Surely even my father will not fall for Oxfam's lottery scam - an appeal to the stupid

583 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast:Things that piss me off big time about the Concepta placing although the shares are dirt cheap

795 days ago

The Motorway reaches Kalamata - good news and bad

1006 days ago

Entering a den of Guardian readers in East Oxford I have to tell a white lie

1128 days ago

The Lady from the British Council said sod the Greek peasants "what about the environment?"

1139 days ago

Petropavlovsk: Al Gore made it all up about global warming - buy

1143 days ago

As its #WorldVegetarianday for lunch I enjoyed a juicy...

1203 days ago

The default liberal fascism & double standard of twitter: Glen Reynolds suspended

1212 days ago

More Lynx = Fewer ramblers - good news all round for Britain

1330 days ago

Tree hugging Eco Loons, muddle headed NGOs & other losers slam United Cacao but are they lying?

1349 days ago

It is #WorldMeatFreeDay - so what will I be eating? Meat for every meal.

1677 days ago