General Knowledge Quiz – which country are most Syrian refugees heading to right now?

207 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Bloody half term

207 days ago

Christmas in Syria – the story the guilty Western Media cannot bear to broadcast

256 days ago

Putting the vicar straight after his factually challenged midnight mass sermon

262 days ago

80 British ISIS brides in Syria want to "come home" - feck off you are not wanted

322 days ago

Is it Marine Le Pen who is insane or the political elites?

345 days ago

We are told we must #NeverForget 9/11 – we have! The West is supporting those who carried it out – madness

370 days ago

Fake News special on Syria in the Sunday Telegraph

370 days ago

Syria – what the liberal media is not telling you – get ready for blowback as the West suffers the price of its folly

435 days ago

Theresa May - you are as bad as Blair, Britain is not safer because you bombed Syria - you lie!

517 days ago

Bombing Syria: Tony Blair is delighted but what have you achieved Trump and May?

519 days ago

#Syria - #Notinmyname

523 days ago

Jim Matthews to be charged by the Met with fighting AGAINST ISIS - is the UK officially mad?

585 days ago

The Madness of the West allows new genocide in Syria - we have blood on our hands

602 days ago

"After a driver in New York mowed down 8"... how the media and the libs got everything wrong and Trump was right again

683 days ago

Robbie Travers vs Esme Allman - free speech dies another quite insane death at Edinburgh University

740 days ago

After ISIS attack 500,000 Spaniards march in Barcelona for peace - you are fools and you fool only yourselves

749 days ago

Barcelona: the Cowardice, Double Standard and Virtue Signalling of the liberal elites

759 days ago

Daily Mail comments really are a hoot, where does this rag find such bonkers readers

770 days ago

Am I wicked in looking forward to the death of the White Widow, the British ISIS bitch Sally Jones?

774 days ago

Sally Jones: stay and die in Raqqa or maybe live with Gary Lineker, we don't want you back on Benefits Street UK

802 days ago

Finsbury Park terror attack - humanity appals me but impresses me

819 days ago

London Bridge: They DON'T Hate our way of life, they DON'T hate democracy and we CAN'T carry on as normal

834 days ago

After Manchester the Politicians and Media elites say hope not hate, carry on as normal but it is all hogwash

845 days ago

Manchester Attack happens as we celebrate return of ISIS brides & fighters - are we bonkers?

846 days ago

Donald Trump leaks classified data to the Russians ( or did he?): Western liberal press so blinkered it works to save ISIS

853 days ago

More Fake News from the Daily Mail - Tory Election lead slashed...Or not

876 days ago

The Daily Mail lies as part of the West's war on Truth in Syria

883 days ago

Orwell would be proud - the Dusseldorf truth emerges after the news cycle has moved on

919 days ago

The pathetic feminists of the West - how they demean the plight of women who really suffer

923 days ago

Photo article: Coca cola penises, 1001 types of tat and Cloudtag's Onitor (non working model) - Tom Winnifrith visits the Spring Fair

951 days ago

Photo Article: Joining the total losers and halfwits marching for Bristol Against Trump

953 days ago

Turkey bleats about lack of support after Istanbul ISIS outrage -, er I wonder why you fascist hypocrites?

986 days ago

God Help me I agree with Nick Clegg twice in ten minutes

1060 days ago

Spending European cash rescuing ISIS fighters to bring them safely home? Why is this not madness?

1067 days ago

Clinton Trump Debate - I admit it: Hillary won but Trump can still win the Election

1083 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Truthful Trump but Democrats lying on terror, The maths on Watchstone now & Alba spouting shite

1087 days ago

The default liberal fascism & double standard of twitter: Glen Reynolds suspended

1088 days ago

Emily Thornberry - the default mechanism of a cornered lefty: scream "xxxism!"

1098 days ago

When in Rome...Masturbate in Public, The Decline and fall of the Western Empire

1103 days ago

Britain and America have Kurdish blood on our hands - yet the BBC covers it up

1110 days ago

I just could not watch Schindler's List - not sure what is happening

1110 days ago

President Obama and we in Britain betray the Kurds as we back the fascist Erdogan

1116 days ago

EU leaders react to Brexit by ignoring the little people even more

1118 days ago

Why send Anjem Choudary to prison - he wants and should be given a one way ticket to Syria

1125 days ago

British Forces are in Syria - are we stark raving mad?

1130 days ago

BBC mourns and lauds ISIS poster girl Kadiza Sultana: Like everyone else I celebrate her death

1130 days ago

Russell Square - the BBC still evades the point & so becomes ever less trusted

1136 days ago

ISIS & Al Qaeda must be praying that Crooked Hillary Clinton defeats Trump

1143 days ago

The BBC still banging on about Brexit Project Fear - scrap the license fee

1146 days ago

Ansbach: Dragging the truth about Islamist terrorists from the German Rozzers

1147 days ago

Blood on the hands of Hollande, Cameron & May - when will they accept they back the wrong side in Syria

1150 days ago

How should a mad lefty Guardian reader react to an outrage like Munich?

1150 days ago

Nice attacker lone wolf theory crushed: five arrested - liberal media's five stages of denial

1150 days ago

Liberal media darling Inigo Gilmore uses Channel 4 News to smear all Eurosceptics as being on "far right"

1150 days ago

Lucy Williamson of the BBC on Nice - yes of course the victims are the Moslems

1154 days ago

Renewing Trident - Jeremy Corbyn is correct, Theresa May is willie waving and silly (again)

1155 days ago

Nice: a reminder of the lies of two former Prime Ministers that shame Blair and Cameron

1157 days ago

Nice - the BBC really does not want to say the obvious: It was ISIS which did it

1158 days ago

Chilcot: Where's the justice? Why can't Blair and Straw face trial for war crimes?

1166 days ago

Jeremy Corbyn must be booted out of Labour for comparing Israel to ISIS

1172 days ago

Are all students loathsome? The Great fraud on the British taxpayer repels me.

1173 days ago

Orlando - an American liberal "its all about Trump" - don't these idiots have any values?

1190 days ago

If Tony Blair did irony he'd propose a new Middle East war 5 weeks ahead of Chilcot - Oh what?

1209 days ago

Now lyin' David Cameron is back to the "ISIS wants Brexit" lie - what has got into him?

1216 days ago

As a supporter of Brexit I pray " can President Obama come over and try to bully us to stay again"

1235 days ago

Do most British students hate Jews and back ISIS? Their vile new leader does

1242 days ago

Brexit scare story of the day from Project Fear: If you vote to leave the EU ISIS will be happy

1243 days ago

President Assad retakes Palmyra and is crushing ISIS - the West squirms, red faces all round

1261 days ago

Brussels attacks - am sure Belgians once again feel that the EU makes them "safer in", the BBC flannels

1273 days ago

Just in case you had forgotten - the real crackpots are in the Labour party - lets have tea with ISIS

1273 days ago

President Erdogan of Turkey thinks journalists are terrorists: why are we giving 6 billion to this fascist?

1278 days ago

Avanti shares slip despite another ramptastic RNS - Emperor Williams New Clothes called out!

1281 days ago

Tom Winnifrith podcast: EU deal with Turkey: sordid, disgusting and bad news - you must now vote for Brexit

1287 days ago

Avanti Communications - PR blather is not a substitute for answering the frigging question

1377 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Postcard #134 - Bombing Syria is wrong at all levels - not in my name

1383 days ago

Last Dance - a wonderful video of Paris and a wonderful song - sadness but defiance

1401 days ago

Jihadi John – another extra-judicial killing, this is wrong

1403 days ago

Weekly Postcard #130 - Syria our policies are unethical, unaffordable and just don't work

1407 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 8 October: To quote Rambo "Don't push it or I'll give you a war you won't believe"

1438 days ago

Horizonte Placing – WTF – was its last announcement, er.. True?

1444 days ago

Why do some folk think that the Kurds give a FF about shareholders in Gulf Keystone?

1502 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 27 June - Greece, China and bubbles

1540 days ago

Reader Poll – Monday a good day to bury bad news – how many profits warnings?

1540 days ago

Weekly Postcard #118 - How to deal with ISIS

1540 days ago

The Russian Transsexual who joined ISIS...this tale will not end well

1544 days ago

The ISIS fighters have a spot of bother with Aids - oh dear

1544 days ago

Weekly postcard #113 - as a libertarian could I consider a war against ISIS a just war?

1575 days ago

Weekly Postcard #100 - The West recruits for ISIS & Labour hypocrisy and muddle on tax evasion

1673 days ago

Maaz al-Kassasbeh burned alive by ISIS – the animals want us to sink to their level, we must not

1685 days ago

Thoughts on the wicked execution of Kenji Goto by ISIS & our WRONG responses

1688 days ago

Video postcard #87 – Our relations with the UK Muslim community – tolerance needed but also honesty

1778 days ago

Video Postcard #84 – The lies from the BBC and our leaders over ISIS edition

1800 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard #83 – The murder of Alan Henning, ISIS, our lying leaders and what real justice means

1806 days ago

Syria – whose side are we on today? Our leaders are clueless and do not speak for me

1817 days ago

ISIS not Muslims but Monsters says Call Me Dave – he lies

1827 days ago

Why Scotland needs the Painful Medicine of Independence and must vote YES for ITS sake

1827 days ago

51% of 5 million welfare addicts set to vote for economic hara-kiri: Poll says Scots will vote yes in #IndyRef – Great News!

1835 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard #78 – Quindell, Frigana and Bombing the Shit out of ISIS edition

1841 days ago

US Intervention in Iraq – short term respite – long term disaster

1860 days ago

US Air Strikes will not save the Kurd Oil plays forever

1863 days ago

Sell and Short Gulf Keystone at 68.25p

1863 days ago

Tony Blair wants us to intervene in Iraq again – WE MUST put the War Criminal on Trial to solve our problems

1918 days ago