Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Before I quit to become a greedy lazy teacher why Malcolm is wrong on IQE

493 days ago

Do I feel sorry for a female BBC employee on £135,000 a year? The issue is that BBC men earn too much

552 days ago

Why were the state schools closed by snow but the public schools not? Step forward lazy teachers

580 days ago

#Firstdayofschool and guess what - it is an INSET day for the greedy and bone idle teachers

1043 days ago

Senior police officers - more greed & laziness paid for by the grateful taxpayer

1071 days ago

Malcolm Stacey Caption Contest 8 - Off with the quacks

1098 days ago

If you are rich or hard working don't marry - use high class hookers every night & save a fortune

1198 days ago

Junior Doctors Strike, the hard data which shows how greedy the bastards are

1223 days ago

Guardian & News International both firing another 100 staffers - the deadwood press dies apace

1226 days ago

Jabba The Hutt Becomes a Blogger - I am David Lenigas

1318 days ago