The Liberal media says #Trump2020 is a busted flush - have they read the latest polls? Put your money on POTUS

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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the 40 year golden age of the entrepreneur is over: time to pack up

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New General Election caption contest: Three apologists for murder edition

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I called it for Trump & Macron - here is my GE2017 party by party forecast - big Tory win

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Jeremy Corbyn: U turn if you want to after London Bridge - I don't believe you!

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Manchester Terror attack - its General Election Impact

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General Election June 8th - Surely there is no doubt as to the outcome, there is no uncertainty now

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Great lines for New Year's Eve with the mad lefty friends of the Mrs, Marine Le Pen could be a winner

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Tom Winnifrith Postcard - this is exactly why Donald Trump may well be President

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Tom Winnifrith BearCast -May 7th

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Tom Winnifrith BearCast - May 6th

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Thursday 7th May – a good day to bury bad news: how many profits warnings?

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Bulletin Board Winner of the Week #18 announced – it is a tie

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Why I have already voted Conservative

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Weekly postcard #110 - thoughts on the death penalty and a plea to UKIP supporters - vote Tory

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More free booze, food, PR birds and Galanatas Gold, OPG Power & Savannah Resources on offer on May 6

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Bulletin Board and General Election Moron of the Week - Round 18

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Bulletin Board & General Election Moron of the Week (17) announced

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This house believes that if you own shares you should vote Labour in the General Election - UK Investor debate video

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If you own shares you should vote Labour: The Poulden vs Winnifrith debate on Saturday

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Andrew Monk of VSA Resources promises to emigrate if Labour wins...Reasons to back Red Ed No 1

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Postal matters

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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - General Election lies

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