Today's Brexit Derangement Syndrome victim is Morgan, let us pray for Morgan

140 days ago

It is not an April Fool: Peace foundation launched in memory of Martin McGuinness

154 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I am glad Mugabe is dead & burning in hell with Martin McGuinness

204 days ago

Is Dead Ringers on BBC Radio 4 the worst possible way to spend my license fee?

297 days ago

That dog with the Nazi salute, the death of free speech and the stupidity of the whining Police

740 days ago

The Darkest Hour - wrong about Churchill in so many ways but not as the Independent says as it brands him racist

797 days ago

Did The BBC present a "balanced case on Hitler? So why does it try to treat Mugabe impartially?

861 days ago

The BBC, Guardian and liberal media slate and smear Donald Trump as a Nazi - 4 more years in the bank

958 days ago

Contacted by a well known Jew Hater who thinks I've got it wrong

991 days ago

Photo Article: The Christmas Tree is up with decorations from my life around the world

1200 days ago

Lifelong Democrat Kirk Douglas compares Donald Trump to Hitler - the Hollywood liberals are rattled

1284 days ago

Leading Labour MP Chris Bryant blames Brexit for coup in Turkey - a twisted & ignorant liberal mind in action

1354 days ago

The Boys on the Somme did not die for democracy

1366 days ago

Project Fear smears Brexit and Boris Johnson on the Hitler Front

1415 days ago

Labour and the Jew haters... Hamas speaks up for Corbyn and against the zionists

1424 days ago

Do most British students hate Jews and back ISIS? Their vile new leader does

1439 days ago

Will the Dutch People stick two fingers up to the EU today? My fingers are crossed

1455 days ago

President Erdogan of Turkey thinks journalists are terrorists: why are we giving 6 billion to this fascist?

1475 days ago

Am I a dirty jippo (sic)? Free speech explained to a bigot

1901 days ago

The Liberal Media, Charlie Hebdo, the cowardice and duplicity over the Paris massacre

1909 days ago

The Argies vs The Islamofascists in the World Cup – who to support?

2109 days ago

Ukraine – My Sympathies are Almost Entirely with Putin & Russia not the meddlers of the West

2221 days ago

Reflecting as we mark World Holocaust Day in this home

2255 days ago

How do you deal with a “Jewish Conspiracy” person?

2668 days ago