Incoming: Yet more questions for Ric Traynor and Begbies Traynor!

57 days ago

Begbies Traynor: Ric Traynor has a £4 per square foot, £8.4 million, question to answer

57 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Profound thanks to crony capitalist PR man Reg Hoare but sorry only 5 out of 10

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An Open Letter to Begbies Traynor - please don't make me go to your AGM, just answer my damn questions

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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Incoming for Burford at 8.15 AM Tuesday

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Are you a shareholder in Begbies Traynor and can you do me a favour?

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Begbies Traynor – positive interims as cycle looks to be turning its way

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Begbies Trading Statement - downgrade stance but sure don't sell!

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Begbies Results - still a buy

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Begbies Traynor trading update - good but not great, but the shares are a buy

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Begbies Results, no red flags: Buy

1220 days ago

Begbies Traynor - good bolt on: buy

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Begbies Traynor Trading Statement - on track: buy

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Begbies Traynor profits warning but yield attractive and looks safe

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Begbies Traynor – minor profits blip a buying opportunity

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Buy Begbies Traynor at a 53p offer

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The debt fuelled consumer boom and the UK service sector slump – this is lethal: Begbies confirms

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Beware the Retail Gloom in 2013

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