K3 Business Technology - a most disappointing profits warning but hang on

1356 days ago

K3 - very strong trading update, we are more than 100% ahead but still a buy

1405 days ago

K3 - New CFO, we won't hold his MBA against him ( now 133% ahead on share tip)

1439 days ago

K3 Business Technology - Orderly Management succession, That's the way to do it

1467 days ago

K3 Business Technology - more than decent prelims, leaves us c130% up on share tip but more to go!

1478 days ago

K3 Business Technology - Trading Update, our share tip 100%+ ahead but stance upgraded to buy

1538 days ago

K3 Business Technology - cute acquisition, hang on…

1545 days ago

Video from UK Investor Show: K3 Business Technolgy - David Bolton

1607 days ago

K3 - Acquisition & Placing: we are 130% up on this share tip but more to come

1617 days ago

K3 Results, Company Chat and where next? Up!

1652 days ago

Very pleasing trading update from K3 Business where we are well over 100% ahead - more to come

1715 days ago

K3 Results, company chat - all looking good, we are 100% ahead on our share tip - more to come

1840 days ago

K3 - solid results, bullish outlook

2023 days ago

K3 - solid trading update, on track - 35% more share price upside on this tip

2077 days ago

K3 Business Technology AGM - Good news all round from another of our winning share tips

2135 days ago

K3 Microsoft News ( that is Good News)

2156 days ago

K3 – Very Good Finals – still share price upside at 214p

2202 days ago

Book your place now for free pizza and drinks, Tom Winnifrith on AIM accounting fiddles and presentations by K3 Business, Premaitha and Anglo African Ag on 29th September

2204 days ago

K3 Business Technology – we are 45% up on or share tip but still upside

2256 days ago

K3 Business Technology cheap at 209p – worth 250p plus: Heck I agree with Edison

2271 days ago

Stellar Diamonds joins the list of presenters at Shareprophets Seminars - register NOW to priority book

2273 days ago

K3 - Very Impressive interims - we are well ahead but more to come

2389 days ago

K3 The recovery continues - Buy

2499 days ago

K3 Full Year Numbers - a recovery buy

2569 days ago

The Two great lies used to justify share placings

2737 days ago

K3 Business Technology – Profits Warning: Reaction Overcooked?

2810 days ago

K3 Business Technology – AGM statement buying opportunity

2857 days ago

K3 Business Technology - FinnCap sees 48% upside

2933 days ago

K3 Business Technology: Bid talks off - buying opportunity

2935 days ago