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Justine Greening MP – go to the back of the class you daft bint

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Pathetic and wretched Theresa May and her Brexit dividend for the NHS lie

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Daughter Olaf berates my T-shirt and wants Mayor Sadiq Khan to be PM – should I disown her?

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Amber Rudd, stockmarket spiv to the worst home secretary ever - my Dad became her only admirer

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Back to the ruins of Douma - this shocking video of a boy "gas victim" is why Mrs May is so desperate and so wrong to try to ban Russia Today

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Bombing Syria: Tony Blair is delighted but what have you achieved Trump and May?

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13 minutes of Tucker Carlson on Syria - has hopeless Mrs May or Donald Trump any answer to this?

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Russia: Jeremy Corbyn is right

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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Fire the useless Mrs May, Luke Johnson for PM

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Photo Report from the Greek Hovel - the olive harvest is a disaster for the whole village

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The public sector is staffed by lazy, overpaid bastards who lie about pay

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Tories 4 the TransGender Community - The New Big Idea in the Big Tent - Gosh these folks are pathetic

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Jeremy Corbyn's student loan bribe was less dishonest than the Tory alternative

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Urgent: Theresa May doesn’t want you to vote: another lie from liberal online virtue-signallers Avaaz

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£100 billion demands the EU: More Votes for Mrs May, Screw You Mr Juncker

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EU's house drunk Juncker can bugger off - his leaks are Mrs May's best present since Jeremy Corbyn

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More Fake News from the Daily Mail - Tory Election lead slashed...Or not

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Photo article: Islington In Europe - unbelievable stupidity and pious sanctimony in a nutshell: beyond satire

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A poem by my utterly deluded democracy denying father on Brexit

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