Trump should not have nominated Kavanaugh as he is too liberal – next time don’t give an inch to the deranged Democrats

648 days ago

Don't Give to #ChildreninNeed - give it to a real charity instead

972 days ago

It is not often that I cheer the taxman but in the case of the virtue signaller Gary Lineker....

1141 days ago

Graham Norton & Jonathan Ross discuss masturbating on an aeroplane for Comic Relief

1208 days ago

Video - Celebrity rants against Donald Trump - when will they realise that we plebs don't care what they say?

1284 days ago

Photo Article: An Olive Oil Bath sir? Three might be tight but two would be cosy

1312 days ago

Video: The amazing Mark Steyn on the ludicrous pomposity & irrelevance of the Clinton loving liberal "celebs"

1329 days ago

The Premiership starts tomorrow ..but I am so underwhelmed (even about West Ham)

1434 days ago

Nice: Saint Bono & Elton John show that in the face of terror some are more equal than others

1458 days ago

Is the Mrs reading Grazia Magazine grounds for divorce?

1474 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Postcard: Another big loser on Independence day - the idea we care what celebs think

1483 days ago

Keira Knightley, Eddie Izzard and Derek Jacobi 4 times I dont give a fuck what you think on Brexit

1518 days ago

A fascist in the wind...celeb gets this website taken down

1528 days ago

Can you spare £5 a month for Woodlarks – YES you can!

2311 days ago

Justin Bieber – prize shit, “the world revolves around ME”

2649 days ago

Africa’s Hitler (Mugabe) steals $2 billion and still gets £80 million of YOUR cash

2803 days ago

Evil Knievil’s Biggest Short is ASOS: is he Right?

2809 days ago

MP Nadine Dorries on I’m A Celebrity – who pays?

2809 days ago

The Death of Free Speech in England

2835 days ago

The Tomograph Issue 9

2838 days ago

Four Years to save earth – Vivienne Westwood is a scientist

2845 days ago

Jimmy Saville – Pervert or Victim?

2845 days ago

Censorship and Privacy – the Establishment ( Kate included) Do Not Get it

2861 days ago

Is it April 1st? Ginger Spice and Russell Brand

2873 days ago

The Bono (prize git) Rule & Foreign Aid

2938 days ago