Weekly Video Postcard #56 – Benefits Street Edition

2060 days ago

The Daily Mail: Economic Illiterates or Tory Spinners or Both

2190 days ago

Nick Clegg wants free school meals for all – Money Tree Believing Moron

2192 days ago

MPs are still sleazy expenses grubbers – nothing changes

2265 days ago

Weekly Video Post Card #38 – Mandela and Osborne/ Bankrupt Britain edition

2274 days ago

George Osborne & the Spending Review – everyone is lying

2274 days ago

Friday caption Contest on a Saturday - Money Tree edition

2296 days ago

John Bercow is 100% right about European immigrant workers – the mainstream parties & UKIP faux outrage is pathetic

2299 days ago

Piss off Kenneth Clarke you old Euromaniac fool – UKIP bashing

2336 days ago

Youth Crime Tzar – shocking waste of money

2356 days ago

Child killer Mick Philpott is a victim of a welfare state that is cancerous for Britain

2362 days ago

The 11.30 from Paddington, my disgust with a Britain our MPs never see but we all suffer

2393 days ago

A business opportunity in Burkina Faso – is anyone stupid enough to fall for this?

2404 days ago

Welfare in crisis: Jobless mother of 11 Heather Frost says free council eco mansion may not be good enough for her

2404 days ago

Why UKIP is the ONLY sane and honest vote in Eastleigh

2407 days ago

Friday Caption Contest (on Sunday) – Conservative 2015 Election Triumph Strategy Edition

2420 days ago

The Romanian and Bulgarian EU immigrant issue – lies, lies and more lies

2425 days ago

Inheritance Tax – Wrong and Pointless

2434 days ago

More money for the troughing political classes even in austerity Britain

2445 days ago

Welfare Scroungers & Fraud – The Deluded Lefties do not get it!

2448 days ago

Britain’s £27 million in Foreign Aid to the Frigging Argies, I just Despair

2451 days ago

The Gaping Divide between the Political Elite and Plebs like us in 2013: Foreign Aid

2452 days ago

Deluded Lefties demonise Iain Duncan Smith for attacking welfare fraud – what tossers

2453 days ago

Deficit Deniers in Bankrupt Britain – A 13 point plan for change

2466 days ago

Being on welfare is NOT a job

2466 days ago

Abu Qatada, his £217,000 cash haul and the feeble Conservatives

2467 days ago

Sterling - No Grounds for Optimism

2474 days ago

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2479 days ago

Blogging for Only One Reader

2479 days ago

Ha! Christian Aid: Gotcha – you called the wrong Mr T Winnifrith on the £2billion day

2480 days ago

The Nick Clegg Smear or non Smear: Who Dunnit?

2484 days ago

Hari Kiri economics – Premier League Agents Fees

2485 days ago

Tories Rule out UKIP Pact – 10 Reasons why that is Good News for UKIP

2490 days ago

George Osborne puts gay Marriage at the centre of the next Tory Manifesto, forget the EU or the Economy they must be “fringe” issues.

2503 days ago

Africa’s Hitler (Mugabe) steals $2 billion and still gets £80 million of YOUR cash

2503 days ago

Video Postcard Number 14

2506 days ago

Slashing the Deficit by “cutting tax evasion” – The sums do not add up

2508 days ago

EU spending your money to transfer jobs away from the UK – The Ford madness

2510 days ago

Ireland Aid money to Uganda stolen by PM, Britain culpable too – Fantasy World

2516 days ago

Video Postcard Number 12

2519 days ago

Sardine Can Britain 2050 – The Daily Mail misses the point

2519 days ago

Scrap Child Benefit altogether – the Mail and Osborne have their maths wrong

2523 days ago

Learning Elf n Safey Aged 5 in Essex – beware of the leaves

2524 days ago

The PC Obsession of the Boy Scouts

2525 days ago

Tattoos – Has the Old Bill got nothing better to do?

2529 days ago

Welfare Handouts a Livelihood, forgive me Lord I defend call Me Dave Cameron

2530 days ago

George Osborne Chancellor of the Exchequer - you are a Fraud

2537 days ago

88% of Scots net takers from State – THE defining issue for the WHOLE West

2539 days ago

Hardship in Local Government – Doing the Lambeth Walk

2543 days ago

UK a debt junkie, US like Greece by 2020 says Pimco’s Gross and he is right: we sleepwalk to destruction

2544 days ago

Ed Balls – Spending Imaginary Money and Punishing the Poor (Again)

2545 days ago

Student Loans – the UK Debtbomb

2547 days ago

Attacking Foreign Aid Spending – The Daily Mail does not get it

2550 days ago

Nick Clegg gets it right (for once) – universal benefits must go

2551 days ago

JJB Sports - Officially bust – 100% win for me in 19 days

2553 days ago

Olympic Spirit of 2012 can reverse Britain’s National Decline: Utter Rubbish

2564 days ago

When is a Pay Freeze not a Pay Freeze? When you are in the Public sector natch

2573 days ago

Louise Mensch MP – Dumb and Dumbest The Final Word (for now)

2613 days ago