Now we are nailing the evil of slavery, let's not stop with pulling down Roman Statues, can the fucking Italians give me my mule and 40 acres?

2 days ago

Time to burn your Teddy Bear along with your Gone With the Wind DVD – Roosevelt falls as does Grant

10 days ago

And now the statue of George Washington topples… liberals have only themselves to blame

13 days ago

One reason the statues are falling is that we don’t teach our kids our Island history any more

20 days ago

The statue purge continues with those ignorant of history calling the shots – Thomas Guy

21 days ago

Gladstone toppled so what odds now on the City of Melbourne changing name as slavery supporters are outed and made non-persons?

23 days ago

Who is going to tell Sadiq Khan that 1984 was a warning not a blueprint?

23 days ago

And now the PC bastards want to ban Zulu because it’s racist – natch

736 days ago

Peter Tatchell on gays, Africans and Evil Britisher Imperialists - he is half right

1015 days ago

We live in utterly Orwellian Times - I am moved to despair

1040 days ago

General Lee down, now Columbus, Lord Nelson the next statue to topple?

1043 days ago

The liberal media elites prepare for an onslaught on the DUP - everything they despise

1118 days ago

Another liberal middle class Guiltfest: #Blacklivesmatter comes to the UK

1427 days ago

Are you a guilty white liberal who wants to self flagellate to atone for the sins of your ancestors?

1434 days ago

The First and Second Oxford Interviews

1978 days ago

12 Years a Slave

2343 days ago