Friday April 19, 2019
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The BBC on Nigeria – beyond parody

107 days ago

Taxpayer funded, BBC Radio 4 has just run a long report on the problems Nigeria faces. It started with David Cameron slamming the country as being corrupt back in 2016. This, the BBC argued, was unhelpful. It was a bad thing to say. I am not normally one to defend Call Me Dave, but on this occasion.

Transparency International which monitors corruption ranks countries on scores ranging from 0 (utterly corrupt) through to 100 ( as honest as Mother Theresa). Guess what? In 2017 Nigeria scored just 28 coming in as the 148th most honest nation on earth out of 180.  In short Call Me Dave was, for once, bang on the money.

The BBC then turned to Nigeria’s problems, not bothering to mention that it is the world’s 13th largest oil producer and 20th largest economy. Anyhow, the BBC insists that it has problems and interviewed a local big wig who insisted that all the problems were the fault of …the British. Yes of course, agreed the BBC.

As it happened the evil Britishers, having set up legal and democratic structures which have survived perfectly well elsewhere in other former colonies, departed in 1960. Within seven years the Nigerians were fighting a civil war and have since flitted between democracy and dictatorship.  I guess that is all the fault of the Britishers too. The British Empire was, in the fake news, world of the BBC an unmitigated force for bad and its legacy is poisonous.

We evil Britishers left Nigeria 58 years ago. For how long can we be blamed for the country’s ills (despite its oil windfall) while other former colinies manage (without oil) to do so well?

But there is hope. Alleluia!

The EU. Yes the BBC and interviewer agreed that the EU was starting to intervene and offered the chance of real change. Given its expertise in tackling endemic corruption and driving economic prosperity it is hard to think of a more appropriate saviour for Nigeria.  The whole report was beyond parody.

Tom Winnifrith



Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Radio 4 misguided, ShareSoc Pompous & wrong, Amigo revolting

293 days ago

Tom Winnifrith



BBC Radio 4 Today gives platform to Tracey Emin to talk award winning and unchallenged tripe on Brexit

374 days ago

Apparently the great woman has a new artwork so was invited on to the Today programme to discuss it and how it reflected on Brexit. I should have braced myself.

According to Ms Emin she opposes Brexit because she does not want Britain "demoted to some demented island offshore Europe".

Hmmmm. That would be Britain which is the world's 5th largest economy and the one that has grown, creating record employment since the Brexit vote which folks like Emin warned would, at once, create economic disaster all round. Was Britain "demented " before we joined the EU, in the era of Shakespeare or of Constable and Turner? Or when it stood alone and defeated the evil of fascism more than seventy years ago? So why should it become such a backwater post Brexit?

We have no idea of the terms of our Brexit yet but Ms Emin assures us that she does and she knows that we will become an irrelevant backwater overnight.

If I want someone to come and crap on my bed to make it valuable art I will call Tracey. But for an informed view on global politics and macro-economics is the BBC really sure that she is the most qualified of experts? Should its flagship radio programme really be giving her airtime to spout her views on this matter? Or at least challenging the old bag to justify such a strongly worded statement?

Tom Winnifrith



The BBC's Justin Webb - a Radio 4 Today programme apologist for the Oxfam perverts as the virtue signallers stick together

430 days ago

The sort of well paid metropolitan elitist who works for the BBC will no doubt mingle socially with the numerous champagne socialists earning £100,000 + per annum working for NGOs and lecturing rich folks in the private sector about how evil we are for not tackling poverty. These are the chattering classes and they stick together.

Thus on Radio 4's flagship Today programme Justin Webb was interviewing folks about the Oxfam scandal where highly paid workers in Haiti shagged underage hookers in lavish charity funded accommodation. Oxfam then covered this up allowing some of these perverts to go to get highly paid jobs at other charities. It now seems that there are numerous other sex scandals at Oxfam and we all have every right to be outraged since taxpayer's cash is funnelled to this charity in very large amounts.

Yet Webb stated ( as a question) " What a lot of people, or rather some people, think is that a lot of this is A) rather made up or B) exaggerated by those who want to attack the whole idea of aid."

Ok Justin, how would you feel if your 15 year old daughter was forced to have sex with men in their sixties? You okay with that as long as the men are Guardian reading lefties with highly paid jobs at a virtue signalling organisation?

Webb should be fired from the, taxpayer funded and out of touch, BBC for making such a statement which is unambiguously obscene and offensive as well as  A grade fake news. No, one believes, the assertion made by Webb.

Natch he will not even be disciplined.

Elsewhere on Today we were all urged to go easy on Oxfam as if its funding is cut the vulnerable will suffer. Rubbish. There is no shortage of charities helping poor kids in poor countries, each of which has a bloated central overhead back in the UK stuffed with Guardian readers on six figure salaries. It would be very easy, in fact desirable, to see fewer charities helping poor folks and thus cutting out some of the administrative costs which are surely duplicated.

Switching funding from a charity which covers up paedophile scandals to one that does not is surely no bad thing. At the very least overall funding levels are unchanged. In reality by cutting out one set of central overheads more cash could get through to helping folks who really need it.

Yet there was no-one at the BBC making this point on the Today programme. It was almost as if folk like Justin cared more about the staff at the NGOs rather than those they were meant to be helping, when they were not sexually exploiting them.

Tom Winnifrith



Todays episode of why an out of touch BBC is just not fit for purpose.

479 days ago

Even Jeremy Corbyn and the odious little arsehole Owen Jones of the Guardian have stopped lauding Venezuala - where the people are now starving -  as a socialist paradise on earth. Heck, even the mad Marxist "economist" Paul Mason has stopped citing it is a case study to show how Britain could prosper under Labour. But some folks are beyond saving. Remember that it is your license fee, extracted under threat of jail, that pays for BBC Radio 4 which still gives a platform to folks spouting patent rot. The tweet below needs no further comment from me.




Donald Trump to move US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem - BBC Responds with fake news

499 days ago

For more than two decades Congress has pushed for the US to move its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which is, after all, the capital. It is where the Knesset sits and is the logical place to be situated. Except of course that the Arab world would rather than the embassy was in Tel Aviv or better still scrapped altogether and the Jews pushed into the sea.

The BBC clearly sides with the Arabs and opposes anything Trump proposes which today will be to do what Congress urges and what he promised to do in the election. Gosh, a politician fulfilling a pledge, how awful.

The BBC insists that this will annoy the Arabs and cause protests on the Streets so challenging peace. Those streets of course were the same ones where many Palestinians celebrated 9/11. Twenty years of pandering to such hate has not exactly changed any minds has it? Why not show some support for the only democracy in the region and the only country allowing free speech, full rights for women and LGBTs? And of course are only steadfast ally in the Middle East?

On BBC Radio 4 Jon Sopel explained why not. Trump "was urged by everyone not to withdraw from the Paris climate accord and he did it anyway" and this will be the same. But Jon that is fake news is it not?

Paris commits the West to cut carbon emissions while allowing the big emitters (notably India and China) to belch out more than ever. It is economic suicide for the West which will not tackle carbon emissions. The link between them and climate change is not proven so America was asked to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of jobs for a bogus religion. Many in the US supported Trump all the way.

So the statement "everyone" opposed his move on Paris was a lie. Unless Jon defines "everyone" as just being the liberal elites and the beltway cliques which, in his patronising way, he quite possibly does.

And as with the Jerusalem news, not everyone opposes the move. Congress backs it. Most Americans back it. So what Sopel says is just fake news. Of course Trump has exposed Sopel for this before as you can see HERE. But why should British taxpayers continue to fund such manifest dishonesty?

Tom Winnifrith



Boys, girls, make-up and sexism in 2017 - the strange world of the BBC

500 days ago

Before she leaves in the morning, to fill the empty heads of impressionable snowflakes with left wing nonsense, the Mrs always switches on Radio 4. As I wander into the Kitchen to make morning coffees I am treated to some real gems and insight into the mad mindset of the state funded fake news outlet and the mindset of an utterly out of touch metropolitan elite.

On Women's Hour today a lefty academic and a mother were discussing make up for kids in schools. The host summed it up thus. So when girls wear too much makeup they are condemned but if boys experiment with the same make up they are applauded for experimenting....

Right so the schooling system is just sexist.

I give up. Are boys really universally applauded for experimenting with make-up in 2017? Maybe in zone 1 London, where the 1% dwell, they are but I sense that most of us in Britain really would not be happy with schools applauding such things. And is it really sexist to suggest that 11 year old girls sexualising themselves at an early age is not that wonderful either?

I'm sure that very few folks in Britain share the values of the BBC on this matter. But maybe I am wrong and am just old reactionary who is out of touch with the modern world and the BBC really does speak for the nation as it is today. Somehow I think not.

Tom Winnifrith



BBC "Just legal" tax avoidance - the bias exposed again

528 days ago

Tax avoidance is legal - millions of us do it by owning an ISA. It describes legitimate ways to pay as little tax as you can do within the law. Tax evasion is avoiding paying tax by breaking the law. Simple enough? Not for John Humphreys, the grotesquely overpaid presenter of Radio 4's flagship fake news programme Today.

The pious Welshman described tax avoidance is "just legal". No John this is like pregnancy. You cannot be half pregnant. When it comes to the law on how you pay your taxes you either stick to it or you break it. Those engaged in tax avoidance ( does Humphrey's shelter any of his millions within an ISA?) are not doing something that is "just legal" but something that is 100% legal. Were they to be doing something that was illegal they would be evaders.

Is this slip of the tongue ignorance? Possibly. Today is pretty weak on basic economics. But it also has form. It pushes an agenda where the rich - whom it imagines to be evil capitalists and sports stars not grossly overpaid presenters - should pay more in tax to support a bloated state. Those fat cats who use legitimate means to ensure that they don't pay more than they have to to Nanny state are deemed to be fair game for attack.

Humphrey's throwaway comment again exposes the BBC groupthink.

Tom Winnifrith



"After a driver in New York mowed down 8"... how the media and the libs got everything wrong and Trump was right again

533 days ago

The quote is from John Humphreys on BBC Radio 4. It was at least better than that from American Muslim activist Linda Sarsour who tweeted after the Halloween attack in New York

Sending love and prayers to victims & families in Manhattan shooting. Devastating. People shouldn't have to fear walking in their city.


The bloke shot was the terrorist. Those who died were the eight folks he mowed down in a van. Some "activists" really do not do their own cause any good.

Some on the liberal left compared the attitude of we on the right in expressing anger over this killing when, apparently, we did not show such anger of the killing of 59 in Las Vegas by a white guy. Of course that is not true, we on the right are equally angry. We share the fury of President Trump that the Las Vegas killer evaded justice by taking his own life. We share his anger that the New York killer sits in a hospital bed smirking at us as he demands an ISIS flag for his room. He knows that he can play the US justice system for years especially in liberal "everyone has rights" New York. The man is guilty. Like the President we would just like to see him executed swiftly and also anyone shown to have assisted either killer.

Indeed it is the libs who show a different attitude to the two crimes. After Vegas it was all about banning guns. Do I hear calls for the banning of trucks? We are on the right know that it is not guns, trucks or knives that kill but humans. As it happens in New York the killer was only stopped in his tracks by a cop who had a gun and wounded him, sadly not fatally. In Tel Aviv the same would have happened. In happy no gun London he could have carried on killing. Guns can and do save lives.

The New York killer was allowed into America in 2010 on a "Diversity Visa" a really daft idea enthusiastically promoted by President Obama to get a greater diversity of immigrants into the USA. You will note it is not about bringing in the folks America needs for their skills just about "diversity". The killer was in fact only skilled enough to get a job as... and you have guessed it already.. an Uber driver. So he had a driving license, that was his skill set.

Donald Trump wants to ,limit immigration from countries where there happen to be rather more jihadists than elsewhere. It is pointed out that this fellow was from Uzbekistan which is not one of the eight countries on the Trump list. But the general idea that you dictate entry to your country by what it needs and that you make it safer by restricting entry to folks from high risk places seems far more sensible than a policy based purely on creating diversity.

Trump is right. America overwhelmingly agrees with Trump who displays what is simply common sense yet the liberal media and the out of touch Dems scream in anguish and accuse POTUS of extremism .And then they wonder "what happened" when they get thrashed at the polls?

Whatever, the media in America is already (as is now part of the ritual along with London's useless Mayor Khan tweeting solidarity and the candles) running articles on how the real victims of this episode are the Muslims facing a backlash. These backlashes are predicted after every atrocity but never seem to result in rows of bodies being laid out in morgues. They just don't happen.

I suppose, in these politically correct times, I am not allowed to say that the eight dead and scores of injured are the real victims.

Tom Winnifrith



Waiting for crooked Hillary Clinton on the BBC Women's Hour - are its listener's mad?

549 days ago

Before the Mrs heads off to work, filling the heads of impressionable young folks with left wing nonsense, she switches on BBC Radio 4's Today progamme to ensure that she gains confirmatory bias of her world view. It also ensures that I stay well out her way in the morning. But in an attempt to change the way I think she leaves Pravda blaring at full volume as she leaves. And thus I heard that crooked Hillary was set to be interviewed by Jenny Murray on women's hour as she plugs her ghastly new book yet again.

A few readers had emailed in questions. There was one about glass ceilings and women candidates. Oddly it did not mention Madame Le Pen but just poor Hillary who was such an excellent candidate in every way but just beaten because of sexism. The best question asked if in light of the Brexit vote and Clinton's defeat if Democracy was not always the best system. Quite right. Let's go with democracy on every issue unless the peasantry vote in away that might disagree with prissy middle class liberals in which case the results should be over-ruled.

Laughing hard at this nonsense I resolved to hang in their for Hillary, waiting for Jenny to ask her to show a shred of evidence that Russia assisted Trump, why Monica Lewinsky was not a victim of sexual harassment by her boss but was a "narcissistic loony toon" about Whitewater, about why she bleached her server to hide emails, about Benghazi, about why the Clinton Foundation was not returning Harvey Weinstein's cash, about Paula Jones and so much more. Actually I knew full well that there would be no such questions as the liberal media do not ask Hillary anything she does not want to answer.

But Hillary was delayed and then no-showed. Maybe she has had another medical collapse which she could then lie about and not be asked about by her pals in the media? I hope not. Every time the crooked one appears on screen with her lies, pathetic excuses and utter inability to appreciate why she is so disliked by so many Americans, it is another few votes in the bag for Trump2020. Keep at it Hill - you are doing great work.

Tom Winnifrith



Michelle Hussein on Radio 4's flagship Today programme betrays the inner bias of her and her employer

570 days ago

On the Today programme this morning, overpaid presenter Michelle Hussein was at the Labour Party leaders rally, sorry I think it is called a party conference, in Brighton interviewing shadow minister John Ashcroft. It is not his platitudes that are of interest but one question she asked, from which I quote exactly:

"you're willing to borrow to get public sector services to where they should be"

That is meant to be part of a question from an impartial state funded broadcaster yet it appears to ignore reality:

a) Is Ms Hussein unaware that the UK already has a £50 billion deficit and the largest Government debt in the EU? Saying Labour is willing to borrow does not question its ability to suck at the nipple of the money tree without restriction. Or does Michelle just assume that the Money Tree has no limits on its bounty?

b) Ms Hussein seems to think that the only way to get services to where they "should be" is by tapping the money tree. Where exactly should they be and can she demonstrate how, with unlimited demand for anything that is free, spending more money guarantees a better outcome? For instance, real terms spending on the NHS increased year n year since the evil Tories returned to power in 2010 yet the BBC and Labour insist that the NHS is going to the dogs.

The underlying assumptions in Ms Hussein's questions tell you all you need to know about her mindset and the collective belief set of employees of the state funded broadcaster

Tom Winnifrith



Just why does the BBC think Ken Clarke adds any balance on Brexit?

576 days ago

Radio 4's flagship Today programme was discussing Brexit in light of the recent comments by Boris and the forthcoming speech by the worst Tory Prime Minister in living memory, if not ever, Mrs May. It had already given time to the senile old remoaner Vince Cable who wants us to keep voting until we vote the "right" way, hence the word Democrat in his party's name. And so next up...from our Nottingham Studio it was fat old Euro-bore Ken Clarke.

What would you say in your speech if you were Theresa May? Asked the Pravda interviewer. Predictably Clarke offered up his vision of Brexit which would see us leave the EU but stay within all its institutions, paying vast amounts to Brussels and sticking by every EU rule including those on bent bananas. Brexit uber light. Oh and Boris should be sacked as well.

We knew what Clarke was going to say as he is wheeled on about once a week to offer his vision of the way forward. He is there so the BBC can say how balanced is its coverage of Brexit "Look we always interviewing Tories who back Brexit as balance to mad old Vince. But 99% of Tories and almost all Tory MP's other than that other BBC regular the ghastly Anna Soubry, now accept that Brexit means Brexit not just EU-light.

This is another sham pretence of balance from the taxpayer funded broadcaster. Surely no-one is fooled by it?

Tom Winnifrith



The Bisexuals take over BBC Radio 4's Women's Hour and sheer comedy ensues

624 days ago

As part of its month long LGBT-fest to celebrate the most important event since 1066, that is to say the 1967 decriminalisation of homosexuality - BBC's Radio 4's Women's Hour invited two bisexuals onto the show.What followed was sheer comedy in an utterly pathetic sort of way.

So what is a bisexual? Asked the host. Now that is easy thought me, I can do that one. It is someone who swings both ways, who gets it on with both guys and gals? Er no... I am just so terribly 20th century. One of the guests opined that it was someone who was attracted to folks of more than one gender. The other guest agreed and the host purred approvingly. How could I have forgotten that there are just so many genders these daya. What an evil fucking reactionary I am.

After what seemed like an eternity the love-in drew to a close and the host asked each guest what was the big leap forward that the bi community needed now.

Hmmmm, the overall LGBT community is richer than we straights, has equal rights under the law, is over-represented in politics, the BBC rich list, the media and has more chance of adopting kids than straight folks so what do they need now to achieve equality? Silly me again, bisexuals have particular needs. 

Guest one opined that the Government had to spend more money on surveys and other work addressing the particular health needs of bisexuals. Hmmmm. The stats are pretty clear, those who engage in man to man anal sex without using protection are responsible for a hugely disproportionate number of the new cases of HIV and the dramatic rise in cases of other STDs, notably the newest strain of gonorrhea. The data is clear and bisexual men are clearly at higher risk of that than straight men. No doubt stating this will be deemed as bigoted but I am afraid that it is just a plain and hard fact

What should they do? take responsibility by engaging in safer sex practices? Well not necessarily. The gay community demanded that the cash strapped NHS make available very expensive PreP pills allowing gay men to have unprotected sex with - if they remembered to take the pills properly - a much reduced chance of catching HIV.  But even with the pills you have an 8% chance of infection. That was ignored. Great.. So more folks engaged in the activities that caused the spread of other STDs. That was so predictable, as I noted HERE, but the answer is for the State to do something. It always is with special interest groups.

Guest two opined that the big need was for the LGBT community to be more accepting of bisexuals. Apparently those nasty common or garden pooftahs do not treat bisexuals fairly. The problem used to be wicked conservatives not it is oppression from within the LGBT tent. Hooray, for once I am not one of the baf guys. It is always fun to see "tolerant" liberals turning on each other.

Whatever. If this is the biggest problem bisexuals face in Britain today, then perhaps the great battles in this sphere have all been won and it is time for "the campaigners" the whole charity industry supporting the gay community just to recognise this and move on to another fight, to get a proper job.

Tom Winnifrith



My Grandfather Sir John, a hardline socialist would spin in his grave as Remoaner Polly Toynbee demands more cash for farmers

625 days ago

In her Guardian column today arch remoaner Polly Toynbee took time out from tending to her Tuscan castle to bash Brexit because it will hit British farmers so badly as they lose subsidies from the Common Agricultural Policy. Natch, the BBC took time out from the month long LGBT-fest to make way to report this breaking news from its sister publication and thus Toynbee opined on Radio 4's Today Programme. It was classic Toynbee and I am so glad my late grandfather Sir John Winnifrith, a true socialist and friend of Tony Benn and a campaigner for No! in 1975 was not around to hear it. He would be incandescent as he really did believe in "for the many not the few."

As ever, Toynbee started off by patronising we ignorant Brexiteers by telling us why we voted as we did. Apparently we voted for Brexit to preserve the British Countryside. Jeepers. And there was I thinking we voted for Brexit because we were all racists or just plain stupid. It is so good of Polly to let me know why I really voted as I did.

Toynbee went on to say that the end of CAP subsidies will see many British farmers go bust. Of course we put more into the EU than we take out so it would be very simple for the UK to carry on subsidising our farmers but just not have to pay to subsidise those in France, Germany, Italy etc. No British subsidies for Tuscany but more for the can see why Toynbee's neighbours are so angry about it all.

But then Toynbee played her trump card saying that Liam Fox and the wicked Tories were trying to open up the UK to new markets which would allow more cheap food to enter Britain from outside the EU. Food prices would go down so some British farmers would go bust.

Now what was that that Mr Corbyn said about for the many not the few? The Mrs said "but is it not good for us to have locally produced food?" Of course for folks like this household and Ms Toynbee, when she is in genteel leafy North London as opposed to Tuscany, paying more for your food is not really an issue. We can afford it. But we are the few. So too are the farmers. The many are those who are struggling to make ends meet  and for whom cheaper food would be great news.

That was what concerned my Grandfather in 1975. No longer being the senior Civil Servant (at MAFF) he could speak out. He warned that being in the EU meant external tariffs on non European food which would increase the cost of food. That was a bad thing. Though my grandfather had, via scholarship, gone to Westminster and Oxford he was all too aware that his father was a country vicar descended from blacksmiths and labourers. His mother was illegitimate, her mother a servant. My grandfather, though wrong on most things, cared deeply about those Toynbee pretends to care about, the poor and the working classes. But Toynbee never actually meets such folk and her outburst today shows that she really does not care at all.

As an evil right winger I believe in no subsidies. If British farming cannot compete with cheap food from abroad then so be it. Turn the countryside into theme parks for foreign tourists. Create real jobs and give our citizens cheap food. Do not expect profitable industries to be throttled by taxes needed to support the unviable. That is in no-one's interest. I would not expect La Toynbee to agree with that analysis, nor would my grandfather have supported it. But my solution offers a lower tax burden ( so helping the poor), real sustainable jobs not bought unsustainable jobs (so helping the poor) and cheaper food. What is so dreadful about that grandpa?

Tom Winnifrith



Reasons to loathe the BBC No 978: Radio 4 Today - linking Brexit support to fascism

641 days ago

Much of what makes me despair about life in this country appeared just before 9 AM on BBC Radio 4's flagship fake news programme Today. It started with a segment on global warming...

In that piece a reporter looked at power stations belching our carbon and asserted that this caused climate change and that as a result on the meadows in front of him the wildlife diversity was changing. Some species were disappearing and new ones were arriving. Then he rolled back over the past few thousand years and discussed how the climate and landscape and wildlife diversity had changed many times in relatively recent history. And, though he failed to note this critical point, it had done so without any contribution from mad made carbon emissions.

None the less for the BBC this is not a logical flaw to be discussed it is just glossed over. The liberal establishment just KNOWS that THIS TIME it is different and whilst God caused all other periods of dramatic climate change, this time it just has to be man. We are now far more powerful than nature and its cycles.

Just when I thought it could get no worse John Humphries piped up with a section on the threat posed to Britain by the extreme right. His guest was Paul Stocker, a Research Associate in Fascist Studies at the prestigious academic hothouse that is the University of Teesside. I bet his students get a high quality balanced education and emerge with degrees that leave them well placed to thrive in the private sector. And to think that Mr Stocker only got a 1% pay rise this year plus grade increments fir all his valuable work.

Stocker has written a book called the English Uprising and this was linked to the threat of the extreme right via the Brexit vote. Stocker pointed out that Northern Ireland and Scotland voted to remain so Brexit was an English thing. Of course that rather ignores how our friends the cottage burners voted - Wales wanted out too but let's not spoil the plot. So what if the fellow falls into the first logical trap to point out this huge flaw in his work is an insult to all hard working, underpaid and dedicated propagandists. Oops I meant academics.

Stocker asserted that many of the concerns of we Brexiteers, such as immigration and multiculturalism were those of the far right. "ideas of the far right, a radical critique of immigration and multiculturalism" droned Stocker and Humphries did not dissent.

That chap Trevor Phillips who formerly headed the Commission for Racial Equality but now says that multiculturalism has failed - he must have been intellectually captured by the far right then: send out a rescue mission. So too must all 17 million of us who voted for Brexit even though many of us did so in support of things like a desire for greater democracy.

As it happens i support unlimited immigration (combined with a slashing of the welfare state) but as a tolerant sort of fellow I cant see why we cannot debate immigration or multiculturalism. The true fascists are those who say that anyone offering a critique of our current policies is of the far right or is accepting the ideas of the far right. Is tolerance of FGM compatible with true multiculturalism? Discuss. Or rather do not discuss in case you fall off the path of political correctness because you have accepted an idea of the far right.

This is the same sort of lunacy that used to see the bien pensants of the liberal media say "you cannot fly a Union Jack as it is the preserve of the far right." Of course that was rot but in ensuring that good ordinary patriots did not fly the flag for fear of being slated they allowed the far right to be seen as the main flag wavers.

Thankfully we have moved past that sort of nonsense but the fascist left has not given up and in its strongholds of the media (especially the BBC) and in academia its attack on free speech, on our right to challenge what the left has dictated be regarded as an unassailable othodoxy, grows ever more unpleasant.

Tom Winnifrith



The BBC, the £51,000 Student Debt - it ( and everyone else) just does not get it

652 days ago

A report by the Institute of Fiscal Studies suggests that the average student is now leaving colleague with debts of £51,000 a figure seized on by the left and the liberal media as a sign that everything should be handed out for free. The right insisted that it showed how the system was working. Everybody lied.

The IFS report also suggested that over half of students would end up not repaying their debts at all. And that is the massive elephant in the room all chose to ignore. Naturally the BBC managed to grasp the wrong end of the nettle firmly in both hands. On the Radio 4 Today programme John Humphries quizzed a spokesman for Britain's universities insisting that such terrifying debts will scare clever folks from poor backgrounds from going to get their - in far too many cases - worthless degrees. Natch Channel 4 Fake News took the same line.

Okay it is one not born out by the facts. The number of folks from poor homes going to University has, in fact, never been higher. And why not, if you a smart 18 year old whether rick or poor this is a nil brainer: go to Uni for three years to get your 2-1 as almost everyone does these days. If you then get a good job as a result of that degree you pay back the loan. If you don't you don't!. What is not to like?

In the old days 10% of 18 year olds went to University. They were the elite. They got degrees in proper subjects from proper universities and generally got good jobs as a result. That still happens now for the elite. Go to Oxford and pay £9,000 a year and that should set you up for a good job. In the old days academically weaker young folks did not go to Uni and generally earned less. These days they also pay £9,000 a year to go to De Montfort Uni ( 2 Es entrance needed) but will end up, at best, stacking shelves at Tesco and so will never earn enough to pay back the loan.

The impulse of the BBC and Channel 4 Fake News is to parrot Jeremy Corbyn's line which is that these vast debts deter smart kids from poor families. The facts show this is rubbish but we live in a post fact era. The Tories, on the other hand, blather on about more poor kids going to great universities thanks to this wonderful self-funding student loan system. They boast how the burdern on an expanded uni system is now ,rightly, largely carried by those who benefit rather than ordinary working folks without degrees who don't. Except that is a lie.

The stunning level of default means that the expansion of universities has been funded not by students, not by adding to the deficit but by adding to the debt. More than half of student loans issued are assets which will turn out to be worthless. And as such that gap will have to be funded by the UK state taking on yet more debt - you may remember we have the highest State debt in the EU already and if we were honest about matters such as student loan defaults it would be higher still.

The question the BBC and the media should have asked is why we are lumbering the taxpayer, most of whom will not have enjoyed three years at Uni, with vast future liabilities on student loans that are never repaid which have produced young folk whose education is not good enough to obtain a job earning even £21,000 a year. The degrees, it seems, are worthless, the debts are for all of us to pay in the years that lie ahead.

Natch the BBC and Channel 4 Fake News believe in Money Trees so it would not occur to them to ask such a question.

Tom Winnifrith



Listening to Radio 4's Today & C4 News engage with fuckwit millennials can be like watching your parents have sex

948 days ago

I stress that I did not watch my father and mother in action but one imagines that even contemplating the idea of such a spectacle is the most toe curlingly embarrassing act one can consider. That is until you listen to middle aged and elderly TV and radio news presenters pandering to fuckwit millennials as they try to play Daddy Cool.

Over on Channel 4 News old Jon Snow and his portly pal Krishnan are always talking about the exciting "Grime" scene. For those of you who are not as cool as Jon & the Boyz of the C4 possy, that is a form of popular music noted for being utterly crap which will be consigned to the dustbin of history by the summer of 2018. One imagines that back home Mr Snow, who is aged 69, probably plays some Stones ( as in Rolling not Roses) or maybe sings along to some Dylan. Krishnan - who is roughly my age - is surely a man who appreciates Guns n Roses or perhaps Blur. The idea that either of these two intelligent, if crushingly earnest and left wing , men actually like Grime is ludicrous. Yet on an almost weekly basis they play homeage to this rubbish.

Over on Radio 4's Today programme the BBC tried last week to get down with the yoof by running a feature on the closure of Fabric. This is a night club where folks keep dying after taking drugs. Having lived in London's central night club zone when I was a bit younger I can only imagine the horrors local residents put up with as young folk who are off their head on drugs rush around the streets at 4 AM vomiting, shouting, having sex with each other and engaging in acts of petty crime. But all that does not seem to matter it is the drug deaths that has finally goaded Islington Council into revoking the license. Good news all round.

"Oh no it is not" say loads of young folk who have only just stopped wetting their knickers and demanding the restoration of democracy by shooting all old people and then voting again on Brexit, and so now are on social media outraged at this latest national tragedy. The BBC Radio 4 team are all Daddy Cool and so interviewed a fellow called DJ Yoda who described this nightclub as "such an important part of British culture"..."an integral part of British culture".

Really? A nightclub 99% of the population has never heard of and who 99.9% of the population have never visited is right up there with Shakespeare, Lords Cricket Ground, We shall Fight Them on the Beaches, The Domesday Book and Magna Carta, a Chicken Tikka, and a list of hundreds of other things which nearly all of us in Briton are somehow aware of in a very real way.

DJ Yoda was talking obvious crap. But for the BBC to point this out would have been a) perceived by the BBC as being uncool in the eyes of the millennials to whom it panders daily and b) almost certainly a hate crime of some sort and c) an insult to all those hard working students who have just delivered another year of record A*s at A level.

There are some days when after a few minutes of listening to Radio 4 or watching Channel 4 you start to think about your parents as it is just that little bit less toe curlingly embarrassing.

Tom Winnifrith



Brussels attacks - am sure Belgians once again feel that the EU makes them "safer in", the BBC flannels

1123 days ago

I listen to BBC Radio 4 which seems to be about twenty minutes behind twitter in reporting the latest attacks in Brussels. They are co-ordinated ISIS style. They come a few days after the arrest of the the most wanted man in Europe, an ISIS terrorist. Shouts in arabic were heard before the airport blast which took place next to the American Airlines desk. And naturally the BBC is reluctant to speculate about who might be responsible. Hmmmm let me have a guess?

Maybe it is the wicked Jews from Israel whom the BBC blames for most bad things in the Middle East? Or perhaps it was the Kurds? It is surely only a matter of time before the EU's new best friend, the fascist leader of Turkey, President Erdogan, blames our allies the brave Kurds for this atrocity? What, you think it might be ISIS? So do I. But it has not crossed anyone's mind at the BBC. That would, presumably, be racist.

Finally, 80 minutes into the coverage someone has dared meantion the ISIS word. Well done Frank Gardener.

Old fool Ken Clarke was on the show telling lies about Iain Duncan Smith. Perhaps he might have been asked to comment on the claims made by his side in the Brexit debate that Britain was safer from terrorist attack as a member of the EU. As the Parisians already know it does not always feel exactly that way does it?

Tom Winnifrith



Problems in India today - Blame it on the wicked Britishers - I despise the BBC

1151 days ago

There seem to be a few problems in the Delhi area right now thanks to a dispute between castes in the province to the North. It may seem odd but one - privileged - caste has demanded its status be lowered so its kids get the same breaks as lower castes. Riots have ensued.

This is being discussed by John Humphries on Radio 4 just now - his guests two Indians. You will remember that the parents of my wife arrived here from India in the 1950s and that I can claim an Indian passport if I wish as my Grandmother was born there. We both like India in this household.

But I have just screamed at the radio. The woman guest says this is all down to tamperings with the caste system introduced by the British. Yes, 69 years or more ago the wicked Britishers having finished wiping out practices such as Thugee or Suttee, tinkered with the caste system. Nothing happened for decades but when it did it was a delayed reaction to the actions of the wicked Britishers. The inaction of the Indians during 69 years of self rule in not sorting out whatever we wicked Britishers did is deemed irrelevant.

Presumably this same woman would say that the amazing achievements of Modern India have all come about despite all the evil acts of the wicked Britishers?

John Humphries, to give him credit, made a half hearted attempt to point out what crap this woman was talking but as this was a BBC show, he was not allowed to put her to the sword completely - though she was talking obvious rot - as that would be akin to defending the evil of imperialism.

Of course the truth is that the wicked Britishers did tamper with the caste system, aka apartheid among brown people. And we were damn right to do so. That Modern India has made less progress in tackling its own apartheid than the wicked Britishers did is to its shame. As ever the British Empire was - on balance - a force for good. What has followed has often been a hell of a lot less progressive in its approach.

Tom Winnifrith



The statistics man on Radio 4

2131 days ago

I caught myself listening to a statistics expert on Radio 4 today and he was fascinating. What are the odds on you walking past a phone box, it ringing, you answering and the call being for you?

What about the woman who went to Switzerland on holiday bought a painting which was wrapped in newspaper. When she arrived home she found that the paper contained a picture of her as a child?

Perhaps the best stat was that if you run for half an hour a day you will extend your life by half an hour for each run. Er…. As the old saying goes: it is not that you will live longer it will just feel that way.

Tom Winnifrith



Fraccing Gets Green Light, More gas so bills go up? Blame the EU and UK Global Warming Nutters

2318 days ago

Hooray, the UK is once again to allow fraccing. This is a process that allows gas to be released from shale rocks. And we are sitting on vast reserves. We could quite plausibly have discovered a new resource equivalent to 25% of our North Sea gas reserves. Perhaps there is even more as exploration to date has been limited. So I guess that means that gas bills ( $10 mmBTu) will fall to US levels ($3mmBtu) – in the US fraccing means that the country has massive supplies of gas. Er…no. If we exploit this gas fully gas prices will go up. Such insanity can only come from global warming nutters and the EU. Of course it does.

David Kennedy of the “Climate Change Committee” a Quango which spouts hot air on climate change to validate the coalitions’ crackpot wind farm policies explained it all on radio 4 this morning. If we exploit no gas then fuel bills will increase by £100 by 2010 because we are being forced to pay to subsidise wind and solar power projects. These projects are far less efficient producers of power than natural gas power stations.

If however we use that gas then bills go up by £600 per family as not only do we have to pay for the useless wind turbines and solar panels but we get stuffed with a vast fine for producing more carbon. This fine will be passed on to the consumer.
Kennedy first tried to say that fraccing would not release much gas as it might only ever count for 10% of “European gas production.”Er…smell the rat? I do not give a monkey’s arse about how the Froggies or Spaniards or Greeks or Poles or Latvians generate power. Sitting in freezing minus 2 Shipston I care only about UK demand and supply and our fracced gas can give the UK a very healthy gas supply for many years. Easily enough to scrap our solar and wind programmes which, at a great cost, generate very little power.

So we could just tell the Evil Empire to stick its carbon taxes where the sun don’t shine ( that is normally above solar panels in an increasingly cold Britain) and scrap our solar and wind programmes and use gas instead. Fuel bills would actually fall.

The only argument against such a policy is that gas emits carbon. Yup. With global carbon emissions increasing steadily for 200 years we have had cold runs and warm runs. Right now we have had 16 years of a cold run. There is no link between ever higher carbon emissions and the planet getting hotter or colder. Data shows that. Global warming is a religion and an increasingly costly one for all of us whether we are believers or not as the fraccing farce shows in spades.

Tom Winnifrith



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