Photo article: Bad News for @TitaniaMcGrath – she has a rival as the UK’s leading woke poet

14 days ago

A Christmas Present from sister N who like the BBC believes in a made-up country which is not Narnia

22 days ago

There are so many reasons not to vote Labour but, I beg the Mrs, just think about the Jews

60 days ago

Queers for Palestine and against Israel but it sure is not vice versa as Al Qaws discovered last week

154 days ago

How the Jew haters of the Belfast Palestine Solidarity Campaign celebrated Holocaust Memorial Day - odious bastards

357 days ago

Photo Article - Considering Holocaust Memorial Day among fucktard lefties in Glastonbury

357 days ago

Christmas in Syria – the story the guilty Western Media cannot bear to broadcast

383 days ago

Putting the vicar straight after his factually challenged midnight mass sermon

389 days ago

I cannot bear to watch the BBC any more, its bias & fake news on Brexit, Trump and Israel is just nauseating

490 days ago

Now about those "civilians" the "evil Jews" butchered for protesting on the Gaza border

652 days ago

The Sunday service ..Dr Johnson would not have been surprised

659 days ago

She escaped the Nazis as a child but the Jew Haters got Mirielle Knoll today

664 days ago

#NeverAgain - I challenge you to watch this video and not shed a tear

693 days ago

The BBC was Robbed! Where's its #FakeNewsaward Mr President?

732 days ago

Open letter to Mark Steward (Head of Enforcments) at the FCA from Richard Jennings

754 days ago

Nikki Haley and Donald Trump on fire - why indeed give taxpayers cash to America bashers and Jew Haters?

758 days ago

Boycott Israel - the stupidity of the Western liberal left in one cartoon

764 days ago

How the biased BBC defines "retaliation" with respect to Israel

767 days ago

The true motivation of some of those who demanded the blood of Priti Patel - meet blood libel endorsing academic Mona Baker

799 days ago

What sort of Internet of Things PLC has an "art curator on the payroll" - Telit Communications natch. Guess who!

893 days ago

Statistics Lesson for those who think that Telit's Oozi Cats is NOT the Boston fraudster

894 days ago

Channel 4 News - Fake News from Israel

920 days ago

Contacted by a well known Jew Hater who thinks I've got it wrong

921 days ago

To our shame, being racist in 2017 Britain is acceptable as long as its the Jews you hate: Ebrahim Bham speaks tomorrow

926 days ago

Photo Article: The dysfunctional left applauds the Palestinans who execute gays at Gay Pride

927 days ago

The Jews did not murder 60 people at Grenfell Tower - when will Mayor Khan & the liberal left stop condoning blood libel?

946 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Postcard: The misuse of language, the distortion of data and the lies told by those who hate Israel

946 days ago

Why am I paying for the BBC to run fake news just because it is institutionally anti-Israel?

947 days ago

It's Gay Pride Tel Aviv today - when are the other events in the region?

955 days ago

It is Holocaust Memorial day - my thoughts as a candle burns in this house

1089 days ago

We are attacking Cloudtag because its CEO is Jewish say the LSE Morons - I despair

1128 days ago

Photo Article: The Christmas Tree is up with decorations from my life around the world

1130 days ago

Telit - now the biggest short on AIM?

1197 days ago

Jeremy Corbyn must be booted out of Labour for comparing Israel to ISIS

1300 days ago

This Blog is 4 years old - Happy Birthday: my top twenty stories & 20 Greek stories

1318 days ago

Murder is fine as long as the murderess is a sweet 12 year old and the victims are wicked evil Jews: anti-semitism is the new cool

1363 days ago

The Jaffa Stabba and the oh so wicked Jews in Israel on BBC News

1412 days ago

Back with my Dad – here have the Amnesty Christmas Catalogue he says

1527 days ago

Weekly postcard #116 - mingling with the fake charities and Jew haters at the Bristol Refugee fair

1681 days ago

Weekly postcard #103: Speaking as a feminist about International Women's day

1779 days ago

Imagine if Israel beheaded a woman at the Wailing Wall?

1829 days ago

Heading through 5,000 twitter followers – so ffing what?

1877 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard (#46 financial, #76 non-financial) – Free Speech & Frigana Edition

1984 days ago

Hamas supporters in UK try to get pro-Israel tweeter fired by blackmailing employer

1987 days ago

Some hateful and vile twitter comments from deluded western liberals because #IstandwithIsrael

1994 days ago

Baroness Warsi – Good Riddance you are a thieving and stupid apologist for murderers

1994 days ago

We Con the World, We Con the People we'll make them all believe that Hamas is Momma Theresa

2010 days ago

Spot the Difference Contest – ref Hamas lies

2010 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard #72 – Update from The Greek Hovel and Gaza Edition

2011 days ago

So who thinks that the Jews are cockroaches? Who are you backing? Israel or Hamas?

2012 days ago

Israel and Gaza – getting this straight for the Jew Haters

2017 days ago

Video Postcard #69 – The racism that some folks find acceptable – anti-Semitism

2031 days ago

4 Dead at the Belgian Jewish Museum – The silence is Deafening

2063 days ago

Yippee – My Passport is Here: Greece beckons

2126 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard #59 – The Liberty Hating Left & National Service Edition

2129 days ago

Weekly Prize Caption Contest: Peace & Love on its way to the EU’s fave murderous Islamofascist regime edition

2143 days ago

Ariel Sharon, Israel and free speech

2200 days ago

Chris Patten’s BBC Christmas Carol Part Two

2220 days ago

Houston. I think I have a problem – The Independent is too right wing?

2227 days ago

David Ward MP, the Jew Hating bastard the Lib Dems just won’t get rid off

2255 days ago

Israelis hate black people – crude video propaganda and lies for the Jew Haters

2284 days ago

The Biased BBC, Gay Rights, Israel and the Islamofascists

2287 days ago

My acid trip continues as I become an Islamic spiritual mentor

2294 days ago

The UKIP Jew haters – It’s time Farage Got a grip

2311 days ago

Farewell Latma TV, going out with a song: You will be sadly missed

2341 days ago

Why does the EU hate Israel & Just Love Terrorists?

2367 days ago

Boris Johnson in bed with the Jew Haters

2379 days ago

The power of Facebook – Hello Alison Schwarz ( after 28 years)

2394 days ago

EU Sponsored Public Executions?

2414 days ago

One Year Old – today: A look back

2424 days ago

Off to Berlin with the Stag & Hen Parties

2431 days ago

Woolwich Atrocity – Nick Raynsford MP you are a shitbag in denial

2434 days ago

BBC News journalists on strike – 12 hours not enough – try 15 years?

2489 days ago

Lord Ahmed is a prize shit – does Labour believe in a global Jewish conspiracy?

2503 days ago

Celebrating International Women's Day - Honouring women who fight for Democracy

2508 days ago

David Ward MP, Israel hating, factually incorrect shit

2551 days ago

I am sorry about Newtown but Guns Save Lives

2584 days ago

How do you deal with a “Jewish Conspiracy” person?

2598 days ago

Another hit from Latma TV ( Blame Canada) and 2 classics from the Past: We Con the World and the 3 Terrors

2599 days ago

Top of the Pops – Hamas Style

2610 days ago

Sad Git West Ham supporters I despise – but the climate does not deter anti-semitism

2611 days ago

Gaza: Peace in Our Time. Bullshit (I fear) with normal vile BBC spin

2614 days ago

Pallywood and the bloodied Palestinian Baby – You could not make it up

2617 days ago

Hamas and Israel Not Morally Equivalent – the wretched bias of the BBC and others

2620 days ago

Celebrate – An Evil Man goes to Hell

2623 days ago

Why does the West’s liberal elite deny Israel the right of self defence?

2623 days ago

Obama v Romney, Man United v Chelski – I want BOTH to lose but on balance I go for ...

2631 days ago

Let the Left Explain: Hurricane Sandy who is to blame?

2639 days ago

The Tomograph Issue 9

2661 days ago

Melanie Phillips Joins My Blog Photo Hero List

2672 days ago

Rachel Corrie – Not a Saint but a Silly Girl

2701 days ago

Want to be the Virtual Head of the Israeli Army?

2704 days ago

4 Potential Mid East Wars by Christmas, what should the West and you do?

2715 days ago

New Media Stats - Do you Believe 1 of them?

2726 days ago

Greek Olympic Racism Bad. Arab Olympic Racism fine and dandy

2733 days ago

Visiting The Corfu Synagogue – the Meaning of Holocaust

2737 days ago

Responding to a Jew Hating Ignoramus

2737 days ago

The Middle East and why you need oil exposure

2738 days ago

Israel and Gaza – a fair exchange? what the Biased BBC does NOT say!

2758 days ago

Syria & Egypt – The Folly of the West: Blowback

2766 days ago