Donald Trump sucks Corrupt Saudi cock - truisms you cannot utter in the islamofascist jihad backing hell-hole

1218 days ago

How should a mad lefty Guardian reader react to an outrage like Munich?

1521 days ago

Lucy Williamson of the BBC on Nice - yes of course the victims are the Moslems

1525 days ago

Orlando - an American liberal "its all about Trump" - don't these idiots have any values?

1561 days ago

Twitter idiot rather than racist Matthew Doyle and Britain's 1984 Police State of Political Correctness

1639 days ago

The ISIS fighters have a spot of bother with Aids - oh dear

1915 days ago

Today is World Holocaust day, It is 70 years on – Never Again: spare a couple of minutes for thought

2063 days ago

Reflecting as we mark World Holocaust Day in this home

2428 days ago

Albania and Islam – not downtown Tehran or the Whitechapel Road: The short skirt test

2970 days ago