Exactly – why would anyone live in a town?

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Anna Liberadzki of Lefty spammers SumofUs lies about Donald Trump to get my cash

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Photo Article: The dysfunctional left applauds the Palestinans who execute gays at Gay Pride

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Photo Article: General Election Result from Toumbia is in: Tory win!

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The Stinking hypocrisy of lefty film maker Ken Loach on BBCQT

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Lily Allen you spoilt privileged luvvie snob you do not speak for me or for England on immigration: feck off!

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Emily Thornberry - the default mechanism of a cornered lefty: scream "xxxism!"

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If there was a God he'd call down a meteoroid strike on the #PRIinPerson conference in Singapore

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The National Lottery: Bigoted lefty Kevin Maguire confuses the poor and the stupid

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Good News - my father's membership of the Conservative Club approved

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How should a mad lefty Guardian reader react to an outrage like Munich?

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Tom Winnifrith postcard - is Britain corrupt?

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