Sunday April 21, 2019
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Heidi Allen MP – you self important fool: your country CAN survive without you

59 days ago

Heidi Allen is one of the three Tory MP’s to have resigned this week to join the new Independent Group at Westminster. Like the other two she voted to remain in the EU, but told voters at the last election that she would implement the referendum result but has since done everything she can to block Brexit. She says circumstances have changed so we should have a People’s Vote. That is on Brexit but not on who should represent her seat where circumstances have clearly changed in that Heidi is now not a Tory and is now working to block Brexit. But it is not her rank double standards that is most appalling.

In giving a speech on why she was quitting Heidi described why she got into Tory politics. She was watching the Tottenham riots in 2011 and “had a Kitchener moment” that is to say she knew that her country NEEDED her to become an MP. Britain really needed to catapult Heidi into the top 1% of earners and spout platitudes at Westminster.

One suspects that when she loses her seat at the next election, somehow poor old Britain will just about struggle to get by without the talents of Heidi a woman whose ego is not quite matched by her abilities.

Of course this sense of entitlement and self importance is widespread among the political classes. And they wonder why they are despised as never before?

Tom Winnifrith



Johnny Mercer - what planet do you and your fellow MPs live on?

81 days ago

To be fair to Mercer he was in the army so has some real world experience but he now seems to be well and truly part of the Westminster swamp, as the tweet below shows.

Most of us are at work well before 9 AM. In my line of work 7 AM is the norm yet Mercer describes a 9 AM meeting as "early morning." Hell's teeth man - do you realise why those who pay your wages, poor ordinary taxpayers, feel about such a comment? Do you understand why folks despise MPs so much?




Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: what is loathsome ex Tory MP Tony "Fatso" Baldry of 3DM infamy really saying

299 days ago

Tom Winnifrith



Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Steffi needs a spanked bottom - win a bottle of olive oil thanks to Clem

320 days ago

Tom Winnifrith



So if Labour is really serious about sexual harassment what about Fiona Jones MP?

536 days ago

Fiona Jones died a decade ago of alcohol related illness. She was a broken woman found dead lying among empty vodka bottles. Just a decade earlier she had been elected to Parliament as the MP for Newark, a Blair Babe with all to look forward to. But things all went horribly wrong for her. And a major factor in that was alleged sexual harassment by a very senior minister in the Blair and Brown governments and everyone at Westminster and in the media knows who.

Writing after her death the Daily Mail noted:

She used to laugh about the notion of the 'sisterhood' and said it was fiction." The situation was not helped, it seems, by rumours in Westminster that Fiona was enjoying an extramarital affair with an influential party figure.

"She confided in me that some of the female MPs were jealous of her profile and started suggesting she was being given a little assistance," the friend says. "It was laughable. "But Fiona was convinced there was a whispering campaign against her among certain sections of the Labour Party, who saw her as a liability after her conviction, even though she was subsequently cleared."

The truth, in fact - if Fiona is to be believed - is more sinister. Two years ago, she revealed to a tabloid newspaper that she had been on the receiving end of a persistent campaign of harassment from the same senior politician - now a Government minister - to whom she had been romantically linked. He had, she says, pestered her for sex and then cold-shouldered her both personally and professionally after she rejected his advances.

One friend in whom she confided told the Mail: "Fi had complained that this man had been leaving flirtatious messages on her answerphone at home and that he'd been very flirtatious with her in public. "She was very upset about it, particularly as on one occasion her husband had questioned her about it."

The flirtatious overtures culminated, Fiona claimed, in the politician propositioning her for sex during the Labour Party Conference of 1997. "I walked into the lift and he followed me," she revealed. "Then suddenly he gave me a kiss and added: 'Shall we go to your room?' It was obvious he wanted sex.

"He was close enough for me to tell he was aroused. I was shocked and turned him down, only to be told: 'Do you know what I can do for you?' It was clear what he meant - he had the power to make or break careers."

She had spurned his advances, she said, and the following morning been roundly cold-shouldered during a political photocall. Later, when she asked the same politician for a character reference as she fought her election expenses case, he robustly refused.

As one insider put it: "Everyone knows who she was accusing. It is not a secret by any stretch of the imagination."


The point here is that Jones made the accusation at the time and no-one in Labour lifted a finger to investigate it.. Everyone at Westminster and in the media knows who the very senior figure is but perhaps he was deemed so senior that he was above investigation then? This chap still appears regularly on your TV screen to bat for Labour  so will his party now conduct an enquiry even though poor Mrs Jones is dead to show that no-one is too powerful to get away with this sort of thing?

Or if the alleged harasser is still deemed important enough does the Labour Party just focus on Tory sinners, arguing I'm alright Jack and move on.

Tom Winnifrith



Channel 4, its fake news on the Westminster attack, its cover up and the dumb SNP MP who swallowed it

756 days ago

My coverage of Channel 4 Fake News has been extensive. It just makes up lies and pretends they are facts. But yesterday it reached a new height of fake news and then tried to cover it up. A proper editorial organisation would have a full enquiry and heads would roll. But this is channel 4 fake news, which allows US reporter Kylie Morris to state that Donald Trump had promised to make America "more white" which he quite simply had not done. This is fake news central. Yesterday it was the Westminster terror attack.

Other outlets and photos on twitter suggested that the attacker was Asian, Channel 4 named the culprit as Abu Izzadeen a gentleman who is clearly not Asian but black and was formerly known as Trevor Brooks. Mr Brooks looks nothing like the attacker. The evidence was everywhere that it could not be Brooks but to the C4 liberals, I guess, all those darkies look the same. The Independent Newspaper - another stronghold of the metropolitan elite - was running the same line. But but about half way through the programme C4 was saying that maybe it was not so sure about its lead story.

The truth was that Abu's lawyer had gone public to point out that his client was safely ensconced at Her Majesty's Pleasure. It could not have been him.

So what was the "source" that C4 Fake News reporter Simon Israel had cited as saying Abu was the killer? Was it The Independent or the same source as the Indy? And why did C4 ignore the evidence of its own eyes that the attacker was clearly Asian not black?

What happened next was shameful. There is a channel C4 +1 where I - and others - tend to watch the news. I tuned in at 8 PM and the programme started but after 30 seconds it stopped and on our screen a message appeared saying that the programme was "temporarily unavailable". That continued all the way through so that the fake news was covered up. There was no admission that C4 had got it wrong just a cover up. And no admission that C4 needs an urgent enquiry into its culture of fake news.

Meanwhile on twitter the SNP MP John Nicholson was all too keen to lap up C4's nonsense. A man whose entire career has been spent in the Westminster bubble firstly with the BBC now as an MP seems to dismiss the idea of going to original sources but just takes reports from fellow members of the liberal media establishment as gospel. That Mr Nicholson is an idiot is clear from the tweets below.

What is critical here is whether Mr Israel can demonstrate that he had a real credible source or was he simply relying on the fake news in the online Indy? Let's tune in tonight to see if C4 wants to come clean. Somehow I doubt it will.




Tom Winnifrith Postcard: the Predictable, cowardly and wrong response of the media and MPs to the Westminster terror attack

757 days ago

The platitudes are raining in from Westminster. The journalists who live in the bubble that surrounds Halitosis Hall are downing us with the same nonsense. In an urge to offend no-one we are being spun lies from the Ministry of Truth. The response from the elites to the awful attack in Westminster was predictable but none the less disappointing in the extreme as I discuss in this podcast. Channel 4 is worthy of its own special condemnation for its fake news coverage of the incident HERE.




The Coronation of Theresa May, the media pundits and the disgusted plebs

1011 days ago

There is much commentary in the USA about the revulsion that so many folks feel for the three intertwined pillars of the status quo of the establishment: the political class, the big businessmen who fund/buy that class and the media pundits who take the political/business spin without question. I would perhaps add a fourth pillar, the banksters, but perhaps they are rolled into business fat cats. The massive distrust and resentment of these people seems to be evident across the West. That Americans may well vote for Donald Trump who is, shall we say, not exactly the new Abraham Lincoln, is a sign of this, Brexit was another as is the rise of the frightful Marine Le Pen in France.

And so we come to the coronation of Theresa May as Britain's new Prime Minister. And it was a coronation. There was not vote of party members she was picked as a result of Tory MPs voting. One might accept that she was the only sane choice as the other candidates were tainted by the stench of treachery (Gove), hypocrisy and jiggy wiggy issues (Crabb), plain stupidity and honesty issues (Loathsome) or just being seen as a perennial no hoper (Fox). But none the less her appointment is not a great day for democracy. It will be seen as another Westminster stitch up. And it was.

The media reported on high drama. with the selection of another Oxbridge financier as our new PM and then of a cabinet reshuffle with one public school educated Oxbridge person with zero real life experience swapping jobs with another from the same background. With one or two exceptions to this ( David Davis) nothing really changed. May's silly words about a new direction were either non-sensical or just plain old clap trap. But the media pundits loved it and spun it as a move this way or that.

This weekend in the more fashionable parts of London those same media pundits, the spinners and the political classes and their bankster pals will mingle at parties and will still be chatting about nothing other than the Westminster drama before returning to their seven figure valued residences. As they contemplate their secure six figure salaries they look forward to the Bank of England cutting rates again to keep the asset bubble going. Perhaps Theresa May really does think that a housing and bond/stockmarket bubble is the same as real Wealth creation and that somehow her magic wand can make the bubble be shared out in a way that helps those on the other side of the tracks, folks in the North or who don't own such assets? If she does she is kidding herself. The country is not fooled.

For all the media spin about how post Brexit this country has become racist hotbed where EU citizens are terrified to stay, the reality is that migrants continue to come to the UK every day notwithstanding all those vain pledges by the last Home Secretary, Mrs T May, to curtail the flow. It is hard to see her replacement, the posh dimwitted and poisonous Amber Rudd, promoted as a triumph of gender over inability, making the situation any better.

The pissed off folks of Britain who mistrust every word that class status quo says; who experience some of the downside issues of immigration such as wage pressure and reduced access to healthcare provision but none of the many upsides and, above all, who have not shared in the asset bubble view life in the Westminster bubble rather differently.

Outside the world of the status quo there may be some who will give Mrs May a chance, who buy into the media spin for now. But their patience will not take long to snap. Most of those who were angry on June 23rd are still angry and with good reason. They see that nothing has changed and nothing will.

The "insurgency" of those left out from the good times is a global phenomenon. Nothing has changed in the past week to suggest the UK has done anything to address this. When Laura Kuenssberg and her BBC colleagues talk of a divided nation their analysis is a simplistic one based on rich versus poor which does not look factor in asset bubbles, old fashioned left vs right as if those terms mean anything. The trouble is that the media pundits and mainstream outlets are in fact part of that divide, they sit firmly on one side of the barricades staring out at an angry mob they despise and fail to understand.

Tom Winnifrith



EU Loving MPs plan to block Brexit at Westminster if we vote out - what don't they like about democracy?

1048 days ago

If we vote for Brexit on June 23rd we will get to leave the European Union, right? No. Wrong. Certainly that is the view of certain MPs, Tory and Labour who have stated that they will use Westminster rules to insist that the UK still stays in the single market, pays money to the EU and allows unlimited numbers of migrants in, even if the UK leaves. This contempt from some of of Westminster "servants" for the folks who pay their wages is obscene.

The EU itself has "form" in ignoring referendum results it does not like. It either ignores the vote altogether or tells the little people to vote again until they vote the right way. This culture of corruption, of subverting democracy has clearly infected a number of Europhile MPs at Westminster too.

That MPs are even considering this is a compelling reason to vote for Brexit. It is clear that one side in this plebiscite views Democracy as a threat to its way of life whilst the other side actually believes in the people having a say in how their country is run. Voting for Brexit will start the process of re-energising democracy.

Then let the Europhiles try to thwart the wishes of the little people. Tories who behave in such a disgraceful manner will almost certainly be ousted by local associations which are overwhelmingly Eurosceptic. Labour MPs can try to thwart democracy if they wish but if they do then many will lose massive popular support at a General Election.

Notwithstanding the fixed term legislation Dodgy Dave enacted, that may well come far sooner than folks think in the event of Brexit and a change of Tory leader.

That so many leading figures on one side on this referendum can openly show the contempt with which they view the process of democracy and the views of the folks who pay the wages, who are their masters, the electorate means that whatever ones views on the EU, if you believe in democracy, you must now vote for Brexit.

Tom Winnifrith



Tom Winnifrith BearCast 30 january

1542 days ago

Tom Winnifrith



MPs are still sleazy expenses grubbers – nothing changes

2112 days ago

I noted here six days ago that MPs (who earn between 4 and 7 times the national average wage) reckon that if they don’t get a £10,000 pay rise they will be forced to fiddle their expenses again. But of course I got my sums wrong. It is even worse that I first thought.

For we learned at the weekend that 150 of the Westminster swine are claiming £50 a week for transport costs for their kids. That is deemed a legitimate expense. £2,500 a year tax free – that is worth £4,500 as a higher rate taxpayer. How many other "little" fittles like that are there which are all 100% legit under rules created by the MPs themselves? One suspects quite a few. And it all adds up.

As a bonus we also discovered that speaker John Bercow managed to claim £84 travel expenses for a journey of exactly one mile. Ironically it was a journey to visit the body set up to oversee MP’s expenses.

The political classes are right now thrashing about in a row about how Labour is bankrolled by Unite and the seeming corruption within Unite designed to fix election meetings. I do not give a damn about this. Or about the various corporates and dodgy hedge fund managers who bankroll the Tories. The real issue is that the entire political class is venal, corrupt and out of touch.

The battle is not between Labour and Tory or between Call Me Dave and Miliband. It really makes no difference who is in charge. Both accept the ultimate supremacy of the Evil Empire, pander to the moral sensibilities of a metropolitan elite and are happy to see the deficit remain out of control as Britain goes bankrupt every more quickly.  

The battle is between the political classes who are robbing the citizenry, making Airstrip One ever less free while feathering their own nests and the rest of us.

Every time a new expenses scandal emerges or there is another episode of beltway sleaze newspaper columnists (part of the political media beltway class and inveterate expense fiddlers themselves)  write “they still don’t get it do they?”   Er… they never got it and they never will and any pre-election suggestion otherwise is mere pretence.

Tom Winnifrith



Patrick Mercer MP is a crook and now also exposed as a bigot – why is he still an MP? Is anti-semitism okay?

2143 days ago

Sleazebag Tory Patrick Mercer MP has been caught on camera taking bribes. He is a crook. A common criminal. And yet while resigning the Tory whip he says that he will “do the honourable thing” and remain as an MP until the next election, collecting a full pay & perks and then he will stand down to collect a full pension. Does this make you happy?

Before the last election there was a lot of talk from politicians about recall – the idea that if your local MP was caught taking bribes or having an affair with Rebekah Brooks ( most folks in London seem to have one stage or another) the voters could effectively boot him out. Oddly once the swine returned to the Westminster trough there was rather less talk of this.

But Mercer is more than a common thief he is also a bigot as this video shows. His references to a “bloody Jew” are offensive and mark him out as an A1 prize bigot.  Naturally though when Lib Dem and labour MPs and Lords have also made blatantly anti-semitic remarks and got away with it nothing will happen. Had he said “ bloody Moslem” maybe it would have merited more attention.

Once again the sad fact is that in 2013 Britain, anti-semitism is the socially acceptable form of racism.

And in 2013 criminal bigoted men are still allowed to sit as MPs.

Once again I despair.


Tom Winnifrith



The Iraqi benefits queen YOU pay for – why housing benefit is a farce our useless MPs will not deal with

2212 days ago

This will make your blood boil. Bushra al-Rahimi is an Iraqi national. She lives in London and was given housing benefit to cover the cost of a flat in an exclusive part of Westminster which she then let out at £4,000 a week. Finally she has been booted out of that accommodation and ordered to repay rent arrears of £30,800 BUT…

She is now living in an Islington flat paid for by housing benefits which in the private sector would cost £5,000 a month to rent. She continues to get a Jobseekers Allowance worth £71 a week. God knows what other benefits this parasite is getting.

This just defies belief:

a) This woman has broken the law. Is it not possible to amend our laws so that if someone arrives in this country seeking political asylum we make it explicitly clear that if they commit any crime (including benefits fraud) they will be sent back home (even if it means they face persecution) with all their dependents automatically? It is a sort of social contract: we give you safety but you MUST obey the law.

b) Why the hell does she get to choose where to stay? If the taxpayer is funding her housing costs can we not elect to house her in a slum house in Burnley rather than a £2 million Westminster luxury apartment? At least stick this cockroach out in Newham or somewhere cheaper than Westminster. If the taxpayer pays the bill the taxpayer has a right to decide where someone lives.

c) Her penalty for being caught stealing from the taxpayer seems to be swapping one luxury address for another. A flat that rents out at £5000 pcm in Islington (i.e. £60,000 a year) is probably worth c£1.5 million.  This woman has never paid a cent in UK tax. She has never worked here. She is a criminal. And she gets to live (at no cost to her) in the sort of place that 98% of the population cannot afford to live in.

And here am I working on Easter Day in the knowledge that a good portion of my labours will go in tax to support this crap, Heather Frost and so much more. On the left politicians block welfare reform. The Tories say they are tackling it but this sort of thing keeps on happening again and again and I just do not believe them anymore.  The Tories are spineless and useless.

Reasons to want to see the entire political class string up with piano wire and/or to stop working and go live on a smallholding in Greece. This is one. Angry does not even start to describe how I feel.

Tom Winnifrith



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