Taylor Swift (net worth $280m) – do folks earning $33.954 pa give a FF about your political views?

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An inconvenient truth for the global warming nutters - the world is er, not warming

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Al Gore's new global warming scare film bombs because the facts show the Nobel Prize was awarded for a lie

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Darren Atwater hit by global warming again, his bogus religion collapses

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The Hypocrisy of the liberal Media as Donald Trump blasts rigged election

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Global Warming Sitting deep in New York - How will my daughter's godmother spin this inconvenient truth?

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My Torture is Over- Zak Mir's book is sub-edited

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Global Warming is a feminist issue, it's driving women to prostitution – moron liberal Barbara Lee

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Almost poetic day after global warming arch nutter caves - its snowing in Clerkenwell

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The World’s biggest global warming nutter, Rajendra Pachauri, admits the world is not warming

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GOTCHA!: Global Warming is a Scam – Case Closed ( new Met Office data emerges)

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