Tom Winnifrith Coronavirus podcast number four- have up to 50% of us caught it already? Not even an expert like Richard North knows

4 days ago

Photo article: Bad News for @TitaniaMcGrath – she has a rival as the UK’s leading woke poet

82 days ago

A Christmas Present from sister N who like the BBC believes in a made-up country which is not Narnia

90 days ago

Photo Article: Joshua in his costume from the Nativity Concert

97 days ago

Malcolm Stacey I thank you for solving an annual problem

135 days ago

Big Dave Lenigas ousted from Doriemus ...a prophet is without honour

283 days ago

The Carol service at a packed St Cuthbert’s

467 days ago

Why can’t I get an Advent calendar featuring Jesus?

505 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast; Disgusted by Conroy I am appalled by the Archbishop of Canterbury

569 days ago

Julie Meyer MBE retweets the Pope as she explains how she lives for God

671 days ago

Can anyone explain what this weekend's GDPR non compliant spam from Julie Meyer means?

671 days ago

Julie Meyer sends out newsletter - it's defamatory & delusional - why no video?

681 days ago

#ReplaceLovewithAnal - what my twitter feed says about the two Americas

781 days ago

Photo article: Godless Cottage Burner of a daughter chips in to the Christmas spirit

829 days ago

Anyone wishing me "Happy Holidays" should know that I find that offensive

853 days ago

Tim Farron quits as Lib Dem leader as he faces witch-hunt for being a Christian in sad new Britain

1018 days ago

The Liberal Media, Charlie Hebdo, the cowardice and duplicity over the Paris massacre

1907 days ago

Christmas day Reflections 2014

1914 days ago

Global Warming is a feminist issue, it's driving women to prostitution – moron liberal Barbara Lee

2267 days ago

The Bitch with the baby on the train is NOT “one of the vulnerable”

2287 days ago

Mandela, far from Jesus, far from an Angel but in his contrition there is something amazing

2295 days ago

Tony Blair and Iraq: ever more blood on his hands

2295 days ago

All Year Round Hot Cross Buns?

2638 days ago