Concepta – £2.3 million placing at 3p: what a bunch of (another word beginning with C)

158 days ago

Numis statement shows why FinnCap’s IPO today is such a stinker

284 days ago

Strat Aero - pathetic pre-bailout placing ramp attempted - FFS this company is bust

678 days ago

Is Bracknor spoofing investors to postpone the collapse of the Advanced Oncotherapy death spiral?

906 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Riling fraudsters and their advisors, yes you Stewart Dickson of African Potash infamy

1113 days ago

Cloudtag Does Hidden Placing I do hope the morons were lubed up

1160 days ago

Lenigas tries to raise £5 million for LGO Energy - raises just £1.36 million, a Jabba Flop, emails leaked

1278 days ago

Independent Resources - you are being spoofed, do not fall for this trick

1299 days ago

The utter stupidity of AIM Mug Punters - case study MTV

1334 days ago

Senterra Energy – all very cosy round at Optiva Securities wih market abuser Chris Oil on board

1391 days ago

Golden Saint Resources Live Execution Watch day 6 – Oh Dear. And now David Lenigas wants to follow suit

1432 days ago

Mosman Oil & Gas on the ramp again as the cash situation heads to critical

1525 days ago

Prize Competition: AIM is 20, nominate the "lifetime value destroyer" on the Casino

1554 days ago

Touchstone Gold - No-one is watching O'clock placing & translation service

1583 days ago

Poor Phorm Tick Tock Tick Tock – 4 weeks to insolvency – now what about your shit in Brazil

1883 days ago

Exclusive: Independent Resources already seeking another £2.5 million – when’s the pre dump pump?

1932 days ago