Is Dead Ringers on BBC Radio 4 the worst possible way to spend my license fee?

163 days ago

Video - tasting condoms, where your BBC license fee goes....

409 days ago

The Institutionalised Bias of the BBC comes through loud and clear from Barnet

562 days ago

Lies, damned lies and the pay rises you and I will be funding for rich women at the BBC

656 days ago

42 BBC fat cat women like Fiona Bruce and Laura Kuenssberg dress up naked greed as a feminist fight

847 days ago

Why am I paying for the BBC to run fake news just because it is institutionally anti-Israel?

883 days ago

Russell Square - the BBC still evades the point & so becomes ever less trusted

1199 days ago

BBC Radio 4 "celebrates" global warming - naturally it ignores all the facts

1208 days ago

The BBC still banging on about Brexit Project Fear - scrap the license fee

1209 days ago

The Orwellian BBC - another good reason to refuse to pay your license today: Ansbach

1211 days ago

Can we emigrate if Andrea Leadsom becomes PM? I ask the Mrs politely

1226 days ago