that privilege. Those folks have been ignored by the politicial establishment for years and they are pissed off and will flock to Trump on Tuesday and at the General Election that follows, however much the establishment and their ivy league college educated kids scream "racism."

While the sons and daughters of the Establishment go to college to learn that Donald Trump is a racist and that all hispanics and blacks must loathe him, the white sons and daughters of rust belt America and the black and Hispanic kids from the poorer areas sign up to the military as a way out. It is they who are coming back from Iraq minus limbs or in body bags. Trump is the only candidate who opposes these pointless foreign wars. Perhaps that is another reason he is going to win big time on Tuesday.

The insurgency has momentum. The establishment is terrified.

Tom Winnifrith



Hamas supporters in UK try to get pro-Israel tweeter fired by blackmailing employer

1740 days ago

What is it about the intolerance of the liberal left/Islamofascist alliance when it comes to free speech? I do not deny anyone the right to say that they support Hamas and why, that is their call. They are on the side of terror, of homophobes of folks whose desire is genocide but they have the right to be heard. And that is pretty much the view of all Israel supporters we believe in a free world where folks can say or do what they wish.

In Israel one can dissent, one can speak out against the Government, one can pursue a career if female and you can sleep with whom you want. In Gaza life is very different and it is shameful that in the UK supporters of the organisation whose charter commits itself to wiping Israel off the map appear to be adopting a similar attitude to free speech.

My pal, Mr Frog (not his real name) works for a FTSE 100 listed marketing and communications group. He is a vocal supporter of Israel and of her right to defend herself. He does not celebrate the death of any innocent in his tweets or Facebook pages but he is clearly partial. And this has come to the attention of certain Islamofascists in the UK who have now swamped his employer with emails accusing Mr Fish of “racism” and “supporting child killing.”

This is clearly bogus but such is the fear of PLCs of being branded racist and such is the media inspired anti-Israel frenzy, that Mr Frog almost certainly now faced a formal enquiry and disciplinary meeting within days.

How many folks have faced such action for accusing Israel of genocide or comparing them to the Nazis? Almost none because no-one on the Israel side complains. You see one reason we support Israel is that we support a free society where one can exchange all views. In Israel all its citizens (including 1.5 million arabs) can say what they want about the way that society is run.  It is a concept called democracy which is unusual in that region.

But Gaza is not a free state and thus those who support Hamas see nothing wrong in trying to silence dissent by whatever means they wish, including blackmailing PLCs with accusations of harbouring racists.

I shall watch this case with interest and will name and shame the FTSE 100 Company if it panders to the free speech deniers. Do we live in 1984 or 2014?

Tom Winnifrith



Video Postcard #69 – The racism that some folks find acceptable – anti-Semitism

1785 days ago

Prompted by the shocking attach of anti-Semitism in Manchester this week I ask why this form of racism is deemed acceptable in some quarters.

Anti-Semitic attacks in Europe are at the highest levels since the 1930s despite the large drop in Europe’s Jewish population that happened between 1939 and 1945.  Why is this?

Part of the reason is that low level attacks – snide press comment for example – go ignored. That has to stop.

Tom’s financial postcard looks at the dangers of acquisition led growth, especially in the current climate and that video can be watched HERE

Tom Winnifrith



Reflecting as we mark World Holocaust Day in this home

1938 days ago

On this day in 1945 the Red Army entered Auschwitz to encounter industrial scale horrors. Hence today is World Holocaust Day, 24 hours to reflect and ponder. In this household, as in homes across the world, we are burning a candle as a sign that we will not forget.

It is important to make a positive effort not to forget when one faces a daily barrage from those who either deny the holocaust, those who seek to diminish its importance by claiming that numbers were inflated or, worst of all, those who trivialise it by describing any event as a holocaust.

There are places in the world where deaths occur driven by hatred, intolerance and anger. But perhaps only in Cambodia and Ruanda have we seen anything on the scale of the holocaust where genocide was committed against an entire race on an industrial scale with the intent of wiping out that race. Those who use the term holocaust liberally to describe any death seek to trivialise true evil.  In doing so they become apologists for evil. And yes folks like David Ward MP, Baroness Tongue and others I am talki9ng about you.

In not forgetting the attempt to exterminate European Jewry the lessons I take are not only that anti-Semitism is still alive and kicking, the acceptable form of racism for many on the liberal left and that this is something that should be exposed and fought at every level. I also take the lesson that it is all too easy to demonise other minorities as well. 

Although radical Islam does the broader Muslim community no favours (not least in the way that some of its practitioners support the aims of Hitler with regards to the Jews, homosexuals and others), many of the comments one sees today about Muslims in our society could have come right out of the Streicher hate manuals of the 1930s. In this respect twitter can be an abomination.

One can legitimately regard the aims of militant Islam as being pretty loathsome but to allow that to slipping into demonising an entire grouping merely based on religious leanings is heading down a very dangerous slope. That is perhaps something else to contemplate on World Holocaust Day.


Tom Winnifrith



Playing Mad Lefty Bingo as the Mrs Launches her Book

1947 days ago

The launch of Globalisation & Work, the fantastic new book co-written by the Mrs was a one day event attracted sociologists from across the UK. At the suggestion of the Mrs I turned up for the last hour only and wandered in and the third word I heard was “patriarchy.”

At once I cursed myself for not bringing an official Mad Lefty Bingo scorecard for the assembled sociologists were on fire. Within a few minutes I would also have been able to cross off

Thatcher!  (as in to blame for everything)
Racist ( UKIP, The Tory Party, The Daily Mail)
Fascist ( UKIP)
Racism ( what white folks do)
The Daily Mail (whipping up racism, to blame for everything that was not Thatcher’s fault)
Carers (folks who need to be paid more)
Public Sector workers (folks who need to be paid more)
Gideon (the lefty way of describing Chancellor Osborne)
The Occupy Movement ( cannot put a foot wrong…the future)
Austerity ( no need for it all the fault of…)
“The Fucking Tories” ( inherently evil)
Ed Miliband (a term of abuse for someone deemed very right wing)
Trades Unions ( needed to protect workers who are inherently….)
Exploited ( what capitalist, Tories, etc like doing)
Marxist Analysis ( still taught by sociologists even though history has shown that the old fool was just plain wrong and thus they might as well be teaching that the Earth is flat for all the good it does)
Bourgeois ( see above)
Minimum wage ( far too low and the Tory plans to increase it are all a trick)
Discourse ( not sure what that means but the word is always used by lefties).
Workers charter (a document making demands that will doom capitalism – hence a good idea)
Capitalism – wicked. Needs controlling/reforming/replacing with a better way
Workers Co-operatives – a good thing that these (State funded) folks should encourage.

I had a long chat with a colleague of my wife who seemed afraid that Wal-Mart was on the verge of establishing a global monopoly on retail but otherwise was a pretty sane (and very pleasant) individual.  I sense that had I talked to some of the delegates I would not have been able to bite my lip.

At the end the chair/facilitator/chairwoman asked for questions. This provoked a raft of rants from the comrades. I was tempted to ask a woman who said “we need to show the alternative to austerity” why she thought there was an alternative to Britain not accelerating into bankruptcy but looking at my Mrs who was clearly the star of the day I decided that silence was the best option.

In case any sociologists are reading this I do have one question for you all. Economics, politics or political philosophy are seen as academic disciplines partly because there is a genuine ideological debate amongst practitioners. My economics tutor Roger Van Noorden was an arch monetarist, other tutors were Keynesians. There was a debate.  Two of the philosophy tutors I had were respectively a Marxist and a supporter of the SDP but we were encouraged to read conservative tracts as well. The idea was that there was debate.

Yet in sociology there is virtually no debate. A Conservative sociologist is a rare species indeed. The debate about capitalism is thus framed as “how do you reform it or replace it” not whether capitalism could be improved by being less interfered with. That is just not debate at all.  My question for any sociologists reading this is “if the only debate in your field is on how much of a leftie you are – how do you expect to be taken seriously as an academic discipline since you are. By definition, giving your students an imbalanced world view or do you just take it as a given that neo-liberal, conservative, capitalist thinkers are just wrong?”

Tom Winnifrith



The Mrs & Her Book Launch – the writing is on the wall.

1958 days ago

“Do you want to come to my book launch?”  Said the Mrs yesterday – “It is a week on Friday.” “Wow, of course I do” said I, aware that a book she had co-authored had been published but unaware that there was a full launch with free booze and food on offer. But naturally I am very proud of her for being published.

The Mrs insists that partners are invited but has suggested that I take a laptop in case it all gets a bit too much for me and I have to head off to a quiet room. She is, of course, absolutely right. The title of the book (an impressive tome) is Globalization and Work. I looked inside and spotted an early chapter on “Racism experienced by Indian call centre workers”. Hmmm, get the R word in early. I note that one of her co-authors is a Professor of “Women’s Employment.” I think I get the picture.

I rather sense that I will be the only libertarian capitalist present at this launch and that the correct strategy is to say hello as a supportive partner (partner, not husband since I appreciate that is a term associated with patriarchal exploitation) and then make my excuses and head off to tap out a few words of anarcho-capitalism. It is wiser to leave, undisturbed, the other guests to discuss the exciting leader article on how it was all Thatcher’s fault penned by Polly Toynbee in that day’s edition of The Guardian.

Tom Winnifrith



Should Justine Sacco the PR bimbo be fired for twitter racism?

1975 days ago

Justine Sacco is some American PR bird (quite high flying until yesterday) who tweeted ahead of a flight to South Africa “Going to Africa. Hope I don't get AIDS. Just Kidding. I'm White!' One suspects that her employer IAC will be sending her a P45 for Christmas.

IAC has already suspended her, airbrushed her name from its website and says it will be taking “appropriate action.”

Her tweet is tasteless and it is racist. IAC will undoubtedly be able to show that she has breached its employer handbook (bibles of political correctness and jargon) in some way and/or that she had brought it into disrepute. We all know that making a racist remark is now the most uber-crime of all. Ok it is marginally less of a heinous offence in the eyes of a Western liberal than first degree murder but it is marginal. Incidentally the crime is not just making a racist remark but making a remark that may be deemed racist. And that means saying more or less anything.

Hence in the 21st Century West Ms Sacco is toast.

For the avoidance of doubt I do regard her remark as racist.

Thirty years ago this thick woman would have made this “joke” next to the office water cooler and got away with it. Thanks to email and twitter comments like this go viral and once the “activists” and media elite get onto the case there can only be one outcome.

My Christmas hope? Ms Sacco learns her lesson. Her prejudice is unpleasant but if she can keep it to herself I hope that she finds another job and is allowed to get on with it.

Do those baying for her blood really want to ruin her whole life? I suspect many of them do. And I find that just as unpleasant as the prejudices of Ms Sacco.

Tom Winnifrith



Racist UKIP Nutter Victoria Ayling – what does Farage really think?

1988 days ago

High profile defector to UKIP Victoria Ayling is now exposed on camera saying about immigrants that she wants to “send them all back.” UKIP Fuhrer, Nigel Farage says that this is “slightly odd”. No, Nigel it is despicable. What do you not understand about that?

If Mrs Ayling ends up wielding power in a Farage Government (unlikely, I admit, on two counts) she would presumably be despatching my parents-in-law back to India after 60 years of hard tax-paying slog in this country. Would my wife get booted out too?  Perhaps Mr Farage might wish to clarify this point?  Having watched this racist old bag (I refer to Mrs Ayling not my Mrs) on video there is nothing “odd” about her views, they are merely abhorrent. 

Incidentally would the Ayling diktat apply to Europeans in a UKIP run UK outside of the EU? I guess that means that Mrs Farage would be on the banana boat with my in-laws as she is German. Or perhaps Mrs Ayling only has a problem with non-whites?

The UK has an ageing population as well as a large number of folks who would rather live on welfare than take low paid jobs. We need immigration desperately if we are to thrive as an economy. We also need welfare reform. In his heart I know that Farage accepts both of these points but for electoral purposes he’d far rather play a simple tune on his wolf-whistle: “UKIP is tough on immigration.”

And if that means having folks like Mrs Ayling in his camp he seems happy to play along.

Shame on you Farage.

Tom Winnifrith



Debating with the mentally unhinged on Israel

2037 days ago

I should not have risen to the bait and commented on the video which tried to smear the entire Israeli state and people as racist. I was goaded into it on twitter and responded with a detailed critique showing why and how the video was at best crap journalism and at worst crude propaganda.

The argument I outlined is full and detailed and can be found here.

What happened then? I have now received a stream of abuse and hostile comments on twitter. Not one of the folks care to answer questions about why Israel HAS to observe higher standards than the EU on illegal immigrants if it is not to be racist. Not one cares to comment on the Falashas. Not one cares to comment on the Israeli Supreme Court banning camps which are deemed kosher across the EU and in Australia. No one. There is not one answer on those matters.

Instead there are comments of two types.

There is abuse. One Russian Jew hater says I should compare the actions of the Israelis to Sudanese people with those of the Nazis to the Jews.  Anyone who makes that sort of comment is patently a Jew hating bigot beneath contempt. 

Others choose not to discuss the FACTS as outlined in full but just hit back with other questions.  Surely Israel is racist because it does not:

a) end the embargo on Gaza?  Israel is blocking Hamas bringing in weapons that is true. But it sends in 155,000 tonnes of aid each month itself. It will end the embargo on Gaza controlling its own imports when Hamas stops trying to import bombs and rockets so that it can kill pesky Jews

b) Return Golan. What the fuck has this got to do with racism? But at a practical level, Golan was captured in a war Israel did not start and is a strategic barrier. The only folks now living on Golan are a few Jews. So why should Israel hand it back to Syria and which side in Syria? The one that uses chemical weapons or the Islamofascist rebels who want to kill all the Jews?

etc, etc, etc. It just goes on.

There is no debate to be had with such people. In my article earlier I admitted some Israelis are racist but showed the mammoth flaws in the propaganda video by using HARD FACTS. 

So the only way the unhinged can respond is to ignore those facts and hurl fresh questions at me.

As such I really am not going to waste my time on a twitter debate with folks whose prejudices are so strong they cannot handle the truth. 

You have the facts fellows.  I am sure that on most issues you are reasonable guys but your response today shows that on the matter of the one liberal democracy in the Middle East one you are simply unhinged.


Tom Winnifrith



Patrick Mercer MP is a crook and now also exposed as a bigot – why is he still an MP? Is anti-semitism okay?

2171 days ago

Sleazebag Tory Patrick Mercer MP has been caught on camera taking bribes. He is a crook. A common criminal. And yet while resigning the Tory whip he says that he will “do the honourable thing” and remain as an MP until the next election, collecting a full pay & perks and then he will stand down to collect a full pension. Does this make you happy?

Before the last election there was a lot of talk from politicians about recall – the idea that if your local MP was caught taking bribes or having an affair with Rebekah Brooks ( most folks in London seem to have one stage or another) the voters could effectively boot him out. Oddly once the swine returned to the Westminster trough there was rather less talk of this.

But Mercer is more than a common thief he is also a bigot as this video shows. His references to a “bloody Jew” are offensive and mark him out as an A1 prize bigot.  Naturally though when Lib Dem and labour MPs and Lords have also made blatantly anti-semitic remarks and got away with it nothing will happen. Had he said “ bloody Moslem” maybe it would have merited more attention.

Once again the sad fact is that in 2013 Britain, anti-semitism is the socially acceptable form of racism.

And in 2013 criminal bigoted men are still allowed to sit as MPs.

Once again I despair.


Tom Winnifrith



Sad Git West Ham supporters I despise – but the climate does not deter anti-semitism

2365 days ago

Not only did my beloved West Ham lose at arch rivals Spurs but some of the travelling West Ham supporters engaged in patently anti-Semitic abuse. I think you know my views on Spurs ( intense dislike) but also on anti Semitism ( rabid dislike). My mind is filled with various thoughts.

I know what will have been said or rather hissed. There is a hissing noise mean to be reminiscent of the gas chambers. Adolf Hitler is Coming for you – a variant of Tottenham Hotspur we’re coming for you, will have been chanted. I remember hearing “There’s only one Adolf Hitler” being chanted at a Spurs game a long time. I cringed with shame.

Football has made great play of stamping racism out of the game. West Ham were the first top flight side to field a black player and most of the current side are black. But we have racist supporters just as every club does. There is no point in pretending otherwise. I rather sense that the show trial of the loathsome John Terry for racism set the cause of stamping racism out of football back in that it was so obviously a show trial. But notwithstanding that football is heading the right way.

The problem is that racism and anti-Semitism are viewed quite differently in Britain 2012. That the Guardian can run cartoons which are take-offs of Julian Streicher’s best depicting Bibi Netenyahu controlling Western leaders as a puppet master is appalling. Any article on Israel is met with a barrage of criticism of “the Jews” from folks who would never make a derogatory comment about a blacks or Asians. Stars of David are burned in demonstrations on our streets by those who would create hell fire if a Koran was burned but nothing is done about it. Anti-Semitism is a vile form of racism but such is the hatred of the Western liberal media and political elites of the State of Israel that it has almost become downgraded and acceptable.

I hope that those who offended yesterday are caught shamed and get life bans from football. But I suggest that the liberal elites need to think long and hard about some of the language and imagery they have used in recent years (and certainly in recent weeks) too. And about the indifference they have shown to some of those who have engaged in quite vile Jew bating. They have created a zeitgeist which treats ant-Semitism as a second class form of racism. They too have questions to answer.

Tom Winnifrith



Obama wins – UK Election Coverage Awful, BBC dismal

2384 days ago

Okay I admit it, I tried to watch a bit of the Biased BBC coverage. Three minutes of Newsnight was enough for me. This organisation gets taxpayer’s money to offer balance. And so I sat through a discussion with a stuffed British shirt ( who turned out to be novelist Martin Amiss), a horrible hag from Newsweek in the US who made Amiss look like a neocon and some third rate Republican ex Governor who was occasionally allowed a word or two for “balance”.

The bon mot from Amiss was that Ronald Reagan would be rejected by today’s Republican Party for being far too left wing. Paxman looked bored and did not bother to challenge this obvious lie which was part of the night long deluded leftie luvvy agenda of portraying everyone in the GOP as racist, sexist, homophobes who want to shoot all poor people. And so for some balance he turned to the old hag from Newsweek who opined that until Republicans come out in favour of higher taxes for the rich they are unelectable. Presumably she already knows that the wealthiest 3% in America pay 90% of tax receipts. So this is all a lie but if you say it often enough folks start believing that Republicans just want to look after the rich and screw the poor. Occasionally the poor Republican governor was allowed to make a brief apology for being. That was the BBC’s idea of balance.

Indeed that three minute horror show set the tone for the BBC. Why was I surprised? Thereafter even the appearance of the ghastly Louise Mensch on ITV’s coverage (taking time out from spending more time with her kids to make yet another media appearance) could not persuade me to switch back to Pravda. I sense ITV realised that La Mensch appearing on their show was the BBC’s only hope in the ratings war and after one interview in which she said absolutely nothing of interest we, thankfully, never saw the awful woman again.

ITV’s coverage was quite cerebral. They had a good pollster, Alistair Stewart really knew his facts and the team on the ground at Obama and Romney’s HQs were rather good too. The one lowpoint was the constant coverage from ITV’s woman on the ground in “Democracy Plaza” New York. The chances of finding any locals in central Manhattan who are brave enough to admit to supporting Romney are about the same as the chances of the Jimmy Savile fan club being swamped with new applications for membership. Every time a state was called for Obama a great cheer could be heard. Next time, maybe we could have the on the ground reporting from a good place like Texas or Louisiana where being a registered Republican is not viewed as being on a par with being on the sex offenders list.

And so we had three young ladies asked who they had voted for and why. The first said “Obama because he wants to change things.” Hang on that was four years ago. Surely … but no worries: there was no comeback from ITV on that one. Second up said “Obama because he is so passionate about women’s rights and gay rights.” Well whatever. In Central Manhattan, as in Islington, these are the key pressing issues of the day as both our countries hurtle towards financial oblivion. But moving swiftly on, amazingly the third girl said she voted for Romney. You could almost see them building a pyre for her in the background.

Girl three was from Massachusetts and thought Mitt had been a good Governor and was best placed to fix the economy. Without blinking the interviewer said “but what about women’s rights?” Er.. like woman are not meant to care about the fact that the USA is going bust and that those without work are at 1930s levels because it does not affect them at all. Who the hell is going to fund all your abortions on demand and quota driven jobs on Government sponsored payrolls when your frigging country goes bust?

At this point I was rather losing the will to live. I consoled myself by pondering why the Republican women interviewed were all so much more attractive than the hideous trouts who want to work for Obama. But my misery was compounded as some arse of a Democrat gleefully pronounced that Obama had won because the Democrats have assembled a “beautiful coalition” of blacks, Hispanics, women, gays and the poor and unemployed.” The grinning cretin forgot to add in the increasing numbers of folks living off a bloated Government payroll but we got the message.

I do wonder had Mitt got another million or so votes in the right states and won, if a GOP spokesman said he had done it by assembling a “beautiful coalition” of white people, heterosexuals and hard working Americans who pay their taxes and create wealth in the private sector” what would have happened to him or her? I suspect the BBC would have dragged the individual off to Democracy Plaza New York to be burned alongside the witch from Massachusetts who dared admitting to have voted Republican.

As another gleeful Democrat appeared on screen to talk about four more years of change and hope for America and beautiful coalitions and, amid a growing inevitability that the man who has presided over the biggest increase in US Government debt in history was about to be let loose for another four years of the same, I gave up. The result was bad enough. Having to watch via channels run by the deluded UK media classes was just too much to bear. Awful.

Tom Winnifrith



Nazis on the March in Greece – Blame it on the Nobel Peace Prize Winner

2404 days ago

Over the summer I flagged up to you here the rise of Greece’s Nazi Golden Dawn party. They really are a horrible bunch of folks who “make the BNP look like Julie Andrews” according to one academic quoted in today’s papers. Belatedly the deadwood press has picked up on what is happening. In a while it will work out who is to blame – the answer being the winner of the Nobel Peace prize, the Evil Empire itself.

In case you have forgotten who the fetching bird in this article is, she is Voula Papachristou, a triple jumper who was booted out of the Greek Olympic team this summer for making a racist joke on twitter. She should count her lucky stars. Had she made the tweet while at the Olympics in Britain 2012 she would have been arrested and banged up in Holloway for three months. Voula is perhaps not the brightest spark in the solar system but she is a supporter of Golden Dawn and after that incident became a pin-up girl across Greece.

And so I should spring to the defence of the Evil Empire (in part) in saying that the rise of fascism in Greece ( as outlined in this article in today’s Daily Mail) is in part the fault of the Greek political elite. Since 1974 Greece has been – effectively – a two party state. Pasok and New Democracy are not really that different ideologically, they are just parties run by old men who grew fat on taking bribes from different vested interests. The fat old pie-eaters of the two old parties created a corrupt State and society and thus left Greece in a position where she was in no fit state to join the Euro. But sensing that there were more pies on the way if Greece did join, the fat old men told lies and got Hellas into the Euro club.

So if you are a Greek who do you blame for the mess that is Greece and would you trust those same men to solve the crisis?

The reaction to Voula also showed how out of touch Greek leaders are. Clearly immigration is an issue for Greeks. Frankly I cannot see why someone would go to Greece as an economic migrant, I’d have thought that it would be Athenians trying to smuggle themselves into Upper Volta in search of a better life, not the other way round. But there is unhappiness. Greek leaders should have debated Voula and shown her up for the dumb blonde she is ( trust me, she is thick) instead they made her a martyr. Folks wondered if maybe she had a point and if their leaders were trying to stifle debate.

But to say that Greece’s leaders are bumbling crooks so make it easy for Golden Down ( now running at almost 25% in the opinion polls and rising) is only part of the problem.

I know that Greece needs wholesale reform: mass privitizations, a fall in prices and so the standard of living, and big cuts in Government spending. Academically and as a dry exercise I know that there is no alternative. However the EU imposed austerity programme is destroying Greek society. Real unemployment ( do not believe official Government lies, oops I meant statistics) is 30%. Youth unemployment is 60%. In Athens between one third and 40% of businesses are now shut. Greece has suffered 5 consecutive years of GDP contraction ( something never seen before in peacetime Europe). Greece is seeing folks leave the Cities and go back to family homes in the countryside to eke out a subsistence living – we have NEVER seen an urban to rural move in Europe before. Soup kitchens cannot cope with demand in Athens and the other major cities.

This is unprecedented in modern day Europe. The closest we have seen is post WW1 Germany where the economy just shrank whilst at the same time the State was forced to make large reparation payments (i.e. had its economy controlled) to other richer countries in Europe. And what happened next in Germany? Answers on a postcard please Reichsfuhrer Merkel.

What the winner of the Nobel Peace prize is imposing on Greece is destroying Society as we know it and causing poverty and misery on a scale you simply cannot comprehend. And that is the main reason why folks are prepared to countenance supporting those who offer extreme solutions.

Greece has enjoyed democracy for just 38 years. If we continue in the current vein it may well be that democracy is replaced with something else or, arguably worse, that a democratic society opts to elect – as Germany did in 1932 – a Government whose policies are just unbelievably vile. It’s the Generals or the Nazis/other groupings of nutters. Your call EU. It could, of course, all work out differently but it does not seem to be heading for a happy ending right now.

Tom Winnifrith



Greek Olympic Racism Bad. Arab Olympic Racism fine and dandy

2486 days ago

I wrote HERE yesterday about how a Greek bird had been banned from the Olympics for suggesting there were too many Africans in Greece. That is racist and she must go. Well whatever, I disagree.

Meanwhile back in London where the games are now purified and in Olympian spirit we can celebrate the brotherhood of man, with unqualified sanctimony, the Lebanese Judo team has demanded that a curtain be erected in the training hall so that they do not have to see the Israeli athletes. They can smell them but not see them. That of course is not racist. The Israelis are only bloody Jews after all. I wonder what would have happened if the Lebanese Judo team had demanded that a curtain be erected so that they did not need to look at any athletes from Africa?

Tom Winnifrith



Voula Papachristou – I am with Voltaire

2487 days ago

You may not have heard of Voula Papachristou but, until last week, she was one of Greece’s few hopes of an Olympic medal. She is not that hard on the eye either. But then the triple jumper tweeted the following “with so many Africans in Greece at least the West Nile mosquitoes will eat homemade food.” Uh oh. There is not actually any guide relating to twitter policy for the Greek Olympic team so she has not actually broken any rules at all but some folks felt it was racist and so she is not going to the Olympics.

Before my place in the UK squad is also withdrawn I should say that her remark was crass and unfunny and it is arguably racist although I am not sure about that – Voula merely expresses the view that there are a lot of Africans in Greece – too many – by implication she would like to see fewer. Logically, therefore does that mean that anyone who feels that there should be any limit at all on the number of foreigners allowed to settle in any country and expresses that view is a racist?

Unless you agree in absolutely unlimited immigration you are a racist? Really. Perhaps this might be clarified to help the rest of us – are we allowed to believe in any limit at all without being racist? Just for the record, as I explain below, I believe in no limits at all. Back to lovely Voula. The reaction and remark says a lot about Greece and our world and it all makes me feel uncomfortable.

Before you judge Voula, or for that matter me, I would urge you to read the piece above this, Petra’s friends to try to understand quite how what you might regard as the normal rules of society have broken down here. That is the context in which you need to understand Voula.

Let us start with why she made that remark. Immigration is an issue here. As in the rest of Europe the establishment won’t allow the matter to be discussed openly because anyone who believes in limits is a racist so must be no platformed. But with unemployment at 27% and rising there is an issue which ordinary Greeks regard as serious about folks who are obviously not Greeks working here.

So the lovely Voula said, albeit in a way that was meant to be funny but sounded crass in a way that so many twitter jokes do what a large number of ordinary Greeks feel to be true and regard as a serious issue. Personally I would have absolutely no barriers to immigration at all on the condition that an immigrant cannot have access to any form of welfare at all (including housing) until he or she has paid taxes for 5 years. Those way welfare scroungers can scrounge of someone else but those who wish to work should always be welcome. And (assuming you had no minimum wage) would thus make your country more competitive by their presence. So Voula and I disagree on the economics of this matter but, make no mistake, it is economics that is driving Voula and many Greeks to feel this way.

Now the thing about Voula is that she has a bit of form. She is an open supporter of Golden Dawn the racist and fascist whackjob party that got 7% in the recent election. Golden Dawn really is a very nasty party indeed.

And so, even though the lovely Voula, has not broken one single rule the Hellenic Olympic Committee has de-selected her from the Games. She is not banned, you understand, because she has not actually transgressed any code or law, she is just made a non-competitor in an extra judicial process. There is no right of appeal. That is it.

The Olympics are meant to be above politics. Of course they never are but I shall humour the Hellenic Olympic Committee on this one. What I wonder would have happened had Voula been an open supporter of one of the two established parties, the crooked pie eaters Pasok and New Democracy. What, I wonder, would have happened had she been a supporter of the deranged communists of Kappa Kappa? Would her card have been marked? I doubt it and she could have opined on more or less anything. Except this issue. She is not allowed to express her view that there are too many immigrants in Greece.

I rather think that this is one of the lesser problems facing Hellas. But the way to lance the boil is to take on Voula head on and point out that there are not really that many Africans here. Frigging hell, you’d have to be a pretty thick economic migrant to go to Greece in search of work – anyone bright enough to travel thousands of miles in search of work, is probably bright enough to go the extra few miles and go somewhere where there actually is some work. The way things are going, Greeks are soon going to be skipping off to Chad and Upper Volta in search of a better life.

And you should take on Voula and point out that the reason that unemployment is 27% and rising is that Greece is corrupt as hell and needs a big dose of Thatcherism and a floating currency (the drachma) to sort out its economy. Argue the point do not try to suppress discussion as that only gives credibility to evil men at a time when society is breaking down and folks look for those who claim to have definite solutions.

The sad truth is that banning the lovely Voula has given the racists who cannot debate on facts a glamorous pin-up girl who will attract sympathy and allow the evil men of Golden Dawn to argue that the pie-eaters of the establishment are covering up the truth.

And one of the reasons that will have so much traction is the austerity programme. To misquote Leona Helmsley on the subject of tax “We don’t do austerity. Only the little people suffer austerity.” There may be less Euros for the political elite and the sort of establishment fellows who sit on the Hellenic Olympic Committee to steal these days but they are still eating plenty of pies. And as such they are increasingly detached from ordinary Greeks. And that is why what was a 2 party state (Pasok and ND) is one where freaks like Golden Dawn and the, almost as mad but not racist, SYRIZA are now attracting so much support.

That support will grow as either austerity measures bite ever deeper or Greece is chucked out of the Euro and goes bust. Many folks despised ND/Pasok but regarded Euro exit as a humiliation only the 2 old parties could avoid. When the exit does happen there will be no reason to support the old pie eaters any more. Heaven knows what happens next, but the brutal treatment of Voula for expressing a concern which the pie eaters will not discuss or address will only convince more folks that maybe Golden Dawn has a point.

This is a frightened place. The people are scared and uncertain. Read about Petra’s friends and understand why anything can happen. Who knows they might bring back the Monarchy (Phil the Greek for King). They won’t but it would be a hell of a lot less damaging than some of the alternatives on offer. As for Voula. I am with Voltaire. I disagree with everything she has said and stands for and the fact that she supports Golden Dawn means that she is probably pretty thick or a racist or both, but I defend to the death her right to say it. And she should have gone to the games where I would have hoped that she would have come fourth. Behind three athletes from Africa.

Tom Winnifrith



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