New Dominic Frisby Video - I am a white man and I'm sorry

56 days ago

Cracking new Dominic Frisby video: Crony Capitalism will not be tolerated

61 days ago

I scored four points, or maybe 5, Dominic Frisby got 0 showing what a libertarian and sinful soul he is, how many points do you get?

173 days ago

FREE Podcast: ShareProphets Radio Edition EIGHT with Tom Winnifrith, Frisby, Bramhill & Friel

333 days ago

Podcast: Dominic Frisby: Bullish on Gold When It Breaks 1360

493 days ago

Just why am I paying for so many BBC staff to live it up in Russia at the World Cup?

773 days ago

Podcast: Doug Casey - uranium may be my favourite commodity right now

784 days ago

Things I won't be doing dear reader: running for office in Texas & going to Belize on a snake tour ( or at all)

803 days ago

Video: I Took My Advice & Sold My Cryptos to Buy Gold

849 days ago

Time to ban snowflake millennials from owning or using phones and cars until they hit 30?

882 days ago

Ciaran O'Brian of William Hill you really are speaking as an unacceptable face of capitalism - re FOBT

884 days ago

Video: Campus hell in UK 2018: Far left bullies slate Jewish speaker as fascist as they try to shut down libertarian society at Kings London

885 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - the FCA is right, the CFD industry sucks, & Clem you are the King ( Spoofer)

940 days ago

Peter Schiff: Beanie Babies, Bitcoins, and What’s next?

1054 days ago

Bitcoin is Going to Drive Gold & Silver to All Time Highs

1057 days ago

ADVFN - are you happy making money from neo-paedophiles or those who think Lolita was a guide to dating?

1131 days ago

Jon Snow of Channel 4 Fake News - the tweet that shows why he is so prone to pushing lies

1137 days ago

As a Libertarian & Princess Leia Organa devotee - thoughts on the nature of Carrie Fisher's death

1145 days ago

Data shows the US Economy is very weak indeed but rates will rise - Peter Schiff

1165 days ago

Peter Schiff Rate Hike Odds Surge As GDP Forecasts Collapse

1250 days ago

The inflation genie is out of the bottle and that is great news for gold - Peter Schiff

1265 days ago

You Have To Like Trump – My Bank Account Certainly Does

1273 days ago

Peter Schiff: QE4 is going to be huge

1340 days ago

Peter Schiff - the bond carnage post Trump - next stop real estate

1348 days ago

Donald Trump to lead America off a fiscal cliff - Peter Schiff

1354 days ago

Video: Peter Schiff on carnage in the bond markets post Trump

1363 days ago

Peter Schiff: Q3 GDP data rigged to help Hillary Clinton and emails explained for dummies & cars tell you its 2008 all over

1371 days ago

FIFA bans poppies in England Scotland match - why?

1375 days ago

Video: Peter Schiff - The Fed is about to put the final nail in the coffin of the US economy, dollar to collapse

1448 days ago

Gold might go Ballistic says Peter Schiff

1460 days ago

Peter Schiff on the bond bubble, The bogus Fed & the nightmare of a Clinton Presidency

1466 days ago

Video: Peter Schiff - US GDP is collapsing, this is dramatic & what it means

1467 days ago

Fancying lesbians, a problem shared with my late godfather Vicious

1550 days ago

Video: Peter Schiff - next move in US base rates DOWN - buy gold

1667 days ago

Video: Debt is toxic - Gold & Bears main stage speaker Mark Littlewood of the IEA explains the mess we are in

1684 days ago

Video: Peter Schiff who called the 2008 crash calls the 2016 global crash

1698 days ago

Weekly postcard #128 - Blair the war criminal and Cameron the sugar fascist

1749 days ago

SeaEnergy news today – you make me so angry you crony capitalist bastards

1766 days ago

Eclectic Bars – More Crony capitalists meriting a firing squad after the libertarian revolution

1766 days ago

I was nice to Euan, son of war criminal, Tony Blair – I feel sick

1771 days ago

Capitalism Makes the World a better place for all (Greed is Good) – The Mrs is allowing me to lecture to her sociology students

1790 days ago

Sometimes I love running a restaurant, sometimes I hate it…

1868 days ago

Evening Standard's Nick Curtis - what a tosser, but he shows libertarianism is now cool

1881 days ago

Weekly postcard #113 - as a libertarian could I consider a war against ISIS a just war?

1902 days ago

Rand Paul for President – An Old skipper from London Irish calls & I’m going to New Hampshire

1949 days ago

Weekly postcard #107 - Nigel Farage, UKIP, immigrants with HIV - the libertarian take on it all

1951 days ago

I am denounced as a one track mind leftie by a leading UKIP tweeter

2032 days ago

Meet our Policeman at the Bar in Kambos

2071 days ago

So what did I get the ex GF for her wedding present?

2075 days ago

Westminster Group Video - cheap as chips or another AIM loser - for you decide

2205 days ago

Malcolm Stacey A Deluded Lefty – I start to worry about my old pal

2251 days ago

Why not legalise drugs and prostitution?

2258 days ago

What to do on May 22nd?

2273 days ago

Ron or Rand Paul for 2016?

2273 days ago

DFID has caused yet again another stink and yet again, it is the British taxpayer whom is set to foot the bill

2309 days ago

Video of My fave libertarian Tory blogger Charlotte Argyle at the UK Investor Show

2313 days ago

Legalise Prostitution – The Politicians have got it wrong yet again

2321 days ago

Praise from the most bizarre sources – an Evening with Liquity: time to consider retirement

2334 days ago

The Freedom Festival – A Libertarian Weekend gives me mixed feelings, remembering Shoreditch

2352 days ago

Praise where Praise is due – is Nigel Farage coming out of the Libertarian closet on drugs?

2369 days ago

Russell Taylor – Why the Liberal Left hates the poor

2387 days ago

The Mrs & Her Book Launch – the writing is on the wall.

2404 days ago

My 12 year old Daughter’s shock admission – something no father wants to hear

2414 days ago

What were Lady Thatcher’s greatest failings?

2434 days ago

I appear to have been evicted from the Linkedin UKIP Group

2434 days ago

Misleading, Deceitful and Repellent: UKIP on Immigration

2447 days ago

String the Striking University Lecturers up with piano wire – greedy bastards

2473 days ago

The Smallest Political Quiz – take it now: I straight aced it

2512 days ago

Chitter Chatter – the Libertarian Phone Shop on Leather Lane

2513 days ago

A day when friends popped in again and again and again

2535 days ago

Prohibition does not work with illegal immigration either – open the door but slash welfare for all

2705 days ago

UKIP Triumph – A tipping Point? And the Establishment spin and dirty tricks

2807 days ago

My Google Map of the World & the Britain invading 90% of the countries on this planet map

2829 days ago