UK Investor Show 2018 Video - Neil Ritson of Solo Oil

686 days ago

Neil Ritson and LGO Directors wear hair shirt "we are all in it together" - its a smokescreen

1191 days ago

LGO Energy - cash bonus in Spain not enough, another placing inevitable & another sleight of hand by Ritson

1214 days ago

LGO Energy Q3 update: piss poor natch

1238 days ago

25 Questions for Neil Ritson of LGO ahead of his next attempted ramp interview on Friday

1269 days ago

Guess how Neil Ritson of LGO Energy spunked £250,000 of shareholder cash?

1289 days ago

The lapse of the Kiliwani option tells you Solo is right out of cash - placing ahoy!

1298 days ago

LGO - as the cash runs out the news from Spain & Trinidad underwhelms

1314 days ago

LGO Energy now just 0.14p to sell - placing ahoy? Bring back Big Dave Lenigas?

1333 days ago

When’s the next LGO placing? Neil Ritson caught on tape at AGM

1356 days ago

LGO Energy - More frantic turd polishing in today's trading statement

1379 days ago

LGO Results - a landmark in confetti issuing horseshit

1381 days ago

LGO Energy in Spain - so who are you selling oil to? Anyone at all?

1404 days ago

LGO Energy: The Risible Write to Reply - By Don Quixote

1418 days ago

Spineless Neil Ritson hides key LGO metrics in today's soggy ramptastic release

1439 days ago

Solo Oil - after the pump, the moron screwing dump in true Lenigas & Ritson style

1451 days ago

LGO Royalty rates in Trinidad down but it is still screwed - even Lenigas could not polish this turd

1464 days ago

Lenigas tries to raise £5 million for LGO Energy - raises just £1.36 million, a Jabba Flop, emails leaked

1474 days ago

Goudron Bollocks from LGO as it tries to ramp as £5 million rescue placing struggles

1474 days ago

Neil Ritson ramps Solo as bailout placing inevitable just do the frigging maths!

1507 days ago

Next Job for Bush, Ritson, Carroll, Piggy Austin - oil worth less than shit chicken graphic

1521 days ago

LGO -now showing that it has form of misleading on output in presentations

1528 days ago

LGO Energy Tries to Hide Calamitous decline with deceptive presentation: Gotcha!

1529 days ago

LGO forced by ShareProphets to clarify annual report lie but someone is still lying

1557 days ago

David Lenigas - are you blaming hapless Neil Ritson or PR genius Steffi? Winding up notice at Solo Oil

1562 days ago

LGO Energy: David Lenigas has NOT sold shares (or has he)..Evening Standard warns of administration risk

1566 days ago

LGO Energy "initiates strategic review" = "we admit we are fucked"

1572 days ago

LGO Energy £0.94 million share placing - far more to come

1576 days ago

LGO Energy – is Neil Ritson trying to shit on David Lenigas over his share dumping?

1587 days ago

Neil Ritson of LGO Energy gives 5 reasons to dump the shares – here’s a sixth

1627 days ago

LGO Energy: When’s the placing? Look on Page 23

1648 days ago

LGO Energy – when will it place shares again? 51% expect it to be before Halloween!

1698 days ago

LGO Energy: Reader Poll when’s the placing

1699 days ago

David Lenigas Saint or Serial Sinner, Quindell worth 0p? and is now Gold’s moment?

1729 days ago