Fox Marble – acquisitions dispute escalates, Malesheva quarry operations suspended

25 days ago

Fox Marble – a further agreement further builds sales momentum…BUY

40 days ago

Fox Marble – after biggest single order for Alexandrian White marble earlier this month…BUY

57 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - the gender pay gap in football & £3m coke & hookers money from the sorry Mporium saga

67 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Reviewing my portfolio

132 days ago

Fox Marble – tidy-up acquisitions, remains a long-term buy

132 days ago

Fox Marble – production resumption with additional equipment and a new customer. All positive…

163 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: ouzo time at Sheriff Towers as Accesso halves

188 days ago

Fox Marble – sales agreement with expected value “in excess of €1 million over the next twelve months”, remains a buy

206 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bullcast - reviewing my own portfolio

206 days ago

Fox Marble – acquisition of joint venture partner adds to prospects - BUY

309 days ago

Fox Marble – half-year results, positive about the outlook - BUY

323 days ago

Photo Article - marble from Kosovo now in place at the Greek Hovel

368 days ago

Fox Marble – half-year update, progress being made

377 days ago

Fox Marble – 2017 sales lower than hoped, but now looking forward to “significant growth” - BUY

462 days ago

Fox Marble – new factory installations add to potential

482 days ago

Fox Marble - new sales deal, placing, debt for equity swap. All good news!

590 days ago

Fox Marble - director loan - hang on this is good news! Stance UPGRADE

617 days ago

Fox Marble – new US sale & further shipments to Turkey, momentum continuing to build: BUY

632 days ago

Fox Marble – completes a first sale from newly operational factory, momentum building

661 days ago

Fox Marble: the $500,000 cheque it said was in the post has arrived

665 days ago

Fox Marble , shares down on Beaufort appointment - unfair but the RNS is a lie from a brain dead PR firm

764 days ago

Everybunny dance! Pro fox propaganda, written by naive idiots, on the rates in Bristol

770 days ago

Fox Marble AGM - a Truly Mixed bag - on balance BUY

773 days ago

Fox Marble - Oh Ye of little faith, stunning new Indian deal: Buy

918 days ago

The Field Number 3 - Wringing the neck of the vicar

923 days ago

Good News from Fox Marble - it makes a pleasant change

923 days ago

Fox & Eboracum Marble - lets sort this out

944 days ago

Fox Marble warns again but we really do think this is the nadir

973 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Why hasn't Deborah White been fired for breaking AIM Rules?

973 days ago

New Fox Marble JV - still a buy

1044 days ago

The post debate poll bounce for Hillary Clinton - it is not enough: Trump will still win

1051 days ago

Fox Marble Interims - getting there: Buy

1058 days ago

Fox Marble - chat with CEO Chris Gilbert: nailing the conspiracists

1084 days ago

Fox Marble - more good news than bad, master Yoda controls my anger

1092 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Boxhill now not an invitation to sell but an obligation - it goes legal

1157 days ago

Fox Marble Results - no shock we knew they would be poor: the shares remain a buy

1169 days ago

Some good news from Fox Marble...its about time!

1184 days ago

Video Dragon's Den 1 at UK investor Show: Nostra Terra, Eurasia Mining, Noricum & Fox Marble

1189 days ago

Fox Marble placing - we take part: the shares are a buy

1190 days ago

Fox Marble: More Good News - Buy

1249 days ago

Fox Marble some cash in - we want to see more

1256 days ago

Fox Marble Trading update - buy

1303 days ago

Video: Chris Gilbert CEO of Fox Marble presents at Gold & Bears November 2015

1338 days ago

Fox Marble Interims - the shares are a buy

1436 days ago

Wildlife diversity report from the Greek Hovel - first snake met & I might have killed it

1553 days ago

A Frog (toad?) in my garden & the useless RSPCA

2006 days ago

The Fat Foxes of Bristol thank the Greens

2078 days ago

It is Illegal to smoke in this building – No it Frigging well is not!

2359 days ago

The RSPCA: A Charity to Put Down for 2013

2424 days ago

A Christmas Carol for the RSPCA

2428 days ago