Pray for @GirlGiada for she has really severe #Brextderangementsyndrome

228 days ago

Photo article - the not so under-resourced Police at it again

726 days ago

Don't look if you are easily offended: even David Lenigas scolds the halfwits & thinks his moronic twitter followers are going too far

757 days ago

David Lenigas, the bollocks ramptastic tweet and the bailout placing underway at UK Oil & Gas - I am sure it is just a coincidence

835 days ago

Julie Meyer MBE retweets the Pope as she explains how she lives for God

847 days ago

#InternationalWomensDay tweet of the day - what a mad world

926 days ago

Is this the spivviest tweet ever - why is UK Oil & Gas Nomad WH Ireland not forcing a statement?

931 days ago

Hemogenyx shares soar 117% after two tweets - is this the new RNS? Surely this is a bit naughty

937 days ago

And the liberal elite think they are smarter than we on the right? Hello Elham Khatami

1054 days ago

Photo Article: 5,000 democracy hating poltroons march and the BBC and C4 treat this as mass revolt over Brexit

1107 days ago

Photo article: Remoaning academic says Brexit opponents "silent majority" - pity her poor students

1274 days ago

Twitter Investment Genius Caption Contest

1274 days ago

Tweet from a Moron who objects to us fraudbusting Cloudtag - no comment needed

1303 days ago

Fake News Alert - its the BBC again caught telling lies about Donald Trump

1309 days ago

How should a mad lefty Guardian reader react to an outrage like Munich?

1521 days ago

The wit & wisdom of fraudster Sam Antar as he has a go at timeshare companies

1650 days ago

David Lenigas Smearing & lying tweet of the day No2 - no wonder folks hate him more than nonce Rolf Harris

1664 days ago

David Lenigas Blatant Twitter lies of the day Number 1 - LGO Energy

1664 days ago

Britain's Oil Buffett Chris Oil gives sage and modest advice

1822 days ago

UK Oil & Gas: David Lenigas Hits Back!

2173 days ago

Twitter Moron of the Week –Mike Bowen a bull of Quindell, Coms & blinkx

2289 days ago

Quindell: Very Serious Question for Rob Terry re shares given to his old mucker Paul Stanley

2303 days ago

The best of Tweet like a lefty #tweetlikealefty

2783 days ago