Photo Article - marble from Kosovo now in place at the Greek Hovel

305 days ago

Jesus Wept! The Greeks bring disaster upon themselves – snagaroo at the Hovel

317 days ago

Fox Marble – 2017 sales lower than hoped, but now looking forward to “significant growth” - BUY

399 days ago

Fox Marble – new factory installations add to potential

418 days ago

Orwell would be proud - the Dusseldorf truth emerges after the news cycle has moved on

827 days ago

Dusseldorf attack - Orwellian use of Yugolaslavia by Police, why not blame Donald Trump

828 days ago

New Fox Marble JV - still a buy

980 days ago

Fox Marble Results - no shock we knew they would be poor: the shares remain a buy

1105 days ago

Fox Marble placing - we take part: the shares are a buy

1126 days ago

Fox Marble: More Good News - Buy

1186 days ago

Video: Chris Gilbert CEO of Fox Marble presents at Gold & Bears November 2015

1275 days ago

Work Related Trips I’d like to do: Kosovo, Spain – any other ideas?

1358 days ago

Tom Winnifrith’s tenth and final share tip of the year 2015 – Buy Fox Marble at 18.25p

1623 days ago

Fox Marble – I remain a buyer after AGM

1859 days ago

Democracy Crimea Style vs. Democracy EU Style

1917 days ago