United with Big Nose as mask rebels but surely she is (w) Rik? More and more of us are becoming (w) Rik

32 days ago

Me and Drinking Too Much

883 days ago

For my father and I it was a great day as both our rugby teams won but its a history fail for the BBC

946 days ago

Jacob Rees Mogg views me as a murderer but he is not a deadbeat dad and his abhorrent views disqualify him from nothing

1113 days ago

A conversation with a 16 year old daughter on her Birthday

1186 days ago

Make sure you have a bath Daddy and be smart!

1291 days ago

Proud Dad - Daughter "Olaf" wins academic scholarship

1395 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: My wife's sneering, patronising, elitist, lefty pals drive me up the wall

1557 days ago

My father and I are sent to purgatory by St Peter – thoughts on the rugby

2023 days ago

Come on Wales, Reflections on Ireland – Paul you are too calculating show Celtic loyalty!

2394 days ago

I am Off to Wales v France – who to support?

2410 days ago

Well done Olivia again – a proud father writes

2552 days ago

Entering the offices of Pinsents Masons (lawyers to the scumbags, Sefton) & an American Psycho

2606 days ago

My Welsh Daughter and Sheep Jokes

2660 days ago

Olivia starts to learn Welsh

2721 days ago

Ireland Rugby Humiliation – what can I say?

2752 days ago