Avanti - Calling all morons: back our bailout with more of your cash. PS We will probably still go bust anyway

817 days ago

Avanti & its disappearing backlog - just why is this not market abuse for the FCA to investigate?

885 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: 3 resignations: Telit (Nomad) & Avanti Coms & Redcentric CEOs - can I claim scalps?

1059 days ago

Shit sandwich with jam tomorrow on top: trading statement from Avanti Coms - but here's what its hiding

1096 days ago

Avanti's next cash crunch could be far sooner than people think - in fact it could be in two weeks' time

1115 days ago

Avanti Communications Trading Update: More jam tomorrow, cashburn & shit sandwiches today - target price 0p

1128 days ago

The Worst Research Note of the Year to date? Edison on worthless Avanti Communications

1220 days ago

The Avanti Coms Annual Report Released at 2.22 - Gem number 2, rewarding greedy CEO David Wil

1279 days ago

Avanti share price spike: the company speaks and says nothing at all

1428 days ago

Avanti Communications announces strategic review - aka - "we are fecked"

1452 days ago

Miserable Welsh People Odd One out Contest Result

1452 days ago

Ouzo O'Clock - Avanti Communications crashes as I predicted

1452 days ago

Sad Welsh People: Avanti Communications odd one out contest

1452 days ago

Avanti Communications - the collapsing share price means it must make a statement on Monday

1479 days ago

VIDEO: Edison Interview with Avanti's David Williams - how big is your cock, huge or massive? And more

1479 days ago

Three weeks after Avanti Communications told a monstrous lie - how is its bailout refinancing going?

1489 days ago

Avanti Communications now in Dana Territory & sinking

1491 days ago

The Predictive Powers of David Williams of Avanti infamy, or how he buries bad business

1498 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: A bad day for family Bick as Gable crashes & UKOG places ( Told Ya!)

1498 days ago

Avanti Coms: another jam tomorrow, cash munching update & piddly director purchases scream SELL

1509 days ago

Arian Silver's related party deal - the comedy continues

1518 days ago

Avanti Communications - more bad news it is not telling you about

1519 days ago

Avanti shares slip despite another ramptastic RNS - Emperor Williams New Clothes called out!

1574 days ago

Avanti Communications - Cut the Crap you sheep shagging bombast and answer the questions

1587 days ago

Avanti Communications - WTF is it up to now in Bongo Bongo Land? Sell - target price 0p

1588 days ago

A 100% sure fire way to make money on the stockmarket

1607 days ago

Avanti Communications - now at 117p, downside 117p by June - 5 Questions as bonds now uber-junk

1626 days ago

Avanti Communications - PR blather is not a substitute for answering the frigging question

1670 days ago

Avanti Communications Q1 Trading Statement – Complete and utter turd polishing nonsense

1695 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 22 Sept - Joshing with Paul Scott as Lucian bashes sheep shaggers

1747 days ago

Avanti Communications – Results all spin no substance & hidden revenue warning (again)

2113 days ago

I’ve just arranged contracts for my luxury yacht but er….Avanti RNS today

2153 days ago

Avanti – The Profits warning does not stack up

2176 days ago

Avanti Communications: Ramp, ramp, pump ramp – er Moody downgrade & when is the placing boyo?

2184 days ago

The Battle of the Bombasts on Avanti Communications: Evil Knievil vs. David Williams

2225 days ago