27 miles in up to 31 degree heat – yesterday’s practice trek for Woodlarks.

639 days ago

Diane Abbott - I never thought I'd say this..

719 days ago

Reasons to despise all MPs No 563 - special protection for the poor darlings

980 days ago

Diary of a diabetic - all over the shop with the blood sugars as Diane Abbot lets down her fellow sufferers

1021 days ago

#PrayforDiane - light a candle for Ms Abbott, Mayor Khan when's the vigil I can go to?

1030 days ago

Monday Night car crash video shocker - Diane Abbott interview on Sky

1030 days ago

Manchester Terror attack - its General Election Impact

1042 days ago

Labour's Maths does not add up - Darren Atwater, Paul Mason and all the other London elitists are innumerate

1048 days ago

Obesity Strategy: Why does the State stigmatise lardbuckets and smokers but not promiscuous homosexuals?

1322 days ago

And now the Tory press is frothing about who Comrade Corbyn shagged 41 years ago..what a pathetic country

1658 days ago

Banning Frosties, Sugar Puffs and Fried Chicken – the Nanny Statists go mad

2640 days ago