Meet Abby Tomlinson, a whining debt loaded snowflake with a worthless degree who cant understand why she is unemployable

125 days ago

Can you buy anti-stab vests at Paddington?

709 days ago

The Independent makes up a scare story involving Thatcher, Brexit and dark warnings about soaring poverty – it's 100% fake news

793 days ago

Why we really feel poor - too much Government rather than too little

1037 days ago

Photo Report from the Greek Hovel - the olive harvest is a disaster for the whole village

1038 days ago

Austerity & Tax Avoidance - how the left does not get it: free unicorns for all

1052 days ago

Photo article - a poster girl for the snowflake generation: white men are terrorists

1099 days ago

Photo Article: what austerity at the Universities? Exeter splashes out in Oxford

1107 days ago

The State pension, life expectancy and a ponzi the historically ignorant & innumerate left cannot understand

1161 days ago

End Austerity NOW - Saturday Caption Contest Result

1179 days ago

Channel 4 Fake News talks of Austerity until 2025 - why are these folks so utterly dim or mendacious or both?

1295 days ago

As I wandered from Fleet Street to Ludgate Hill my mind wandered to Kambos and the Greek Hovel

1406 days ago

Amazing news from Greece - we have a forestry permit for the Greek Hovel, next step... a bribe?

1599 days ago

Are all Northerners, fat, stupid and expecting the State to wipe their arses?

1693 days ago

Now that Comrade Corbyn is i/c I can admit to loving Between the Wars by Billy Bragg

1831 days ago

Lube up Greece: Ephialtes Tsipras ensures this weekend the Germans & the Troika utterly shaft you

1902 days ago

#EndAusteritynow - bollocks from hyprocrites and inumerates

1923 days ago

Sunday Treats from the Mrs

1929 days ago

Money Tree worshipping mad leftie Malcolm Stacey talking rot again

1947 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast - 9th May

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Why I have already voted Conservative

1971 days ago

Jamie Oliver inflicted on Greece – haven’t the poor bastards suffered enough?

2339 days ago

Weekly Caption Contest – White Dee Edition

2405 days ago

Weekly video postcard #55 - the Evil of the Growth of Food banks and the poverty myth

2438 days ago

The Scots cannot have Independence and a blank cheque from England – Can’t they just Fuck Off and Go it 100% alone?

2445 days ago

Greedy, useless and unwanted – British MPs are beneath contempt

2813 days ago

Real Greek Tragedies. Petra’s Friends

2981 days ago