Brexit Actually - possibly the best ever campaign video and it stars Boris

111 days ago

Julie Meyer, Jeremy Thorpe (played by Hugh Grant), Max Mosley & Jonathan Aitken odd one out result

665 days ago

Sunday Odd One Out Contest, nothing to do with lingerie on expenses

666 days ago

Tory MP shags hooker - Labour Tories & Hacked Off talk 100% cobblers

1447 days ago

Weekly Caption Contest: How Hugh Grant fuelled US Economic Growth Edition

2129 days ago

Mensch to the US, Miliband (D) to US, Piers Moron to US – who else do you want to go?

2560 days ago

The best of #Askpermissionfromhugh – twitter reacts to State censorship from a crap actor

2568 days ago

A free press will today be killed by a corrupt elite – but freedom will thrive online

2569 days ago

Friday Caption Contest Lord Leveson and Hugh Grant Special

2677 days ago