New Bulletin Board Moron contest of the week in honour of the ADVFN paedo guy

7 days ago

Forget Russian Bots, it is Dad’s Army that is to blame for Brexit – media luvvie Daisy Goodwin goes full Cadwalldr

210 days ago

Hat Off to Roger Lawson - he is bang on the money re Barclays Stockbrokers debacle

862 days ago

Reader Comment of the day - Drunken Sailor unearths local issues for Bushveld

885 days ago

BREAKING: Now Roger Lawson & his bully boy lawyers bully Audioboom to get Bearcast taken down

907 days ago

Tom Winnifrith - the shares that are my 18 holdings: the non dirty dozen and a half

938 days ago

Praise the Lord! Very Bad News for Aidan Earley - 2 emails

1050 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: For whom the (front door) bell tolls

1055 days ago

Aidan Earley sues Tom Winnifrith for £50,000 for libel - he's avin a bubble

1055 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - with apologies to Bjørge Lillelien

1056 days ago

Is Peter Reynolds of lawyers Fladgates London's most incompetent lawyer? Or its most expensive clown?

1081 days ago

New Bulletin Board Moron of the Week sponsored by Aidan Earley of Worthington infamy

1124 days ago

Cloudtag and the "interesting" related party deal on Amit's office space

1128 days ago

FRAUD African Potash - now the Nomad Quits: no reason given

1154 days ago

Lord Peter Hain of FRAUD African Potash caption Contest Result

1177 days ago

FRAUD African Potash - now 56 days since it promised to sue Tom Winnifrith for libel - new Peter Hain caption contest

1177 days ago

African Potash you fecking fraudsters where is your libel suit you lying bastards?

1185 days ago

FRAUD African Potash Caption Contest: On yer bike Lord Peter Hain Edition

1192 days ago

African Potash suing Tom Winnifrith for libel update

1223 days ago

African Potash, libel and disclosure - let's start with payments made to Beryl

1230 days ago

Grounds for Divorcing the Mrs...she just cannot be serious!

1234 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Lyin' Chris Cleverley of African Potash sue me for libel or resign in disgrace now!

1236 days ago

Proof that Pinsent Masons Partner Russell Booker urged Sefton Resources to make fraudulent BB smear postings - leaked email emerges

1383 days ago

Snake Oil Salesman and charlatan Darren Winters is at it again – the appalling tale of Mr. O

1539 days ago

A Drink with Julian Hamilton Barns - I win: now Tim Baldwin of TXO infamy start sweating.

1539 days ago

Monday Odd One Out Contest - David Lenigas edition

1547 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 3 October - so which dicksplash sent the lawyers letter?

1570 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 29 September - a victor crows

1574 days ago

Please sue me for libel: Jiasen International is an AIM listed fraud from China – interims today

1578 days ago

Explosive Pinsent Masons email to Sefton Revealed – Do these bastards have no shame?

1582 days ago

Tom Milne not fit and proper person, must be SACKED by Sefton Resources NOW – EXPLOSIVE PRIVATE EMAILS revealed

1582 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 29 August - so bloody angry with ShoreCap and the Directors of Hotel Corp who are liars

1605 days ago

In light of FCA enquiry into Quindell will the Fascist Lawyers of Schillings apologise to me? Here's their letter

1669 days ago

Exclusive: Jim Ellerton hoisted by his own petard – now has no claims against Sefton

1748 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Quindell - Vindication, defiance, apology, analysis

1757 days ago

Brokerman Daniel joins the board of Sefton Resources – I am not kidding

1816 days ago

You cannot libel a dead paedophile: politician Leon Brittan is Dead

1824 days ago

Sefton Resources & its Smear campaign expose – Starting Pistol fired

1828 days ago

Quindell – Now tell us about the Gotham judgement fellows? And what about suing me?

1859 days ago

Financial Video #58 - Rob Terry is a liar, a conman and a fraud please please sue me for libel edition

1884 days ago

Video Postcard #88 - Peace & Reconciliation in Northern Ireland Edition

1898 days ago

Rob Terry now about those 9.178808m Quindell shares – a Multiple Choice Question for you

1930 days ago

Quindell & Its Legal Threats to me update…all very odd but I am not gagged! Watch this space!

1947 days ago

Quindell Claims Victory over Gotham in libel case. Bollocks. And I shall see you in Court Bitchez

1948 days ago

I am considering suing Antony Bowers of Quindell and Redleaf Polhill PR for libel

1963 days ago

US Oil & Gas – Last trade was at 34p – get out now while you can – target 0p.

1963 days ago

The Unfilled threat to sue me, Evil Knievil and others – an obligation to short

1987 days ago

Ex Sefton boss Jim Ellerton is a liar and conman without shame – he should be in prison, instead he is trying to screw Sefton again

2024 days ago

Gowex – Gotham City gets a Euro 1.4 billion KILL after 5 days – Now back to Quindell?

2024 days ago

Astar Minerals – was I wrong to accuse it of lying? No… and it gets worse.

2040 days ago

Kennedy Ventures – A TOTAL LIE to shareholders: sue me if you dare!

2128 days ago

Exchanged! Hooray

2248 days ago

Great Western Mining City Presentation – Libel Action, Survival, Plan B?

2280 days ago

Which AIM listed company will sue Tom Winnifrith next: reader poll results

2291 days ago

Reader Poll: Which AIM listed company will sue me for libel next?

2296 days ago

Back to Court we go at 2.30 – Sefton’s Death Wish & Free Speech Principle at Stake

2307 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on a Sunday – Pinsent Masons Edition

2312 days ago

Sefton - The Smoking Gun email from Pinsent Masons emerges

2319 days ago

On an acid trip with Pinsent Masons – Part 3

2320 days ago

An Acid Trip with Pinsent Masons Part 2

2326 days ago

On an acid trip with Pinsent Masons

2330 days ago

Pinsent Masons is bringing Sefton to its knees – this is disgraceful greed

2331 days ago

A joint statement from Dan Levi & Tom Winnifrith: Sefton: We are Vindicated - Jim Ellerton Fired in Disgrace

2335 days ago

Sefton: Even at its Death the dirty tricks continue?

2336 days ago

Having fun with @PinsentMasons on twitter - a game all can play

2340 days ago

Brokerman Dan Meeting lawyers Tuesday - will the counterclaims bankrupt Sefton

2340 days ago

Jim Ellerton liar and crook forced off Sefton board – company WAS bust on July 31st

2343 days ago

Sefton Victory celebrations underway & the 666 shirt goes on sabattical

2344 days ago

Celebrating victory at Pinsent Masons Video

2344 days ago

Video postcard - Fuck you Jim Ellerton and Fuck you Pinsent Masons - I win

2345 days ago

Sefton The Smoking Gun has arrived - Jim Ellerton is toast

2345 days ago

Why Sefton Shares will be suspended within days

2347 days ago

Comtek, Jim Ellerton and Sefton – a source comes forward

2348 days ago

Helping Sefton Out with an offer of $2 million - I am such a damned nice guy

2350 days ago

Ex Sefton Nomad today publicly backs my call to have the shares suspended

2352 days ago

Sefton - Two Questions

2354 days ago

Entering the offices of Pinsents Masons (lawyers to the scumbags, Sefton) & an American Psycho

2355 days ago

Sefton Announcement: Blatant pre placing ramp, falling production, Comical Ali – the joke gets funnier

2364 days ago

Reporting Back from the High Court: Winnifrith vs. Sefton Resources

2364 days ago

Sefton Resources does not want you seeing this video

2365 days ago

Brokerman Dan Unsuspended by twitter – what went on? Another Sefton dirty trick?

2369 days ago

I Ride Valiantly to the defence of Jim Ellerton of Sefton Resources

2392 days ago

FCA backs Dan Levi ( Brokerman Dan) – will he now sue Sefton for libel?

2405 days ago

You are hated in the City! Yup tell me something I don’t know

2406 days ago

Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson what a strange affair in Downing Street

2422 days ago

AIM Cesspit awards and Sefton libel case fundraising dinner with Evil & Lucian - book now

2425 days ago

Exclusive: Sefton Resources multiple investigations by AIM regulation team now underway

2425 days ago

I am reporting myself to the FSA/FCA to defend free speech from a firm of bully boy City lawyers

2426 days ago

Sefton: The smoking gun is located: Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha

2437 days ago

Two Letters to Sefton Boss Jim Ellerton re his company’s disgraceful Smear Campaign

2448 days ago

Register now for the Midweek Tomograph - free share tip, AIM Cesspit and Sefton request for help issue

2449 days ago

AIM Cesspit: Sefton Smears, the Daily Telegraph apoligises and names source - Daniel to sue

2449 days ago

Shocker: The Dirty Tricks Campaign of Sefton Resources exposed

2462 days ago

Sefton fesses up: we did mislead investors ahead of placing

2477 days ago

Sefton- Gotcha! Blatant pre-placing lie exposed

2479 days ago

Sefton’s uber expensive City lawyers Pinsent Masons needs an IT upgrade

2482 days ago

Sefton Statement is Laughable – the missing facts

2485 days ago

Sefton Resources – Dan files 1200 page rebuttal at High Court. Tick Tock.

2490 days ago

The great Leavenworth trail – more questions (no allegations) for Sefton Resources

2492 days ago

Sefton Resources – Time for another director disclosure?

2497 days ago

Today’s Questions for Sefton Resources – the world of Leavenworth (less) county

2501 days ago

Hawaii 5-0: Today’s Questions for Sefton Resources

2504 days ago

Sefton Resources – the new sources, the email trail and its time to call the IRS

2510 days ago

RIP An Old Friend - Why I have written little for 24 hours

2510 days ago

A day wasted by Sefton and my July 11 Moment – See you in Court bitchez

2510 days ago

I have balls of steel - its official

2513 days ago

Sefton Resources Trading Update and a NEW accusation from me of Sefton deliberately misleading investors

2513 days ago

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph again: Ooooooh Noooooh

2513 days ago

AIM Listed Companies that have publically announced they are suing Tom Winnifrith for libel: a history

2519 days ago

Pursuit Dynamics – Adele is now singing

2519 days ago

What has Jim Ellerton of Sefton Resources got in common with Nick Clegg?

2519 days ago

If Sefton Resources wins – proper financial journalism loses

2520 days ago

Sefton Resources See you in court: bring it on!

2520 days ago

Justice 4 the Sefton 2 - New T-shirt availlable

2520 days ago