Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Lunch with Lord Lucan on offer - 1 kill (for me) so far today, three more to come?

390 days ago

Spoof No 1 exposed so what about spoof No 2 from almost bankrupt Frontera?

481 days ago

Frontera – can you guess the (imminent) placing price?

545 days ago

Frontera exposed as employing liars as it finally fesses up that it does face an Arbitration Court - shares uninvestable

680 days ago

Frontera - weasel words & not via RNS - the hallmarks of an evasive shyster

681 days ago

A few thoughts on financial PR people, moral compass and how they view me

2370 days ago

Financial PR firms & the AIM Cesspit (another fight picked)

2476 days ago