Wellesley Group Investors– Urban Exposure Asset Bid. This is a spoof surely?

71 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the Week Contest – surely this Bidstack loon cannot be beaten

272 days ago

Flybe knocks talk of counter offer on head with asset disposal – shares collapse

537 days ago

I know a company on AIM where there is insider dealing taking place today - does anyone care?

945 days ago

Stanley Gibbons – is it guilty of market abuse with statement claiming a bid approach that was not?

1119 days ago

Rule Breaker Dave King spouts 100% bullshit after being told he must make £14 million Rangers bid

1210 days ago

Dave King on the hook for £14m - forced to bid 20p for Rangers FC and caned by Takeover Panel

1210 days ago

Red24 - bid now worth 26.3p - good news on this quick win share tip

1402 days ago

Lighthouse gets a bid - goody goody lets bank gains

1567 days ago

InternetQ - the Bubble pulls a rabbit from his hat: a bid

1615 days ago

PetroCeltic - Worldview may bid - shares are a sell

1626 days ago

Video: Petropavlovsk presents at Gold & Bears - November 28 2015

1666 days ago

Igas ALREADY in bond default? And Ineos bid – broker Andrew Monk overeggs on both counts methinks

1994 days ago

Mothercare – how low will it fall?

2169 days ago