UK Investor Show 2018 Video - Keith Allaun of Powerhouse Energy Group

410 days ago

Channel 4 News on the Drought in Cape Town caused by Climate Change - Fake News!

499 days ago

Nutso Green MP Caroline Lucas talks of Climate Breakdown - otherwise known, when its warmer, as...

502 days ago

Now about that global warming (falling in near record amounts in the US today) - I quote the UEA, Chris Booker and the Guardian fake news paper

538 days ago

The National Trust has Sir John Winnifrith spinning in his grave yet again

647 days ago

Caroline Lucas links Hurricane Irma to climate change - tasteless but worse, groundless fake news

652 days ago

The Guardian wants to erase Nigel Lawson from history - how the liberal left hates free speech & wants to crush dissent

681 days ago

Reasons to loathe the BBC No 978: Radio 4 Today - linking Brexit support to fascism

707 days ago

Jon Sopel: The BBC is impartial, free and fair - that is a fake news lie from an elitist tosser

857 days ago

Aged 49 my child like obsession with snow makes me really jealous of folks in the North

892 days ago

Darren Atwater hit by global warming again, his bogus religion collapses

896 days ago

Things the BBC won't tell you - Greenland is seeing record ice growth as temperatures plunge

948 days ago

The Guardian's snobbish liberal readers swung it for Bush, can dipstick Avaaz millennials swing it for Trump?

966 days ago

The bloated state and the pampered rich in bankrupt Britain - the whites who say BlackLivesmatter

1009 days ago

Black Lives Matter, Climate Change and your cash spunked - I am livid

1016 days ago

Louisiana Floods caused by global warming or climate change - a history lesson for the nutters?

1042 days ago

BBC Radio 4 "celebrates" global warming - naturally it ignores all the facts

1062 days ago

After two days of scorching heat in a small island off Europe, the global warming nutters cream themselves

1069 days ago

Global Warming Sitting deep in New York - How will my daughter's godmother spin this inconvenient truth?

1248 days ago

Are cows to blame for global warming?

1836 days ago

Global Warming is a feminist issue, it's driving women to prostitution – moron liberal Barbara Lee

1988 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on a Sunday – Ed Davey MP is a greedy pig of an MP issue

2059 days ago

Antarctic Ice at Record Levels – Time Global warming nutters stuck their hockey sticks where the sun don’t shine

2071 days ago

The National Trust – a Respected Institution losing the plot & credibility on global warming

2144 days ago

Serious question: When did global warming become climate change?

2280 days ago

Global warming now falling thick and fast in Shipston – am I travel cursed?

2324 days ago