Tom Winnifrith podcast: saying what no one dares to say about Coronavirus

105 days ago

Treason May needs to deny this Brexit “plan cleared with Merkel” report or resign

723 days ago

Patriotism again a dirty world among the liberal Metropolitan elite - The Independent offends me

746 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - the scariest graphic you will see this year + IQE: Buy sell or hold

965 days ago

World War One was utterly pointless - why is this so controversial?

1069 days ago

fake news lefty media Buzzfeed shows its ignorance again - all Germans were not Nazis (especially in 1813)

1202 days ago

The smug fucking Kraut lecturing on why hard Brexit will screw England, here in Kambos - fuck you Nazi

1234 days ago

EU leaders react to Brexit by ignoring the little people even more

1410 days ago

Olympics: Forget TeamGB - it's the EU wot won it

1416 days ago

St Etienne: Nearly all Moslems are NOT evil terrorists BUT...the BBC still wont admit the truth

1439 days ago

As a supporter of Brexit I pray " can President Obama come over and try to bully us to stay again"

1528 days ago

Angela Merkel sucks Erdogan cock as she emulates another German leader

1541 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 17 Feb - If we vote for Brexit will Emma Thompson please fuck off & live in Germany?

1598 days ago

Weekly postcard #122 - Germany is being selfish on the migrants (and so are we) and MP's 100% wrong on assisted dying

1757 days ago

Another listed Chinese firm sees shares collapse today as theft and fraud emerge – this time its Ultrasonic listed in Germany

2113 days ago

Exclusive: Fund Manager arrested as the FCA fails AGAIN – 325 investors to lose everything

2168 days ago

And the Greeks wonder why folks say “beware of Greeks bearing gifts?”

2179 days ago

Not making myself popular in Greece – The World Cup Final causes a problem

2182 days ago

Will I be the only person on this planet not watching Germany v Argentina? And who to back?

2183 days ago

Racist UKIP Nutter Victoria Ayling – what does Farage really think?

2400 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on a Sunday - Injunction Special

2533 days ago

Croatia joins the Happy EU club on July 1 – are they mad or are we?

2588 days ago

Video postcard from Tom, a visit to the Jewish museum, Berlin

2593 days ago

I guess the need for Lebensraum is genetic

2595 days ago

Off to Berlin with the Stag & Hen Parties

2596 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on Saturday – College Group PR, sheep shagging and pornography Edition

2653 days ago

Friday Caption Contest – Celebrating the Euro Edition

2661 days ago

From Guido – Thought for the Day

2720 days ago

The German who quit the dirty Taliban – The Decadence of the West

2800 days ago

Caption Contest – Pres Obama & Saddam Hussein Special

2815 days ago

Merkel in Greece Caption Contest: Early winner: Jon Pickles a genius

2819 days ago

Friday Caption Contest – Reichsfuhrer Merkel in Greece Special

2822 days ago

Greek bankers on strike – this country is in dreamland

2889 days ago

Italy vs England – The Right Result: What Next?

2931 days ago