Blocking some tool (Clive Winward) on twitter

2259 days ago

Louise Mensch – what don’t you get about freedom you silly cow?

2263 days ago

Mensch to the US, Miliband (D) to US, Piers Moron to US – who else do you want to go?

2336 days ago

Friday Caption Contest (on Saturday)- Liar & Criminal Chris Huhne Edition

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Friday Caption Contest (on Sunday) – Conservative 2015 Election Triumph Strategy Edition

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My Drunken Error, Disappearing Viagra and Corby goes to the Polls

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Obama wins – UK Election Coverage Awful, BBC dismal

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Louise Mensch – Hypocrite But Always Entertaining

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Baroness Warsi – the New Louise Mensch & a Christmas Prize for me

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In Defence of Louise Mensch MP – Nadine Dorries is Wrong

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Please Do not Quit as an MP – a video appeal to Louise Mensch

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Louise Mensch Quits – And talks Rubbish Again

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Louise Mensch MP – Dumb and Dumbest The Final Word (for now)

2581 days ago

Caption Competition – Damian Conboy Special

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Caption Contests old and New – Louise Mensch Special

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Louise Mensch MP on Drugs: Dumb & (now) Dumber

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