Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - starting on a late blackberry crop with Joshua

4 days ago

Photo Article from the Greek Hovel - good news and bad

139 days ago

The arrogance of Apple boss Tim Cook – God will not be amused, surely eternity with Hillary Clinton beckons

304 days ago

Photo article from the Greek Hovel - the olives the flies and Zorba got

310 days ago

Photo article from the Greek Hovel - my olives are looking good, despite everything

311 days ago

Slated by the Guardian within hours of his death, RIP Billy Graham - when did I hear you at Villa Park?

550 days ago

Tom Winnifrith bearcast: I have reported myself, Waseem Shakoor & Lucian Miers to the FCA for market abuse over UKOG

552 days ago

#ReplaceLovewithAnal - what my twitter feed says about the two Americas

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What is God punishing me for? A sneak preview of hell

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Tony Perkins - A sign that God has a sense of humour

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Photo Article - It's just cricket

775 days ago

Nature Photo from the Greek Hovel – isn't God an amazing chap?

806 days ago

My most sober birthday in 34 years - no wonder I am feeling ill

953 days ago

Juggling a City career and bringing up kids makes you a hero! Give us a break loathsome Andrea and Wayward Elaine

1142 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 26 March: No Easter Eggs for Paul Scott, No Quotas for Women on Boards

1247 days ago

It is #WorldMeatFreeDay - so what will I be eating? Meat for every meal.

1533 days ago

Christmas day Reflections 2014

1698 days ago

Man Fighting Nature – Do I really want to drown all East Anglians?

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RIP Lonesome George (gay or straight) - Man as God?

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