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UPDATED: Neil Woodford was overdue with his accounts but has now filed - Companies House Double confirm

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Neil Woodford Caption Contest: Three Disasters in three days edition

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Would you Adam & Eve it – today’s nightmare for Neil Woodford

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UK Investor Show 2018 Video Gold & Mining session - Frisby, Van Dyke, Atherley et al

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UK Investor Show 2018 Video - Mark Slater, the UK's top fund manager

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Tonight we expose a 1 billion fraud - tomorrow Tom W share tip & Mark Slater's buys

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EXPLOSIVE Video from UK Investor Show 2018 - Tom Winnifrith exposes the Neil Woodford myth on the main stage

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A tale of the UK's two highest profile fund managers at UK Investor Show grab your complimentary ticket TODAY

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Card Factory now 232p after profits warning - guess who filled his boots in October at c315p?

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IP Group - a disaster waiting to happen: One for the Bankers

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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Yet another bad day at the office for Neil "Nomates" Woodford

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A Second big investor dumps Neil Nomates Woodford after more dismal returns - more to follow

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Hugh Hendry calls it a day saying the market has got it wrong

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Arrogant Bastard Fund Manager Neil "Nomates" Woodford offers up the least convincing apology since Nixon

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This Gold Bull Market Could Be the Longest and Strongest in History

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InternetQ bogus trading statement hides behind Takeover Panel Rules

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Legal & General Fund Manager and Globo & InternetQ fan Richard Penny - did I really say that?

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Lifetime achievement in mining winner at Mines & Money Ian Henderson - the Alex Chapman questions

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