#PeoplesVoteMarch – rampant marcher inflation and rank hypocrisy all round

454 days ago

Photo Article - #PeoplesVoteMarch, not really very big is it?

455 days ago

Theresa May - you are as bad as Blair, Britain is not safer because you bombed Syria - you lie!

641 days ago

Bombing Syria: Tony Blair is delighted but what have you achieved Trump and May?

644 days ago

#Syria - #Notinmyname

647 days ago

Jeremy Corbyn will be horrified by his defenders over Russia

670 days ago

The Madness of the West allows new genocide in Syria - we have blood on our hands

726 days ago

After ISIS attack 500,000 Spaniards march in Barcelona for peace - you are fools and you fool only yourselves

873 days ago

Donald Trump leaks classified data to the Russians ( or did he?): Western liberal press so blinkered it works to save ISIS

977 days ago

Pledge £10 today to ensure that Tony Blair faces trial for his war crimes

1276 days ago

Nice: a reminder of the lies of two former Prime Ministers that shame Blair and Cameron

1281 days ago

The hospice party, Corbyn vs Eagle pitches me against Sister N and then Midsomer Murders - I "out-Sherlock" my father

1284 days ago

Corbyn vs Eagle: Who should a #Tory4Corbyn back? Eagle has a lot of plus points

1286 days ago

Cloudtag - Option spoof and Bulletin Board Morons Fail to understand basic maths

1287 days ago

Chilcot: Where's the justice? Why can't Blair and Straw face trial for war crimes?

1291 days ago

The establishment tells we plebs to sod off again: Blair walks on war crimes, squaddies in the dock

1294 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Postcard #134 - Bombing Syria is wrong at all levels - not in my name

1507 days ago

Weekly postcard #131: Thoughts on Paris bombings - our politicians tell us that bombing Syria makes us safer - THEY LIE

1526 days ago

Maaz al-Kassasbeh burned alive by ISIS – the animals want us to sink to their level, we must not

1809 days ago

You cannot libel a dead paedophile: politician Leon Brittan is Dead

1821 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard #82 – Off to war we go edition

1939 days ago

Sell and Short Gulf Keystone at 68.25p

1987 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard #74 – Eco-loos and blowback edition

1994 days ago

Tony Blair wants us to intervene in Iraq again – WE MUST put the War Criminal on Trial to solve our problems

2042 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard #67: Iraq, the Islamofascists and blowback edition

2043 days ago

Ukraine – My Sympathies are Almost Entirely with Putin & Russia not the meddlers of the West

2148 days ago

Tony Blair and Iraq: ever more blood on his hands

2224 days ago

Tony Blair not shagging Wendi Deng, the ex-Mrs Murdoch – quote of the century

2239 days ago

Liam Fox reminds me: V for Vendetta – Time for an annual viewing

2294 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on a Monday - Sefton's Ellerton going to prison issue

2336 days ago

Sir Andrew Murray and Call Me Dave heir to Blair

2384 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on a Sunday - Syria Madness Edition

2393 days ago

Arming the Islamofascists in Syria – are we mad?

2422 days ago

Woolwich Atrocity – Nick Raynsford MP you are a shitbag in denial

2431 days ago

The Iraqi benefits queen YOU pay for – why housing benefit is a farce our useless MPs will not deal with

2484 days ago

Bethan Tichborne Deluded Lefty – but (ref Voltaire) I stand with you so: David Cameron you have blood your hands

2498 days ago

Danny Nightingale vs. Abu Qatada: British Justice in the Dock

2620 days ago

Petrel Resources – Valuation Not Justifiable

2622 days ago

Buying a Poppy with gratitude but also with a tinge of resentment

2630 days ago

Caption Contest – Pres Obama & Saddam Hussein Special

2647 days ago

Mitt Romney (Syria) : will you never learn?

2656 days ago