Free Speech is fine as long as you are left wing

16 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: is it okay to lie these days? Pocohontas, Iconic & UK Oil & Gas

260 days ago

Abortion up to birth is state sponsored murder: another reason no-one should vote Labour

262 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: Wrestling with my conscience on Yourgene, Down Syndrome and abortion

506 days ago

The hypocrites celebrate referenda, the Irish celebrate murder

806 days ago

Owen Jones on the violence of abortion - what a truly loathsome man so typical of 2017 Britain

1017 days ago

Jacob Rees Mogg views me as a murderer but he is not a deadbeat dad and his abhorrent views disqualify him from nothing

1066 days ago

Photo Article: The dysfunctional left applauds the Palestinans who execute gays at Gay Pride

1130 days ago

A conversation with a 16 year old daughter on her Birthday

1138 days ago

As my daughter turns 16 tomorrow, Britain's greedy & morally bankrupt doctors demand the right to have murdered her

1140 days ago

Weekly postcard #103: Speaking as a feminist about International Women's day

1982 days ago

Liam Fox reminds me: V for Vendetta – Time for an annual viewing

2500 days ago