Cloudbuy and the Equities First Holdings scandal – the EFH deceit starts to unravel

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The Equities First Holdings LLC Scandal – which, if any, Nomads took brown envelopes?

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Igas shares now 30.5p – FFS Piggy Austin: what about the margin call

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Andrew "piggy" Austin of IGAS - It's Happy First Anniversary on your dodgy EFH share deals day

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Reader Poll – when will Andrew “piggy” Austin of Igas be fired?

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Shock: IGAS – Rescue Placing in 2015? – The woes of Piggy Austin accelerate

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IGAS – Time for Piggy Wiggy Andrew Austin to fess up on EFH margin call

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BearCast from Tom Winnifrith - why IGAS is a screaming short & the shale bubble

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The Equities First Holdings LLC Scam - how it works

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Tom Winnifrith BearCast Special - The Equities First scandal - jail time & disgrace

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The Russians are entering Berlin...Quindell, the downfall Part 2

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Rob Terry you criminal low-life you have a margin call – Quindell must make a statement NOW

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Quindell: Oi Cenkos! Another thing: when does Rob Terry have to put up margin?

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Tom Winnifrith's BearCast 10th November

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Steve Scott’s Quindell Share Sales – the Game is Up for Quindell

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The Quindell Equities First Scandal – will IGas be the first Domino to topple?

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Tom Winnifrith's Saturday BearCast 8 November

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Open Letter to AIM Regulation– Do Closed Periods mean anything to you or will you “fire” Joel Leonoff of Optimal Payments

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Memo to HMRC re Robert Simon Terry of Quindell

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The Equities First Scandal - Its going to get worse, heads will roll - Tom Winnifrith BearCast Special

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Tom Winnifrith's BearCast 14th November

1920 days ago

Our Readers Reckon Rob Terry’s Quindell margin call was 69p (and they are right) so what did Rob do?

1920 days ago