The weasel words of lyin Chris Cleverley reviewed as FRAUD African Potash booted off AIM

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African Potash Accounts - A question for Lord Peter Hain of Sleaze

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New Bulletin Board Moron of the Week Contest sponsored by sleazy Lord Peter Hain

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Lyin' Chris Cleverley & Lord Peter Hain forced to fess up by the Sheriff - it gets even worse for FRAUD African Potash

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African Potash - you disgusting fraudsters - how about an update on Uganda?

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Lord Peter Hain of FRAUD African Potash caption Contest Result

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FRAUD African Potash - now 56 days since it promised to sue Tom Winnifrith for libel - new Peter Hain caption contest

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FRAUD African Potash Caption Contest: On yer bike Lord Peter Hain Edition

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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Chancellor Philip Hammond you are even more useless than the last chap

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African Potash NED Lord Peter Hain: His history of supporting fraudsters - he was a Quindell fan too

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African Potash - an admission that it has committed fraud & a new caption contest for Lord Peter Hain

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Result: African Potash FRAUD Caption Contest starring Lord Peter Hain & Lyin' Chris Cleverley

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