Kennedy Ventures - Giving 3.98% of the company to the CEO does have a cost

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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Hard number crunching on Corero and Jim Griffin for the slammer?

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Free drinks and booze in the City with Turner Pope & 3 PLCs TONIGHT

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Kennedy Ventures no longer dead: I take it all back - Peter Redmond is a Total Frigging Genius

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Kennedy Ventures – A TOTAL LIE to shareholders: sue me if you dare!

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I become a shareholder in Leed Resources and prepare to destroy Chairman Peter Redmond on Feb 6 - Questions flagged

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The Gold Medal for burying bad News on Christmas Eve. Nominations and a Winner c/o Peter Redmond

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On the AIM Cesspit Kennedy Ventures & the Great Bison Energy joke - when's the cash call?

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