The Madness of the West allows new genocide in Syria - we have blood on our hands

767 days ago

Britain and America have Kurdish blood on our hands - yet the BBC covers it up

1274 days ago

President Obama and we in Britain betray the Kurds as we back the fascist Erdogan

1281 days ago

Blood on the hands of Hollande, Cameron & May - when will they accept they back the wrong side in Syria

1314 days ago

As a supporter of Brexit I pray " can President Obama come over and try to bully us to stay again"

1400 days ago

EU parliament wants Turkish to be an official language in Europe - the writing is on the wall

1410 days ago

The pope goes to see lesbians today but miracles wont happen

1410 days ago

Angela Merkel sucks Erdogan cock as she emulates another German leader

1413 days ago

President Erdogan of Turkey thinks journalists are terrorists: why are we giving 6 billion to this fascist?

1442 days ago