Friday April 26, 2019
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Justine Greening MP – go to the back of the class you daft bint

283 days ago

From memory, Justine Greening was fired from the cabinet for being utterly useless. There may have been another reason but she was useless. Her pronouncements on Brexit confirm the case that she is just fundamentally stupid and yet another Tory who holds the electorate in complete contempt.

Of course, Greening represents a remain voting London constituency of metropolitan elitists. Telling folks that she is a lesbian about three times a week is the sort of virtue signalling that plays well in such parts. Outside London folks would just say “so what, get on with it.”  Like her constituents Justine voted to remain in the EU and has spent much of the time since bemoaning the result and suggesting that we bumpkins outside of London did not really understand what we were voting for.

Greening cannot hide the fact that she thinks that important decisions should be left to professional politicians like her who, despite having sod all real world experience, just “know” what is good for the little people who pay her salary.

And yet suddenly Justine has had a change of heart declaring that to stop the deadlock at Westminster – caused by folks like her – the people need to vote again.  Jeepers, a woman who would not listen first time around thinks we need to vote again, presumably because she thinks that the result would be different at which point she would be able to “do as the people wished”.

Ms Greening proposes a ballot with three options  - leave the EU with no deal, leave with Mrs May’s rotten deal or stay. And Voters would have to list their preferences with second preference votes from the least popular option redistributed.  Cripes does Ms Greening now think that we thickos who voted the wrong way last time will understand this plebiscite? How very gracious of her.

What she forgets is that it is quite possible that the Evil Empire will reject Ms May’s pathetic proposals demanding so many more concessions that even the wretched PM can’t agree. So that “deal” is not on the table. As for staying in the EU, if we ask for that, what will Brussels demand in return? Joining the Euro? Even more cash? God only knows.

The polls, for what it is worth suggest that of the three options, the May plan is easily the least popular which, in effect means this is a poll on walking away, telling Brussels to stick its demand for £40 billion and trading on WTO terms or staying in and agreeing to God knows what. What happens when leave wins that vote?

The whole idea is non-sensical.  How someone so dim can hold those who pay her salary in such contempt defies belief. Is it any wonder that MPs and, right now especially Tory MP,s are so utterly despised?

Tom Winnifrith



Stephen Kinnock, tax dodging hereditary member of elite with the weeks's stupidest Brexit lie

1102 days ago

Stephen Kinnock has never really had a proper job outside the political world apart from a few months with the British Council. Daddy led the Labour Party to defeat then became a European Commissioner. Mummy was an MEP. His Mrs was PM of Denmark stating that her whole family lived in high tax socialist Denmark. Only that Stephen actually paid (very low) taxes in Switzerland where he worked. The establishment investigated and the establishment said that its own had done nothing wrong. Jolly good show.

Boris Johnson said that Obama - who wants the UK to stay in the EU - would never consent to the US suffering the intrusions on its sovereignty that Britain suffers from being in the EU. Young Kinnock responded "The last time I looked the US was in NATO and in the WTO, if one NATO member is attacked all must rush to its defence, I can think of no greater intrusion of sovereignty."

Mr Kinnock, I sense, just cannot think. NATO has no right to impose laws on the US, to determine its border controls and neither does the WTO. A common defence pact is not the same as being part of a superstate.

Boris is correct. If we suggested that the US had to open up its borders with Mexico or that 55% of US laws would be imposed on it by a Council of all the Americas Obama would go mental. Yet President hopey change thinks we in Britain have to accept just that.

As for Kinnock, it would be harsh to accuse him of lying as part of Project Fear, he is just plain thick to make that assertion since it is palpable nonsense.


Tom Winnifrith



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