Just how lazy is your greedy and overpaid GP?

598 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Before I quit to become a greedy lazy teacher why Malcolm is wrong on IQE

758 days ago

Why were the state schools closed by snow but the public schools not? Step forward lazy teachers

846 days ago

The public sector is staffed by lazy, overpaid bastards who lie about pay

933 days ago

Dear Millennials you are useless lazy bastards so ( in a roundabout way) says the Tea House Theatre

993 days ago

Tom Winnifrith postcard: The twit Liam Fox has no real world experience and shows it in spades

1303 days ago

Senior police officers - more greed & laziness paid for by the grateful taxpayer

1337 days ago

My sister says I cannot use the word Quack

1370 days ago

Ban Rugby tackles & scrums in schools says the mad Professor Allyson Pollock & 70 Quacks

1496 days ago