Nomad & broker Strand Hanson 2018 Results - just how grim is it on the AIM casino?

6 days ago

Top broker Andrew Monk of VSA defends Shareprophets for doing its job & exposing discounted placings

10 days ago

Optibiotix at 44p worth 97p says its broker Goetz

31 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The stench of Neil Woodford makes IP Group uninvestable whatever Jefferies says

43 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: should Carson Block of Muddy Waters go to jail for his Burford antics

65 days ago

Updated # 2- SVS Securities shutting down

75 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: On the nature of fraud, the demise of spiv broker SVS, Versarien and other sordid matters

75 days ago

Reader Poll: IQE appoints new Nomad and broker so what price is the bailout placing?

87 days ago

Telit – has its broker quit and the company neglected to mention it?

107 days ago

On The Beach: Top broker predicts THREE profits warnings, lashes poor quality of City analysis

128 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: WH Ireland is a shit-show (as predicted) but this is an industry in crisis

226 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: An official statement re Cheryl Cole and "imminent" action

231 days ago

Photo Article: Mercantile Ports – just where has all the money gone? Target 0p

233 days ago

Shore Cap takeover of Stockdale shows what a joke valuation Finncap enjoys

245 days ago

Westminster Group led by disgraced former Tory MP Tony Baldry: discount placing ten days after mega ramp

250 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: Finncap Je t'accuse re the AAOG debacle - everything that is wrong with the AIM Casino

280 days ago

Were you a Milestone Group shareholder between September & December 2016? Want your money back?

333 days ago

Columbus Energy Resources at 3.7p worth 21.4p ( was 25p)

339 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Malcolm kids himself, FinnCrap & Sam Smith must be desperate to IPO right now, why?

354 days ago

Updated: Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Angus Energy, the ramping, the placing (or not) & the sordid truth of Tidswell's share trades it needs to admit to

399 days ago

Updated: Reabold - £10 million discounted placing underway: source

407 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the mounting Andalas Badger scandal, a real test case for the AIM Casino

411 days ago

Alba Minerals – Bluejay Conundrum 3 – Jorc light about to be shone on material disjoint in value

431 days ago

BlueJay Mining - the 1 simple question SP Angel refuses to answer - why?

435 days ago

A broker lashes out at Thor Mining predicts shares to halve again

485 days ago

Columbus Energy at 4.7p offer worth 26p – VSA

492 days ago

EXCLUSIVE: Shore Cap sounding out investors on £5 million UK Oil & Gas placing: struggling - source

496 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: can I divorce the Mrs for not knowing who David Moyes is? And when is Sound out of cash?

517 days ago

FinnCap - Premaitha at 7p worth 12p

520 days ago

Woodford Dog Xeros - even house broker Jefferies talks about Squeaky Bum Time

545 days ago

PWC Confirms: All Beaufort client cash and securities safe but it is a mess

581 days ago

Hemogenyx shares soar 117% after two tweets - is this the new RNS? Surely this is a bit naughty

598 days ago

Falanx shares to double & video interview with CEO Mike Read

616 days ago

Obtala - house broker VSA slashes target but still sees shares doubling from here

618 days ago

Falanx shares to double to 10p

664 days ago

BREAKING: BOS Global - and another thing - is Peterhouse telling potential investors that it has no right to do a deeply discounted placing

671 days ago

BOS Global - an open letter to broker Peterhouse

672 days ago

Columbus Energy BUY at 5.4p target 26p - a New World

673 days ago

Top broker spells out the bear case for Renewi

692 days ago

A Broker presents the full bear case for Fevertree

692 days ago

A broker presents the bear case for UK Oil & Gas

692 days ago

Your Christmas share tip from Andrew Monk to pay for all your presents

695 days ago

Fishing Republic- the maggots are only just starting to emerge - a retail zero in waiting

703 days ago

Buy Kefi at 4.7p - target 22p ( from 23p)

704 days ago

Buy Ariana at 1.3p - target 2.78p

714 days ago

Andalas - read the notes - it's bust & its house broker Beaufort is in denial

715 days ago

FRAUD: MySQUAR fesses up to error in profits warning but still will not answer the big question re FRAUD

730 days ago

An Open Letter to SP Angel, Beaufort Securities and AIM Regulation re shamed MySquar

733 days ago

When BCA's shares slump do not let broker N+1 Singer forget this....

733 days ago

Tom Winnifrith bonus Bearcast - The sickening and deepening scandal at Nyota

759 days ago

Fun and Games, Brotherly love at Cantor Fitzgerald, Unicorn and Directa Plus

762 days ago

Obtala - shares to more than double: broker VSA: we publish the note

790 days ago

Egdon a buy at 9.25p - worth 35.5p claims house broker VSA after operational update

794 days ago

Echo Energy - gets into bed with twice convicted market abuser as its new broker

801 days ago

Nyota - I fear that its AIM days are very numbered

817 days ago

Nyota - shamed Nomad & Broker Quit but Winnileaks suggests they are not telling you everything

819 days ago

Another less than glorious drill result from Sound Energy - top broker warns shares deserve to halve again

834 days ago

Fusionex - last day to sell, Nomad quits, homophobic ADVFN moron J777J19 have fun!

849 days ago

House broker on Concepta - shares, now 11.875p, worth 22p

854 days ago

Katoro Gold shares to more than double?

875 days ago

Obtala Buy at 19p - target 28p: VSA Initiates coverage

931 days ago

Shore Cap on Amryt at 18.5p - target price increased from 35p to 88p!

935 days ago

Goldplat - 63% upside says house broker VSA

936 days ago

RedT at 10.9p worth 22p? VSA initiates coverage - detailed note

953 days ago

Eden: the Terpenetech fraud starts to unravel, has the first body been quietly buried?

954 days ago

Crack out the ouzo, 100% vindication as TrakM8 bailout placing gets underway, investor misinformation confirmed

958 days ago

The broker that raised £10m for Advanced Oncotherapy downgrades its stance on the dog to hold - damning note

962 days ago

Armadale at 2.5p worth 4.4p?

964 days ago

Advanced Oncotherapy - the truth finally dragged out of the shysters

982 days ago

Brandon Hill says Vast disposal "an excellent deal"

988 days ago

Our October share tip of the month has almost doubled, our next tip of the month is out TODAY - grab it for just £5

994 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Cornhill fined over New World Scandal but the real villains escape

1003 days ago

Gold Producers Have Underperformed And Will Continue to Lag – How To Take Advantage Of The Recent Gold Correction

1033 days ago

Advanced Oncotherapy - even house broker Beaufort now getting cold feet

1034 days ago

Amryt Pharma - cracking deal but Im sorry that broker buy note does not make sense

1045 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: TrakM8 - disastrous interims, profits crash, cashburn horrific - 100% vindicated

1053 days ago

Atalaya Mining at 139p worth 175p?

1056 days ago

Watch where you are buying - the placing frenzy on AIM is stunning & tells you two things

1058 days ago

Asiamet update - broker VSA says shares a buy at 2.8p worth 6.2p

1059 days ago

Sula at 0.24p worth 3.1p?

1067 days ago

Berkeley Energia $25-30 million placing - back to that Peel Hunt buy note

1074 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Special: PR Genius Steffi, Beaufort Securities, the Vox rampfest and Solo Oil - the sordid underbelly of AIM

1076 days ago

Peel Hunt: Berkeley Energia at 47p worth up to 159p

1078 days ago

Management Resource Solutions - another nightmare for AIM emerges

1081 days ago

Kefi, at 0.36p, still worth 1.5p despite operational update says broker Ambrian

1092 days ago

Strat Aero Interims - it is bust, plain and simple

1109 days ago

Servision - overtakes the fraud African Potash with the most expensive loan in AIM history - 33%

1109 days ago

The arrogance of City folk who fail to accept there is a problem with China fraud - they are alright Jack

1111 days ago

Wishbone Gold Placing - not in the script at all

1112 days ago

Atalaya - another detailed broker note you peasants are not meant to see: Mirabaud sees 98% upside

1126 days ago

Asiamet at 2.5p worth 6.2p?

1156 days ago

Tom Winnifrith bonus bearcast: The AIM casino disgrace that is MySQUAR, I name & shame

1170 days ago

Vindication for Tom Winnifrith: Cenkos to be fined up to £700,000 over Quindell fraud - not enough

1177 days ago

Golden Saint Resources raises £400,000 to keep paying crony capitalists but where are its fecking results?

1217 days ago

Breaking: Provexis - working on Placing, will issue shares at 0.15p ( maybe lower)

1218 days ago

Premaitha at 8.6p worth 20p says FinnCap in initiation note

1228 days ago

Sirius Minerals at 19p worth 50p says Shore cap - the broker note in full

1233 days ago

Nigel Somerville & the pensioners WH Ireland mugged, the Bagot's, shocking UK Investor video

1251 days ago

Corero appoints new nomad & broker - that means placing imminent: sell

1275 days ago

Broker SP Angel gives trading update as if we cared but what happened to Mkango?

1275 days ago

How to play the China recovery mining stocks to buy says the Monkey

1276 days ago

Phorm - Its tits up time another kill for the Sheriff of AIM

1276 days ago

Optibiotix - Hybridan increases its target price to 106p

1280 days ago

Top broker slams bucket shop corporate brokers on the AIM Casino - "the next big scandal"

1315 days ago

Ariana Resources at 0.95p worth 2.79p?

1330 days ago

Magnolia Petroleum meaningless ramptastic trading update - is it insolvent yet?

1344 days ago

Atalaya at 97.5p worth 192p claims broker Mirabaud

1371 days ago

Daniel Stewart NED Peter Dicks can't wait to leave, accelerated resignation

1403 days ago

Plus500 - Numis ceases coverage with damning note (which we have), shares tank

1409 days ago

The Buy case for InternetQ from the folks who told you to buy Globo 4 days before suspension - Canaccord

1411 days ago

A lesson in English for the boards of Globo and InternetQ & their shoddy advisors

1414 days ago

Top broker sticks knife into IGAS ( and praises ShareProphets)

1415 days ago

Numis ups target price for Berkeley Energy shares from 40p to 100p - you what?

1439 days ago

Hybridian broker note on Optibiotix

1468 days ago

London Stock Exchange tries to screw us all – a broker complains

1500 days ago

The Camkids FRAUD – An Open Letter to Cairn Financial, Beaufort and AIM Regulation – suspend shares in Jiasen NOW!

1527 days ago

Daniel Stewart – what a total joke: shares suspended

1842 days ago

GOTCHA! Naibu - The bombshell revelation - surely the shares must be suspended NOW

1852 days ago

Winners & Losers from the Naibu fraud: Daniel Stewart & Shareholders

1852 days ago

Was it Naibu that scuppered the Fraspens IPO or has Daniel Stewart stopped floating shit on the AIM Casino

1852 days ago

The Naibu fraud – two critical questions and tests of integrity for Daniel Stewart as the stock heads to 0p and/or a delisting

1859 days ago

Open Letter to Peter Shea CEO Daniel Stewart cc AIM Regulation re Quindell & fraud

1886 days ago

Naibu – Daniel Stewart pumps out buy note but will not answer critical question – target price cut to 0.0000001p

1894 days ago

Westminster Group an Open Letter to SP Angel…are you on the side of the Angels? PROVE IT!

1899 days ago

Phorm – why won’t you tell the truth about Brazil – you crony capitalist bastards?

1907 days ago

An open Letter to AIM Regulation: Please Investigate Mirabaud Securities, Canaccord and Phorm PLC (again) – was there market abuse?

1915 days ago

AIM Cesspit Awards 2014 – New Category Announced: Advisor of the Year

1964 days ago

Quindell: Explaining the Difference Between a Broker & a Nomad for Bulletin Board Morons

1992 days ago